Cette fois encore, la reine des supports physique brille par sa prsence. having lots of conversations. Envoyer un ennemi dans le coma leur fait prendre davantage de dgts physiques pendant 15 secondes. Please read it, its so good. En effet, son kit lui permet, dans le pire des cas, de se supporter elle-mme, et dans le meilleur des cas, de servir les ennemis sur un plateau d'argent vos autres DPS Physiques. Gear her for dps and her ult will BONK enemies to death in no time flat. During the warm-up and activity period of the 3rd-Anniversary Feast, players can log in to claim 35 Supply Cards at most, participate in events to obtain an S-rank battlesuit option ([Herrscher of the Void] has joined the option for the first time), spring outfit, and a large number of Crystals.

v4.6 [Unequaled, Unrivaled] will be released for iOS, Android, and Windows on MAR 4, 2021. At miHoYo, we want to share our vision with gamers everywhere to build a dedicated and dynamic community.". Deuximement, son ultime qui change son gameplay Il est cependant bon de noter que si son arme signature est indispensable, ses stigmates, en revanche, possdent de nombreuses alternatives : elle ne sera potentiellement pas si coteuse que cela ! Fu Hua's face when for the first time she's being saved instead of saving someone! v4.6 will also introduce players to brand-new bridge themes that let players customize their bridge interface. The explosion deals 400% ATK of Physical DMG and procs Ultimate Evasion skill on hit. Sword & spear: Every hit of Basic ATK restores 9 points. is it true that all fu huas battlesuits are meta?yes and I'll go through each one. Her story was in Second Eruption in manga.

Honkai Impact 3 Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. If you work within the games trade (press, influencer, developer, publisher or PR agency) you can register here. HOS thinks NS is weak. This attack has 40% bonus Crit Rate and temporarily suspends all skill timers (for self and enemies) and the stage timer. https://manga.honkaiimpact3.com/book/1010. Mais nous allons rentrer dans les dtails de ce pas : Les attaques de base de HoS dpendent de son arme quipe ce moment. Can i ask a tumblr header of Fu Hua (Honkai Impact) with blue icecore? The 2nd & 5th sequences gather enemies. quips sur KMB, ces petits bijoux feront des merveilles votre quipe. Press J to jump to the feed. PX is better in MA where she doesnt need to build up sp to be useful and can still give sp to the team. I will be spoiling parts of all of the above. For every BIO battlesuit on the team, team has 4% bonus Crit Rate. [Taixuan Steps] can be obtained for free in the 3rd-anniversary version. Don't ask me about content that hasn't been released on Global server, I don't know because I don't want to see/hear/smell spoilers. Hold [ATK] to perform Combo ATK: Slashes dealing N x 105% + (800% + N x 50%) ATK of Physical DMG.

Fu Hua & book of Fuxi honkai impact 3rd, Rafa Cette attaque possde galement la particularit de stopper tout chronomtre et les buffs/debuffs pendant son animation. She is a powerful BIO DMG dealer and support that can switch between three weapons seamlessly. CD: 0.5s. Only procs once every 5s for every weapon. Evasions create an Illusion: Hit Me! Starlit Astrologos est une option absolument sublime pour HoS, de par son QTE qu'elle peut dclencher en tant hors-combat. Tap [ULT] to launch special ATK: Illusive Cataclysm, gathering enemies in a large area and dealing 350% ATK of Physical DMG. haut rang, HoS commence le combat avec des SP de dpart. Spear to chain blades: 160% ATK of Physical DMG. To give back to the players who have been supporting us for three years, we have prepared many v4.6-exclusive rewards!

(note: if you do the same combo twice in a row it wont have the effect the second time you you need to switch combos) Her ult is the only ability in the WHOLE GAME (available at S rank), that reduces enemy elemental resistance which alone would make her worth taking. . HoS est la fois un DPS Physique de premier ordre, mais aussi un support Physique de premier plan. Valkyrie Accipter isnt useful but the augment Hawk of the Fog is best lightning damage you can have without Herrscher of Thunder, and she can fulfill some niche support roles. Ma recommandation serait de changer d'arme juste aprs avoir effectu une attaque combo. Le rang SS lui procure un confort quant son kit de support, et le rang SSS lui permet d'abuser de la Memorial Arena dans toute sa splendeur. Using Ultimate or special ATK triggers a shield. Ce set est fait exprs pour SA, de par sa capacit booster les dommages physiques de toute l'quipe, tout en infligeant plus de dommages aux boucliers et en rduisant faisant en sorte que les ennemis subissent plus de dommages. I think something great about the scene where Kiana breaks through the seal to get Fu Hua back is that I think its for the first time, Fu Hua is actually a person when interacting with pretty much anyone.

Elle est la forme Awakened de Fu Hua Shadow Knight et inflige d'normes dgts de type Physique. Subsequent procs refresh the shield. Fu Hua battlesuit added in Version 4.6. 15 procs max. Also you can Fenghuang Down on her for PX dps meme builds which is funny. Can gather and impair enemies. Et en set signature, nous avons le set Shattered Swords : Ce set augmente normment les capacits de base de votre HoS : notamment par le fait que les bonus procurs sont majoritairement sans conditions. Essayez galement d'abuser de son Esquive Ultime, afin de gnrer PV et surtout SP pour votre quipe.

Gear her as a support and shes got rapid sp recovery to cast her ult which impairs (reduces enemy defense) for 75% and all of her combos do something else thats also great for support. Tap [ATK] repeatedly to perform a 3-sequence combo dealing 1,120% ATK of Physical DMG. My goodness, it's gorgeous and informative, thank you so much for this! Fu Hua : Herrscher of Sentience (abrg en HoS pour la suite de ce guide), est une Valkyrie Awakened de rang S et de type BIO. Any numbers shown are for MAX level skills. Sword to spear: Connect into the 2nd sequence of spear Basic ATK. The weapon in use restores 3 points every 0.1s. La rputation de ces deux Stigmas n'est plus faire, puisqu'elles augmentent les Total DMG subis par l'ennemi. S-rank battlesuit [Herrscher of Sentience] will be available after the update. Weapon switch ATKs are disabled while sword riding. If you want my take on whats happened so far Ill just put it below the break. Her best gear as of v4.8 is all farmable. Enter Herrscher form and use the weapon case to attack. Honkai Impact 3rd is set in a modern world corrupted by a mysterious energy known as [Honkai]. Kiana Herrscher of the Void & Kiana Knight Moonbeam. Lorsque l'ennemi attaque le clone (ou lorsque vous attaquez vous-mme le clone), celui-ci explose, crant une Time Fracture globale en infligeant des dommages, mais aussi laissant une plume noir derrire. (saw from youtube videos in chinese that can't understand lmao) are the cutscenes out? Guide Pratique [FR] : Herrscher of Sentience. In MA you cant waste time grinding 125sp from 0sp for AE but PX can do two very fast combos to give the team sp and apply her debuff to the enemy. L'attaque ultime de HoS cote 125 SP et la fait passer en Herrscher Form pour 15 secondes, tout en infligeant d'importants dommages physiques. Tap [ATK] to deal 150% ATK of Physical DMG and end sword riding.

De plus, son Impair est toujours une valeur sre. Story to make you cry, please read it. Pick it up to restore 150.0 HP and 15.0 SP for all team members. Base CD: 20s. In non-Herrscher form, attacks restore 2.0 SP and 30.0 kinetic energy for all weapons on hit. Excusez-moi, vous avez parl de dommages supplmentaires avec simple pression d'un bouton ? I have arranged Fu Hua VN for easy to access. So I applied for v4.6s beta test but didnt get accepted unfortunately :( But luckily for me and everyone else, the Honkai content youtubers who did get accepted streamed the beta for everyone to see, and thanks to them, I and the team that helped me out was able to put together this Info Poster for Herrscher of Sentience! Upon entry or exit, Valkyrie deals 30.0% bonus Total DMG for 15s. She is the ultimate elemental support. Or anything else. Illusion explosions deal 400.0% ATK of bonus Physical DMG. Rien de bien folichon ajouter : un QTE, une croix pose, et c'est la porte ouverte au DPS Physique qui va suivre derrire. The 1st sequence Time Locks enemies for 1s on hit. Here are my summarizes of the characters and story: Shes more than 50,000 years old, what did you expect? Premirement, ses diffrentes armes, qui sont rparties en 3 jauges (voir screen ci-dessous). Ces jauges se remplissent passivement et galement lorsque vous attaquez l'ennemi. Ici, je vais m'attaquer au cas par cas des Valkyries (et quipements supports) recommandes jouer avec Herrscher of Sentience.

Mais il ira parfaitement sur toute Valkyrie avec un QTE utilisable ! lasting 3s which taunts enemies and explodes when hit or expired. Hi! Its so good. Si le set n'est pas utiliser au complet, le 2-set confrera votre quipe un bonus de Total DMG aprs que la Valkyrie quipe soit partie du combat. This is taking longer than usual to load. Glad you like it :) I dont have a discord server on this at the moment. Only one illusion can exist and they cannot be created while Ultimate Evasion skill is in cooldown. Also I cried rereading the manga for this so you better appreciate it. Herrscher of Sentience is the top physical support in nearly every situation and one of the top physical damage dealers. https://manga.honkaiimpact3.com/book/1018/3, https://manga.honkaiimpact3.com/book/1012/1. Enfin, les attaques des Valkyries autres que HoS invoquent des plumes pour attaquer l'ennemi, ces plumes possdant toujours les proprits de HoS. In Herrscher form, attacks from teammates summon a plume attack from Herrscher of Sentience on hit, dealing 180.0% ATK of Physical DMG. She died by protecting Fu Hua from Herrscher of Void. Every weapon has an independent gauge of kinetic energy that starts at 300 and maxes at 300. De plus, pour chaque Battlesuit de type BIO, l'quipe entire gagne 6% de Chances de Critique. Team deals 30.0% Crit DMG in burst mode. Special ATK additionally inflicts 1.0s of coma on hit. She can shred a bosss healthbar in one ult in Masters Memorial Arena and in Exalted MA you can use her in a team that infinitely chains time fracture to beat bosses that would otherwise take too long. From the same developers that brought over the popular 2D side-scrolling action RPG, Mihoyo is back at it again with a new 3D Anime Action RPG featuring playable characters from Guns Girls series. BBS separates gear recommendations by what we'll refer to as "tiers" and "criteria". Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. "Authority" and "Against all authority" are mutually exclusive, huh? HoS has a lot of information to be covered, as she can cover 2 roles decently well (DPS and support)., I dont think Ill ever get tired of saying this, but thank you all so much for your support and feedback on my previous infographics, and thank you for being patient and sticking around even after a while of no posts! Ask me about Honkai Impact 3rd lore. No Im not exaggerating. She spent most of her time on Taixuan mountain alone and Fu Hua rarely visited. Chain blades: Attacks impair enemies and reduce their DEF by 50% for 15s. Si vous les possdez, n'hsitez surtout pas vous en servir en toutes occasions !

bronya / fu hua (honkai impact 3) Recovery:

Available tiers: Criteria are visualized via meters that fill until they reach 100% - at which point the build fully meets the set criteria. En revanche, il est bon de noter que HoS est relativement complique jouer : si elle est impressionnante regarder, il vous faudra vous entraner afin de prendre pleinement en main l'tendue de sa puissance.

After all of that you might think, why even bother with Phoenix?. discussing who's the real one? is it true that all fu huas battlesuits are meta? Il est galement bon de mentionner qu'aprs un certain temps passer courir, HoS se sert de son pe comme d'un moyen de transport : Appuyer sur la touche d'attaque dans ce mode balance son pe et la fait sortir de ce mode : La comptence de Leader de HoS confre des bonus aux dommages Critiques en mode Explosion. Passive bonuses apply automatically. The Second Eruption Manga because its connected to literally everything in the story. Ramasser cette plume rgnre PV et SP toute l'quipe. Moreover, this update sees the debut of S-rank ELF [Water's Edge], an Ice support ELF that can pull enemies in a large area and make them take more Ice DMG with her Ultimate. Tiers serve as means of separating all the different gear builds. Un must-have en support. This is really good. Combo ATKs grant Shield: I'm Untouchable to all unshielded team members. Chain blades: 3 sequences dealing 750% ATK of Physical DMG. Every weapon switch or QTE grants 5s of Psyched status where the next Combo ATK restores 5.0 bonus SP and removes the status. Hopefully we see a lot more of these insanely helpful infographics from you! Night Squire is just amazing solo physical damage. Des dommages physiques vos allis, et un debuff sur vos ennemis qui vont avoir encore plus mal le 2-set Gustav s'associe particulirement bien avec une Valkyrie qui dclenche un actif avant de s'en aller. Why Dirac T? Chain blades: Launch AOE attacks dealing 850% ATK of Physical DMG and inflicting 1.2s of coma on enemies. Azure Empyrea is just, the best elemental support in 9/10 situations, especially in abyss. Sometimes I draw too. follow me on twitter, Fu Hua: Shadow Knight Battlesuit - Honkai Impact 3rd, @ANON ! Valkyrie has 20.0 bonus initial SP. Sword: Gather and Time-Lock enemies to smite them dealing 1,390 ATK of Physical DMG. https://manga.honkaiimpact3.com/book/1020, https://manga.honkaiimpact3.com/book/1011. File:Herrscher of Sentience Rank-up Stamp (Icon).png. Ce set procure des bonus pour jouer HoS DPS, mais aussi et surtout Support. All her use as a dps comes at SS rank and requires full gear, which she does share with VA. She can beat Argent Knight in MA with some of the highest scores but that requires a lot of gear on supports.

fights Kevin and gets the feather that Fu Hua bound to Kiana ch21 is Fu Hua and Hua(?) Ive been busy IRL and rarely do I have time to make these infographics. Tap [ULT] to switch weapon and perform weapon switch attack. Not an infographic? Control up to three Valkyries in battle and switch between them freely to overcome any situation, as well as customize the stats and skills of Valkyries with an expansive selection of equipment!

Spam or hold [ATK] to increase slashes (max: 10). There is much more depth to all of them but thats the long and short of it all. Il suffit d'appuyer sur le bouton d'Ultime pour changer d'arme loisir, dans cet ordre : pe > Lance > Chanes. Though, mechanically, she still benefits from all equipment bonuses meant for Fu Hua and is found under the same filter options. You can hear it in the tone of her voice too, she isnt speaking aloof or distant and you can see it in her face that she isnt putting up a front either. In Herrscher form (burst mode), all enemies are impaired and have 75% less DEF, while Valkyrie has improved Ignore Interrupt and 40% Total DMG Reduction for 15s. miHoYo was founded in 2012 in Shanghai and has introduced gamers worldwide to groundbreaking titles including Honkai Impact 3 and Genshin Impact. Players will be able to unlock the new S-rank battlesuit [Herrscher of Sentience] and participate in the generous version event 3rd-Anniversary Feast. De la mme manire et plus haut rang, les attaques combo de HoS restaurent davantage de SP, et infligent un impair et le statut coma aux ennemis. Enemies in a coma are immobilized and take 200% ATK of Physical DMG when the coma ends. Please look forward to future infographics Ill make on other valkyries :]. De plus, elle gagne des dommages Critiques, et ses attaques de base infligent l'tat coma aux ennemis. 3 - Explication de ses comptences et comment la jouer : 4 - Son quipement recommand et suggestions de Selephim : 5 - Les Valkyries et quipements recommands en quipe . Spear: Of all the disciples of Fu Hua , I think she is the only one who liked her master. Certain attacks inflict coma on enemies. Fu Hua kicking Schicksals collective ass. Phoenix has something AE doesnt which is all her most important support debuffs/buffs can be applied without using 125sp. On MAR 4, 2021, global interactive entertainment developer and publisher miHoYo announces Honkai Impact 3rd is releasing v4.6 [Unequaled, Unrivaled] today. Sword: 4 sequences dealing 810% ATK of Physical DMG. When illusions explode, they drop a black plume on hit. Sous forme Herrscher, tous les ennemis ont une Dfense baisse de 75%, et Fu Hua possde des rsistances aux interruptions et aux dgts. Avec ce que l'on a pu voir prcdemment avec le dtail des comptences, usez et abusez des attaques combo ds que possible, afin de rgnrer le maximum de SP en un minimum de temps. . Attaquer avec une arme lui permet de recharger sa jauge plus rapidement. Lead a fledgling resistance of [Valkyries], brave girls carrying anti-Honkai genome, against the spreading Honkai disaster to protect all that is beautiful! Committed to becoming a leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment, we have built a repertoire of transmedia franchise comprising games, manga, and light novels, as we continue pursuing our passion for creating the best interactive experience. Cheng Lixue is Fu Hua last disciple. In Psyched status, Combo ATKs restore 2 bonus SP and have special effects: Le set de Theresa : Origins confrera toute votre quipe un bonus aux dommages physiques. Les attaques l'pe sont une squence de 4 coups, qui infligent des dommages modrs : Les attaques la lance sont une squence de 5 coups, qui rassemblent les ennemis proches : Les attaques la chane sont une squence de 3 coups longue porte : Il est galement possible de changer d'arme en plein milieu du combo pour des actions spciales : Parmi les comptences de cette catgorie, il est indiqu que HoS inflige davantage de dommages pendant 15 secondes aprs son arrive en combat, et ses attaques de base restaurent un peu de SP. Please join our Discord Server if you haven't already! The shield grants 50% DMG Reduction, moderate Ignore Interrupt, and boosts team Crit DMG by 30.0%. Can only be triggered once every 10 minutes in Open World. I really hope this info poster will be useful! Chain blades: every hit of Basic ATK restores 12 points. Il est important de noter que c'est rellement en tant que support que cette Herrscher montre son plein potentiel, et non pas en DPS. Play the new battlesuit event to learn more about [Herrscher of Sentience]'s personality and battle style. i can't seem to be able to find them. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Learn more about Reddits use of cookies. Performs combo slashes after activating Ultimate to deal high DMG. Minimum CD: 16s. In addition, when she impairs enemies with her own skills, they take 15.0% bonus Physical DMG while the Impair lasts (independent effect; mutually exclusive with Night Squire's skill Authority). Since late 2019, Honkai Impact 3rd has been made playable on PC with cross-platform play support everywhere, drawing more players to the acclaimed experience. Quand on parle de DPS Physique, on pense trs vite cette Fu Hua : un ultime, et hop, y'a plus d'ennemis ! Peut-tre voudriez-vous un peu plus de dommages physiques avec vos dommages physiques ? Les attaques de base sous cette forme sont une squence de 3 coups : Maintenir la touche d'attaque la fait s'acharner sur l'ennemi, chaque coup devenant de plus en plus violent : Enfin, utiliser le bouton d'ultime invoque une stle qui rassemble les ennemis avant de les maintenir en place pendant une longue priode : Les passifs de HoS concernent surtout ses jauges d'arme : chacune est indpendante des autres et se rgnre passivement. ne surtout pas ngliger pour un support ! Physical support. Lorsque la jauge est pleine, il est possible de raliser une puissante attaque combo appliquant divers effets sur les ennemis. Je vais donc de ce pas vous donner quelques quipements qui peuvent se montrer utiles : Tout d'abord, en arme alternative, nous avons Nebulous Duality, l'arme signature du Azure Empyrea, pour la simple et bonne raison que cela augmente la rgnration de SP : Deux sets optimiss en DPS, ensuite, d'abord lorsque vous effectuez de nombreuses rotations : Ou le set plus orient sur un mode Explosion : Pour du support, on partira, si vous n'avez pas le set signature, sur un assemblage classique : Si d'autres combinaisons sont possibles, ce sont toutefois ces options qui vont vous permettre de faire les meilleurs scores ! Plongez vos ennemis dans l'oubli, Capitaine ! Can be performed twice in a row. Most of her use now is as a support for Dea Anchora because her leader skill gives 40sp at the beginning of the battle to characters who arent Kiana, Mei, or Bronya, and DA needs sp to go off and break the game. Shield HP equals 30% of Valkyrie's max HP. Players can experience Fu Hua's lifelong war against the Honkai in the previous Story Chapters. In Herrscher form, Valkyrie deals 60.0% bonus Crit DMG. Le combo l'pe rassemble les ennemis, leur inflige de lourds dgts et les ralentit : Le combo la lance envoie l'arme vers l'avant, puis HoS se tlporte vers la cible, et rduit leur Dfense de 50% : Le combo la chane inflige des dgts de zone et inflige un coma de courte dure aux ennemis : Les attaques combo effectues dans les 5 secondes aprs avoir chang d'arme permettent de rgnrer un peu de SP supplmentaires. Hello, Captain! Cette croix PRI dploye confre aux allis un bonus de chances de Critique, mais aussi un bonus sur la rgnration de SP : primordial emmener en combat ! Leader Bonus: Team deals 26% Crit DMG in burst mode. Or about Honkai Impact 3rd in general. the 3 white combo restores a lot of sp to her all at once, mixed black/white restores sp over time and if you switch valks the sp recovery goes to the one on field, and the 3 black makes enemies take more elemental damage. Basically AE is great in abyss where you start with 90sp and the time limit is less constrictive. Triggered by Time-Slowed enemies in non-Herrscher form to launch spear attacks dealing 400.0% + 800.0% ATK of Physical DMG and restoring 300 spear energy. Please log in to Games Press for the following accompaniments to this announcement: Don't have a login? Lorsque la jauge d'une arme est pleine, il est possible d'effectuer une attaque combo. Ds que vous tes en mesure d'appliquer l'ultime, faites-le : c'est le moment o vous allez dchaner la totalit de votre puissance. Ask me about Honkai Lore! After the Battle of Schicksal, Fu Hua's body became a soulless shell and the Will of Honkai that has been coveting it injected a newborn sentience into it, thus creating the [Herrscher of Sentience]. Hold [ULT] to enter Herrscher form, create an illusive space, and launch spiritual attacks on enemies in a large area, dealing 1,800% ATK of Physical DMG. Weapons not in use restore 1 point every 0.1s. Shadow Knight is the only one where its hard to recommend using her. Do you guys have a discord or something? For every BIO battlesuit on the team, team has 6.0% bonus Crit Rate. Ultimate Evasion triggers 2.5s of global Time Fracture. De la mme manire, lorsque HoS rduit la Dfense ennemie par ses propres moyens, il subit davantage de dgts physiques pendant 15 secondes. Her best gear as of v4.8 is all farmable. Honkai Impact 3rd Launches 3rd-Anniversary Version [Unequaled, Unrivaled] with New S-rank Battlesuit [Herrscher of Sentience] on MAR 4. She got her resolve after knowing that she is an important person to her master. Le set de base recommand par le jeu pour HoS est le set Ryuunosuke : Ce set de base augmente vos dommages Physiques et totaux SP cost: 125. Chain blades to sword: 160% ATK of Physical DMG. Abusez ensuite des attaques surpuissantes de la Herrscher, ou alors passez sur votre DPS Physique afin qu'il profite des avantages de cet ultime.