Good old-fashioned people eating other people. No true "disturbing television scenes" list would be complete without having "The Red Wedding" as a headliner.

The scene is really well done, but also super fucked up. Not to mention the fact that the faceless men had completely beatenour hero to a pulp minutes before putting a rope around his neck and fastening him to a tree. It legitimately put Jean Stapleton at the top of the list of greatest TV actors. Nearly anything thats on television will have to be at least be signed off by the network. It's made even more harrowing when at the end, he's left picking up the shattered remains of his reading glasses, as he's surrounded by the books he loves so much. Even if youre watching a horror movie at home, its more likely to be a lights-off, everyone-be-quiet affair than if you were watching, say, 30 Rock. Lord of The Rings: 10 Best Frodo Baggins Quotes, According To Ranker, 8 Signs Your Favorite TV Show Has Been Around Too Long, The Quarry: All Of Jacob's Deaths, Ranked By Brutality, 10 Movies Destined To Become Classics, According To IMDb Polls, The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Show, 15 Fastest Ships In The Star Wars Universe, Ranked, The 9 Best Television Villains Of 2022 (So Far), The 10 Best Card-Based Games On Steam, Ranked According To Metacritic, 9 Things Only Marvel Comics Fans Know About Ms. Marvel's Connection To The X-Men, 10 Strongest Time Traveling Superheroes, According To Ranker, 10 Best Movies About Vikings, According To Ranker, 10 Films Starring The Thor: Love & Thunder Cast On Netflix.

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It's a disturbing episode because it so closely depicts an actual case, and it depicted it with near-perfect accuracy. Deadwood has produced some of the greatest episodes of television, period, and this might take the cake overall. So good.

Such a good series, too. H/T Reddit. Thor: Love And Thunder 8 Non-Marvel Easter Eggs You Probably Missed, 25 Disturbing TV Scenes We Never Wanted To See, MCU: The 10 Biggest Threats Facing The Avengers In Phase 4 & Beyond, Netflix's Boo, Bitch: Where To Find The Cast on Instagram, 10 Breaking Bad And Better Call Saul Actors That Could Portray MCU Characters, 10 Recent Movie Quotes That Will Become Classic, According To Reddit, Friends: 10 Best Quotes From Side Characters, Ranked. What is your favorite creepy TV show in history? This is a particularly interesting episode because it's the only one throughout the entire run of Law &Order that needed to place a disclaimer at the end of the episode, saying it was only "inspired" by an actual case. Seeing Hannah sitting in a full bathtub, contemplating all of her options, and then finally, slowly, dragging the razor blade across her arms was enough to make the faint of heart, well faint. ", "Theres an episode of his show where a guy is trying to bring a dead girl back to life by stealing all of her donated organs back from people. Leave it to Fuller to make something so artistically intriguing so inherently creepy.

The twist hit me like a truck out of nowhere and it was more graphic than I thought the show would be since I went in blind. No single action is more telling of this fact than when Tony curb stomps Coco's face into the curb below the bar in a NYC caf. In the most emotionally disturbing scene in The Walking Dead's history, Negan kills series veteran, Glenn. When we first see Hannibal open the ceiling door to the warehouse where the mural is being kept, and have a friendly interaction with the killer, it's hard to actually comprehend the act of horror beneath him. The most disturbing thing about Black Mirror is how close to home it feels. Werewolves have been done in cinema for ages, from The Wolf Man, to An American Werewolf in London, and even more recently inThe Wolfman reboot. At the end of the day, it seemed like Don, Roger, and Pete were killing themselves and becoming new men week by week. The first season featured a graphic suicide and multiple rape scenes. WARNING: Due to the nature of the TV scenes being shared in this post, there is VERY DISTURBING CONTENT AHEAD, including descriptions of violence and sexual assault. Victims being shot as blood splatters in slow motion. We might tune out of a comedy because we just don't find it funny, or give up on a drama because we don't care about the characters. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that House of Cards was able to secure a spot on this list. In one scene, he hooks her corpse up to a bunch of ropes that he has connected to a machine, and makes it do a ballet dance. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. The Americans is, simply put, one of the greatest drama series of television ever created. Were there any we missed disturbing scenes we missed? In the episode he ends up binding and gagging Nicky, Blanca, Red, Piper, Alex, and Boo, as he tells them that he's going to enact his revenge on Red. One of the reasons Tony is so compelling is because when he needs to get things done, he usually does it himself.

Well, Showtime's Penny Dreadful takes those characters you loved growing up and twists them into a disturbing Gothic horror TV series. TV series about serial killers are bound to be disturbing. The world was just hoping that the families would draw the line at murdering infants, but no such luck. Older, classic anthologies like The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, and Masters of Horror feature mind-bending horror classics written by the genre's best auteurs. Critics and fans have nearly universally agreed that we are currently in the golden age of television, highlighted by masterful dramas like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and House of Cards. The series stars Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany as FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench, who, along with psychologist Wendy Carr (Anna Torv), originate the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. During this trip, the Captain of the ship leaves Cory with an extra special surprise; a feminine robot named Alicia. A seemingly normal family photograph of a little blonde girl sat on her fathers knee, his arms draped a, As a plus-size person, Im not used to seeing bodies like mine represented on television, let alone on reality shows watched by the masses. But if you can make it through the disturbing stories of ghosts, murders, hauntings, and general horror, you might be all set, as a second season of the series has yet to be announced. The trippy crime thriller (though it's so much more than that genre description) is obsessed with psychedelic dreamscapes and eerie thematics that leave its audience in disarray. Showtime's Dexter stars Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan, a blood splatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department. So yeah, if you had to give up on this one in order to save your stomach or your soul we understand. HBO's limited series Sharp Objects, based on the novel of the same name by Gone Girl scribe Gillian Flynn, isn't likely coming back for a second season. Here are the ones we hated watching most. For instance: a TV show has more time to set up scary plotlines, without having to rely on clich (yet effective) jumpscares. Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction. The kill-or-be-killed levels to which some of the humans will go to claim territory, get revenge, or demonstrate power can get downright bothersome.

Victims with their eyes gouged out. Specializing in blood patterns is already pretty vexing, but Dexter has a second, secret career: he moonlights as a vigilante serial killer who hunts down murderers who aren't caught by the lumbering criminal justice system. Some responses were edited for length and/or clarity. The Salt Lake Tribune's TV Critic chronicled the show's various horrors: "The naked body of a woman impaled on antlers. Also, SPOILERS AHEAD. There's always a good chance that anything with real-life roots could be more disturbing than any story a writer could come up with. It has the texture, grit, and gore that those other werewolf stories lack. To top it all off, if you can fund it, you can pretty much make a movie about anything. In the scenes that follow, the creative teams behind the greatest television dramas set out to build tension slowly, until it reached its overflowing boiling point, at which point they would magnificently reach a narrative crescendo, in which all the shit would hit the giant industrial sized fan. At least those won't make you feel nauseous well, not for the same reasons, we'd wager. California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. Netflix's 13 Reasons Why follows the story of Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), a teenage girl who has committed suicide and leaves behind cassette tapes for a fellow high school student named Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette). Everyone was just hoping that dessert wouldn't be his own nose. ", "Talisa getting stabbed in her pregnant belly during the 'Red Wedding' Episode.

But even if you couldn't make it through the first because of how discomforting it was, you'd definitely be forgiven. Scary TV shows, though, adhere to different guidelines. It felt like a telling sign of things to come.

We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. Hannibal can be a truly menacing and disgusting show when it wants to, in addition to being one of the best written and directed programs ever conceived.

The series features alcoholism, cutting, sex addiction, self harm, and brutal murders. Some shows prove that "entertainment," essentially, isn't a code-word for light-hearted. The opening scene of Fringe is terrifying for anyone who's ever been a passenger on an aircraft, and it's even scarier for those about to fly somewhere. More than any other moment in the show, this seems to be the image burned into the minds of SoA fans everywhere, and it certainly left viewers unsure of how far the show would push the envelope in the future, luckily the creative team found a way. It just rips your heart apart, but also shows the epic quality of acting within the show. Then, his sister left the table at the restaurant and drove back.

If you give up on any of these shows because they're too disturbing to watch, we totally understand. He then start to cut open Red's shirt, and Piper attempts to intervene, only for Piscatella to break her arm in the process. The case is actually modeled after the real life Lisa Steinberg case, and it revolved around a child who has been inducted into the hospital with wounds that consisted with physical and sexual abuse.

", "The end of the first episode. Created by Charlie Booker, Netflix's Black Mirror is much like The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits, telling an assortment of stories in an anthology format. Without further ado, here are the 25 Disturbing TV Scenes We Never Wanted To See. The entire plane begins to catch the infection almost instantly, and suddenly everyone is throwing up and their faces are falling off, including the co-pilots. Proceed with caution. thetoptens miniseries In the very first episode of the series, we see a band of Vikings slaughtering each other for their god, we see a man lose his wife the day before he gets out of prison, and we also see that same man lynched at the hands of a modern techno-inspired god and his band of faceless men. The series ran for five seasons, but if you don't make it that far, just give Psycho a watch it's just as disturbing, but only takes one sitting! NBC's Hannibal aired for three seasons and was so bloody and disturbing that one newspaper op-ed led to its disappearance from one of the network's Utah affiliates. Or do you like shorter stories and narrative arcs with more bite, such as American Horror Story and Alfred Hitchcock Presents? Frank Underwood had yet to prove that he was willing to throw anyone under the bus (or a train) to get a political advantage, and to keep himself safe. It's a hard show to follow, but an easy program to get behind. Wrapped up to the neck in a puffer jacket, quickening her pace in the darkness between ev, Jane Austen fans are very protective of her legacy, so Netflixs yassified adaptation of Persuasion, her last completed novel, was always going to be, Advertisement Feature with ITV Hub As box sets get longer and the days get shorter (okay, not technically, but does anyone else feel like there are never e, Night after night, Love Island discourse dominates every corner of Twitter, from the Fiat 500 girlies to the most passionate of football fans.

matteo garrone fotoraf filmografie For years, showrunners interested in horror have adapted the TV format to their advantage. Fuller understands how images can imply and demonstrate certain ideas that mere words cannot, and he uses the medium to its absolute fullest. Like Stefon from SNL might say, American Horror Story has everything. Hawkeye tried to convince himself over the years that it was a chicken, but finally admitted it to himself, because he was the one who told her to keep the baby quiet. It's later discovered that her parents had been cocaine addicts, and their neighbor had actually seen her father beating her mother, and then her mother beating the child. The Twilight Zone is known for its strange and often depressing storylines, but few are able to trump the episode "The Lonely. A one-stop shop for all things video games.

The main thread of the show follows her and her boyfriend/parole officer, Ray Stussy (Ewan McGregor), as they attempt to steal a stamp from Ray's older brother Emmit (also McGregor). This is truly the most shocking and appalling episode of television ever aired, not to mention Game of Thrones was such a pop-culture phenomenon, that everyone was able to share their bewilderment at the same time. During the episode, his character's health devolves to the point that the viewer knows he's going to die. It's a code-word for compelling and interesting. The first season of True Detective is a masterpiece - and the second season doesn't count. For those who dont know, the prime minister was blackmailed into having sex with a pig on national television in order for terrorists to release a princess they kidnapped. She played Edith so well as a naive-yet-loving and supportive wife, so her being put into a dramatic situation and using the full range of her acting skills made her shine so bright. And then her pastor morphs into Nikolai Timoshev, Elizabeth's old instructor, who Phillip killed in the pilot episode. Mulder and Scully end up tracking down a group of brothers who buried an infant alive, only to find out that the brothers had been creating babies with their deformed, amputee mother for years. Unfortunately that dream was cut short when Rob, his wife, his mother, and his unborn child were viciously slaughtered during the bloodiest wedding of all.

Scary movies also have the added benefit of a cold, dark movie theater with a top-notch sound system, both of which are indispensable for a horror experience.

The X-Files is easily one of the strangest, most intriguing, and boldest television shows ever created, but "Home" might be the oddest (and the best) episode of the series. Keri Russell gives a career defining performance as Elizabeth, and her backstory is rife with terrible circumstances, including the fact that her old Soviet martial arts instructor raped her during her training. They were just scary enough to give a little chill, but still hokey and quaint enough that they were good for a laugh. The strut across the field is also oddly reminiscent ofThe Texas Chain Saw Massacre, which alone makes it worthy of this list. Season 1 of this series was called some of the best television in years, while season 2 received mixed reviews. The phone rang and it was her brother, and then it stopped ringing and she just knew he was dead. Which Sci Fi Movie Should You Watch, Based On Your Zodiac? American Gods is another Brian Fuller program that is just as violent, just as relentless, and just as masterful as Hannibal. As an example, a lot of fans finally abandoned the show after Negan's (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) brutal bat-to-the-head murder of fan-favorite Glenn (Steven Yeun). It's hauntingly beautiful as the opening scene comes to a halt, but it's terrifyingup until that point. A seemingly stric, Spoilers ahead. But the zombie bites and resulting blood aren't the only things that make the series one of those shows that's not for everyone. Each and every season seems to improve on the Coen inspired storyline, and this season saw the introduction of an amazing character, Nikki Swango (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Just such dread from all of the people knowing theyre about to die. What the audience didn't know (and wasn't prepared for) was that the Netflix original program would show her death in such graphic detail. The drama sure is a downer the characters' lives aren't exactly enviable, for sure. No matter wh, It has been years since you had a good date. The show features a handful of beloved literary characters, like the mysterious Dorian Gray from Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray; Mina Harker, Van Helsing, and Count Dracula from Bram Stoker's Dracula; Victor Frankenstein and the Creature from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein; and Dr. Jekyll from Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Do you prefer creepy monster-of-the-week shows like Hannibal and The X-Files? The killer actually arranges a series of bodies with alternating skin tones to create the appearance of the human eye from an aerial view. That's exactly the reaction that this American Horror Story scene received from audiences everywhere, as thousands of angry viewers took to the internet to protest the episode and its intense content. COMPLEX participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means COMPLEX gets paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. An audience can get wrapped up in the actual staging of the scene by the cast and crew, but suggested violence allows for no such contemplation, and we're left imagining in our own minds exactly how the death was carried out. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. It's raw, and gut-wrenching, and it's highlighted by an insanely violent wrestling match between Dan and Captain Turner. ", "That episode where Seymour the dog waits for Fry for years in the elements. ", "The pig scene from 'National Anthem.' It's one of the best choreographed fights scenes in TV history, but it's incredible because of how overly simplistic it was. Hannah Davis, the show's ominous narrating character told us from the very beginning of the show that she was driven to suicide because of numerous children who went to her school.

Unfortunately, the producers went through with it, and Gemma ended up taking a grill fork and smashing it into Tara's head.

Being a series about a serial killer who kills serial killers, it was pretty evident from day one that Dexter would be unsettling. Tony's never been one to conceal his rage, but this particular act of violence was fueled by so much hate, and the tension had been building up to this moment so well, and still, somehow, it was utterly surprising. But their relationship sure is a strange and disturbing one. I wasn't ready.".

The story jumps back and forth between multiple time periods, and its nonlinear nature contributes to the unease it creates. His departure may have led some fans to bid farewell to the show for good, and his disturbing death didn't help much. Or, at least, the experienc. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. It will be the first time adverts have e, If theres one book that encapsulates the millennial experience, it might be Dolly Aldertons Everything I Know About Love. It's also the most "true to life" fight scenes ever filmed, as the two are bludgeoning each other to a pulp, and are falling over themselves, exhausted from the blows they'd been delivering.

Let us know in the comments below! It's especially heartbreaking because the audience assumed the point of view of Jesse throughout most of the show, seeing through his eyes the kind of evil that Walter White could cook up. "When Sylar broke into Claires home, overpowered her, cut open her head, and rubbed his finger along her brain to take her power all while she was immobilized on the coffee table and unable to die because of her healing ability.

It all starts with a photograph. Who knows what we'd succumb to if we had no other choice, trapped without food, like the plane crash survivors in the movie Alive, or In the Heart of the Sea's desperate souls set adrift?But Hannibal the cannibal? By focusing on technology and how its presence in our lives shapes the ways we eat, breathe, and live, the series is able to predict some of our worst nightmares and offers up scenarios that have terrifying results. ", "When Poussey was killed by a police officer during the cafeteria riot.

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", "When the lady smothered her baby so the enemy wouldnt hear it crying and kill everyone on the bus.