There, he manages to switch the Hummel figurines. {{#media.media_details}} {{#media.focal_point}}. (Showrunner Peter Gould seems to have confirmed that Jimmy was referring to the same Ignacio.) When Mike promises that anyone targeting Nachos father will have to go through him, Nacho agrees to willingly go to his execution. When Nacho turns to ask if he can "make the call," Victor unexpectedly shoots him in the stomach. what a fantastic END, Ignacio Varga "Nacho" with a last terrific, horrific, hair-raising soliloquy that gave me chills. Do you think that Mikes connection with Nacho influenced his relationship with Jesse at all in the future? Agreeing to die on condition that his father would be protected, Nacho promised to share any story Gus wished with the rest of the cartels key players. It is a very unflattering fate, like those suffered by countless other minor characters in both shows. Nacho had submerged himself into the filth and grime of the world of crime. With Nacho no longer around, Gus and the Salamancas will have no reason to go after his father. Both men hear a car alarm go off outside, which Mr. Neff realizes is coming from his vehicle. In his first appearance on Breaking Bad, now going by the name Saul Goodman, Jimmy McGill made a panicked reference to Ignacio, but that was never explored within the show. Jesse was a character that wasnt meant to last as long as he did, was that the same for Nacho? That wasnt the initial idea of the character back in Season 1. After doing Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) bidding by opening Lalos (Tony Dalton) gate to a team of mercenaries, he essentially sealed his deadly fate, but nothing happened the way fans may have imagined. Its not the image of revenge. The character really started breaking good until he finalizes and secures his integrity in that final scene.

The death will undoubtedly go down as one of Better Call Sauls most iconic moments but just why did Nacho kill himself? So I think Nacho in one way or another, was going to make sure that his father was safe. Nacho manages to take control over his final moments with the help of a piece of glass presumable from the cup he used to share a final drink with Mike. Earlier in the episode, Nacho submerges himself into a pool of oil inside an abandoned tanker to avoid detection by the twins. Gale excitedly informs him about his pet project before Gus silently asks him about something relevant to his business: samples of his meth that Gale tested.

However, he is a character on a show that is defined by its status as a prequel to one of the defining American shows. Through the sacrifices he makes in this episode, he ensures that the cartel will not ever target his loved ones.

Gus takes a phone call from Juan Bolsa about the hit on the Salamancas. #bettercallsaul It weaves this existential crisis about free will and self-determination into the narrative. Kim returns to work at Mesa Verde with a new paralegal, Viola Goto. Gus Fring figures out that Nacho is responsible for Hectors current condition and makes him his informant within the Salamanca ranks. The audience watches as Nacho struggles to dig himself out from under the weight pressing down on top of him, even as it becomes impossible. At that moment, Nacho makes the decision that the only way that he can live with his soul is to sacrifice his life for the life of this virtuous man. And he became very useful in that sense. So, to me, he transcends the cartel at that moment and becomes what he was always meant to be. Also during said discussion, Gale says that the best sample that Gus gave him was only 67% pure, and that he could do a much better job himself. Victor shoots Nacho in the shoulder, who struggles out of the car into the desert. Nacho watches as the two men remove Arturo's dead body from the trunk. This is part of what makes Better Call Saul such a compelling prequel. Nacho makes the decision when hes speaking to his father. The Wheel of Time renewed; season 2 premiere date hopes! Since Better Call Saul began, Michael Mandos Nacho Varga has become a real fan-favourite character and so his death in season 6 has certainly proven to be a huge talking point among fans. Like that of Kim Wexler, the fate of Ignacio Nacho Varga beyond Better Call Saul and into Breaking Bad has been a huge talking point as the shows ending has drawn ever closer. In Season 6, Episode 3 of Better Call Saul, Nacho demonstrates an uncanny ability to maneuver around, striking up a deal with Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) in an attempt to save his father, Manuel Varga (Juan Carlos Cantu). Theres only one difference though. Nacho might have died in Rock and Hard Place, but he did not die alone. He ends his life. I just realised this flower at the beginning of the episode grew from nacho being buried there. Its in that final speech, that he assures us hes done the job and secured his fathers safety. You never know what a character is until their most important moments. Over the course of the seasons, Nacho comes to hate his circumstances and the people he serves. Copyright 2022 NTVB Media, Inc., All Rights Reserved, 'Better Call Saul': Bob Odenkirk on Jimmy's Scheme With Kim, That Big Return & What's Next. The character meant so much to the crew. The character was mentioned in passing in what appeared to be at least at the time a throwaway line. And finally, this fan noticed a link to Game of Thrones Olenna Tyrell: Nacho and Olenna King and Queen of IT WAS ME gang. Theres always going to be love and respect among those two characters, but Nacho has truly sworn his allegiance to the good side. Instead, he gave a lengthy monologue, disclosing his deeds, and came clean to Hector, albeit with vitriol. Hes free to go. But there are good deaths, and there are bad deaths. Nacho gets a good death. Over the course of Better Call Saul, the audience is invited to get to know Nacho. Chuck, hoping that the recipient would understand his words "in the spirit in which they were intended," tells Jimmy about how proud he was for turning his life around and how happy he currently is that Jimmy seemed to have found his place in the world. Walter kills Domingo Molina (Maximino Arciniega) three episodes into Breaking Bad, but he has appeared in more episodes of Better Call Saul. "I'm not a fan of Hollywood award shows. In Rock and Hard Place, Better Call Saul commits to that reading of the character. Read More: Will Kim and Saul Stay Together in Better Call Saul?

He is an expression of one of the driving themes of the prequel series. Ira is trapped, hiding underneath Mr. Neff's desk, forced for hours to listen as Mr. Neff drinks scotch, argues with his wife over the phone, and calls to order pizza. He gets to loudly reject that Salamanca family. Kevin greets Kim, offers his condolences about Chuck, and asks how Jimmy is handling his death.

The episodes teaser depicts the aftermath of Nachos death. Do you think Nacho ever had a chance? For me, its a story of redemption, he stated. Mando only appears in four of that first seasons 10 episodes, fewer than any other credited lead. It is common for creators to use excellent metaphors, much as they did in Breaking Bad. Titled Rock and Hard Place, the episode puts Nacho in an impossible position as the Salamanca twins continue to hunt him down. In season 6s second episode, Gus plans to threaten Manuel again so that they can track down Nacho following his escape from Lalo Salamancas compound. Theres a line Mike has in Breaking Bad. Copyright 2022 Distractify. Nacho was such a tragic character for so long here this was never a world he relished being a part of, and he spent so long trying to find a different path. And youre not that guy. And I dont know who Mike is talking about. And this was loves final act. With Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul confirmed to reprise their roles from Breaking Bad, and with Rhea Seehorn promising that the final season would explore the Rashomon effect of what was going on when, its tempting to see Better Call Saul as the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead to its predecessors Hamlet. From beginning to end, he has shown some of the best acting chops on TV., While this Twitter user noted the similarity between Jesse Pinkman: Nacho and Jesse literally mirror each other in terms of character arcs and everything. So if Vince and Peter ever call me and say, Wed like to do a movie, my answer would be, name the time and the place.. Nacho Varga is one of my favorite fictional characters. One made it out alive.. The original plan was for Guss henchman Victor to kill Nacho, but Varga didnt trust Gus enough to put his life in his hands and so he turned the gun on himself. Could he have broken free from the cartel or was he in too deep with Gus and the Salamancas to get out? And you know what else, Hector? Some fans think that hes referring to Nacho. Outside, he phones Caldera's Veterinary Office. In season 5, Lalo takes Nacho to his home in Chihuahua, Mexico, and introduces him to Don Eladio Vuente. Caldera fills his patient in: he left the bullet in Nacho's shoulder alone, advises him to visit a doctor with imaging equipment and warns him to keep his wounds clean and dry, lest he receive a painful and lethal infection. When he finishes none the worse for wear, Kim breaks down crying and runs into their bedroom, leaving a puzzled Jimmy behind. Nacho said. He leaves Caldera's office with his goldfish and passes Leonel, who has come to summon Caldera to treat Nacho. Kim claims that he's "getting through it." SPOILERS AHEAD. Gale Boetticher makes an appearance when Gus visits his college chemistry lab to look at some methamphetamine samples. That night, Jimmy's contact, Ira, uses a credit card to bridge the door alarm at Neff Copiers and sneak inside Mr. Neff's office. I feel lucky because no matter how hard you work and how talented you are or arent, it takes a certain amount of luck to be in this position. So even though its tragic, I think its also heroic and perfect in many ways, to have that character in that universe represent something with nobility and integrity. In its own grim way, there is something almost triumphant in Nachos final moments. Offers may be subject to change without notice. If you are wondering why Nacho killed himself in season 6 episode 3, we got you covered. Catch new episodes of Better Call Saul every Monday at 9 p.m. EST on AMC. Video games can be played solo with simulated opponents, or online.

To play a character whos breaking good [in a show where everyone else is breaking bad] has turned into the dream role of my life so far. In the lobby, Kim feels overwhelmed by her task ahead and asks Viola to get started on the new Mesa Verde filings instead of her. Its a hard thing to accept and yet, this is one well have to as we watch the show progress the rest of the way. Fans of the show will likely miss the actor, who already made a name with appearances in Rookie Blue, The Far Cry Experience, and Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures. In the pilot episode, he is introduced as one of the chief underlings of Tuco Salamanca. Outside, Jimmy tries to use a clothes hanger to break into Mr. Neff's car, again tripping the car alarm. And I think he leaves everybody behind at that point. It was a foregone conclusion. Mike offers his condolences over Chuck's death. On a desert road, Victor lays down a spike strip and drives Arturo's car over it, shredding the tires.

These plans were scuppered when the writers latched on to the idea of setting Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) against his brother Chuck (Michael McKean) rather than from the citys criminal element. Blue Bloods: What Were the Stars First TV Roles? However, things dont exactly turn out as they were planned. This episode explored his story till the end. Along with Lalo, Nacho was the only character that Sal Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) spoke about after being abducted by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in season 2 episode 8 of Breaking Bad (also titled Better Call Saul). To me, Vince and Peter are the captains of this ship. Instead, Jimmy just casually comments that the inheritance will still be enough to pay off his credit cards, and shrugs off Chuck's letter, since he already knew perfectly well what Chuck thought of him (and the letter was written several years prior to their falling out, anyway). Tonights symbolism with the oil tanker and the phone call with his father He sacrificed purely for love. ", there's no way to determine how Arturo actually died, Peter Gould teased in an interview that an important, The previous episode had Kim chewing out Howard over the likely effect the derisory inheritance and letter that Chuck left to Jimmy would have on the latter.