Tightness under right shoulder blade as I rotate back (right-handed) is that the right feel? And it all starts with how you Do you struggle, like most golfers, with a flying right elbow at the top of the backswing? I am struggling with taking the club to far inside when I pull my right shoulder blade behind my head I think Im too flat. First Do you struggle with it without the club? a good shoulder plane.

Learn Mastering the setup, weight transfer and takeaway are critical to a great golf swing. Why I prefer my analogy, is I can by externally rotate my arm, actually fold it too early. So sorry my friend. in the takeaway if I let my hands lead the club head to the right in the takeaway then bring the club to a full back swing, at that point I almost wipe the club down to impact, this not only straightens my shots but adds 15 yrs to the ball. Hello Van. Limited trunk to pelvis to get you on the road to success. I don't have any tips, or added techniques to keep you focused on the ball other than hyper focusing keeping the head down. This is a great exercise to help improve your thoracic spine mobility. Do you hit blocks and quick hooks? However, from a forward hinge from your hip sockets. Take a look at the Shake Hands Drill for an easier representation. Can this be the root cause of my problem. When adding trail you get handsy. If you don't know how to aim in golf, your RST mechanics won't matter. Near the green but have very little green to work with? Hit a couple pitch sho You can save lots of shots quickly by improving your chipping. I haven't met a player yet that doesn't have the flexibility to make a full shoulder turn. Can you just explain the benefit of taking the unlimited lessons and how would it work to get the best results, I just find I'm all over the place at the moment, having issues getting started. We're after one thing: Real Results - Real Fast. It actually feels like my hips, stomach and sternum are still facing ball throughout backswing and the shoulders are rotating against them. If you're letting your hips over rotate in the backswing, you're costing yourself a ton of Lower body stability is key for power and accuracy in the golf swing. back and up at the same time which brings my left shoulder down at an Welcome to the C4 Ballstriking Mastery Program! Finally, understand what it means and feels like to fully release the club. When i do a steeper backswing i either get the best hit of my life or my body says you are too steep you had better drop it under the plane on the way down and i get the ball going low and off to the right. Right hand (lead) side dominance is another of my bad habits (!) And the more squat, the more bend Hello Yuefeng. Working through all video's in this set I got a bit confused by this video and video 30 (bucket drill). It seems to allow a steeper shoulder turn (club across shoulders steeper)? In the RST Pencil Tee Drill you will see most common faults. It certainly keeps me much more stabilised and I get a good resistance building up from the ground. Craig this backs up exactly what I am feeling in the "Anchor to the Ground" video.

I dont hit every shot perfect but My whole understanding of perfect has transformed.

So you want that to stick out further. Tough to beat because you are so used to saving with flip. Continuation of Part 4, we get more in depth on neuro-muscular re-education. Craig, If you've followed Mac O'Grady or Stack and Tilt at any point, you might relate to this go Want to learn how the pros swings look so slow, yet hit the ball so far? Any thoughts on this, does this sound rational. Thanks for your help, As you turn into your backswing, allow the end of the club off of your lead shoulder to point somewhere around the ball on the ground. In this video, I'll show you how to g One of the recurring trends I keep seeing in my online golf swing lessons in my review groups, is the shoulders turning really flat during the takeaway. This awesome drill forces you to release the golf club like a tour pro! I went out to the range and using my recollection of Chucks roadshow video and that instructional video started hitting the ball further than I ever have and of course it felt funny. I have a long way to go but hitting my 3 fairway wood 190 to 195 has me almost giddy. Set up in your golf posture with a club across your chest. Have you ever wondered what shoulder plane is? the marks are near the center line but on the very bottom front edge. I bet you don't actually know! Hello Paul. As soon as i add axis tilt and try the drill, thats when it feels like my shoulders are flatter In the backswing while trying to maintain that axis tilt. Should I be actively forcing the lead shoulder down at the top of the swing? The key to not having excessive secondary axis tilt would be to turn off trail side push and exaggerate keeping the lead shoulder lower. Pulling the scapula back I think can also cause the shoulders to turn flat. The AXIOM isn't just for your full swing! Quinton knew a better way had to exist to learn this game we all love.

If you are someone who has flat shoulders at the top of your backswing, your shoulders are essentially parallel to the ground. The move that is only useful for two things in the golf swing! Also, take a look at Preventing Hip Pain. A flat shoulder turn is one of my bad habits so this video is useful for me.

Learn the proper setup for putting left hand low. Also, it is gradual in motion. And that's exactly what our members achieve. Hello Lucas. But, you shouldn't experience pain, or overly locked muscle. Cheers mate. a good shoulder plane as you rotate. Lack of post up and hip motion back will delay the release of the club and get you tending to slide. Keep up the good work on the road. To create the correct shoulder turn in the golf swing, you are trying to turn your shoulders around your spine that you set at address or another way to say it is to turn perpendicular to the tilt of the spine. (Shoulder will usually have to make compensations on the downswing with the body or hands to square the Make sure you still allow for forearm rotation and lead shoulder socket rotation. I am not able to do full swings at the moment so this is a good drill for me to work on Craig. When you push from the left side during the takeaway, it tends to not only move your head off the ball, but you tend to rotate too flat. Hi Craig Focus more on the 4 Square Drill to not let the arms work deep. Thanks for your help! Now you know, because I've hinged forward, that club should point down to the ground, yet we see this all the time. Sounds like a tilt and lead shoulder issue. Take a look at the Level Shoulders and Left Arm Only Downswing Drill. Hi Craig: Im trying to figure out how my head moves forward in the back swing with this drill? Take a look at Anchor to the Ground. You don't need to try and move it up. Hello Glenn. But when rotating , the lead shoulder should feel like its down. Do you think your stance width is based on the width of your shoulders? Better shoulder plane will help the arms work up easier. Thanks Craig - I worked on this in the mirror last night. The secret key to creating lag has been an elusive thing for most amateur golfers. That is simple and works fine. Im a poster child of stacking the drills. Coming down the lead lat will aid in bringing the arms in front, but I don't want you to try a retract your lead scapula the same way to bring the club down. Unconsciously flattening the shoulder plane after few good reps. Any suggestions? Then, add finger tips of trail until you see the exact same look. This video discusses the fundamentals of the golf swing from a high-level perspective by f Why you're not improving at golf and how to fix it! Setup is looking better. I seem to lose the 90 degree angle to my spine when my left knee doesnt stay pointed straight out ( laser beam drill ). No problem. Watch the Push vs. I also would like to add that as I try to rotate and "keep the butt of the club pointing at the ground", it feels like the club and my hands are really steep and above my head vs. around my body, I hope this makes sense. My mom still tries to convince me her dog can see color.

You can see Chuck has axis tilt and is still rotating around the hinged forward spine position.

Fix your bad chipping habits and ingrain perfect technique with the RotaryConnect. Mind-blowing. At the start of the tip one cause is mentioned as being right side dominant at address, resulting in the shoulders being too level to begin with. But, the amount of hinge will be determined by the length of the club and when you can see the golf ball. And, are you referring the the trail arm staying straight in the takeaway, or lead? Hello Jim. At impact im swiping left as my arms catch up with chest. Science fact vs. science fiction - learn why some other golf swings cost you distance. Glad you are enjoying the roadshow. No problem! should move perpendicular to the tilt of the spine on the backswing. Role of the Right Arm, 3 Functions of the Right Arm, Stop Overswinging, Keep the Right Arm Straight to Turn, Belly Button Drill, Pool Noodle Drill, and How to Keep Left Arm Straight Video. It will be a good way to visualize. Then draw another line just above the trailing shoulder As a result the Below are some videos for you to check out. Flattening of the shoulders can happen in the backswing or the downswing, it is important for you to understand when it happens in your golf swing in order to know how to fix it effectively. You wouldn't be able to maintain the same angle without getting out of the way. This is a another great exercise to help improve your thoracic spine mobility Sadly, it is usually the simple things in the golf swing that make the biggest differences. face consistently. Am I missing something? Now, not at the ball, that's pretty steep, but outside the ball a little bit is where we want to be.

inside of the golf ball, you most likely have too steep of a shoulder plane.

Unfortunately, most times the "hand-me-down" golf clubs are way to long or way to heavy for the golfer that inherited them. Is that what I am suppose to do or is this an optical illusion I am seeing in the mirror. If you want to power up your swing in golf, body rotation in the backswing is crucial. Everything you've ever wanted to understand about the takeaway. Ever notice how the PGA Tour pros take razor thin divots? Hello Tom.

striking. If Can you advise where I find it and what it is called. Learn how to add more speed to your golf swing by leveraging the ground like a tour pro. of the tailbone to the back of the neck. Yes that answers what I am trying to do in a slightly different way. Hello Brian. Also, How to Fix Golf Reverse pivot Video. Fixing your shoulder plane, relative to your individual golf swing, can certainly help you play better golf. Where do I go wrong here? In this video, I'll show you the key An overview of the RST takeaway by RST Founder, Chuck Quinton. biomechanics golfer Hello Gavin. As all golfers are looking to create a simple golf backswing, many players worry a lot about how to rotate the shoulders in the golf swing, if they are under rotating shoulders or over rotating shoulders in their golf swing and or if their golf swing is too flat. In this What is the difference between a proper golf club release and a flip in the golf swing?

This video holds the 5 step pathway to mastering rotation in the golf swing. I have seen on of the videos which discussed the left arm in the takeaway and the fact that students felt that the arm was straight when done correctly even thought it was bent at the last stage of the takeaway. Well, our spine angle is going to dictate that. In addition, your lead arm (left arm for right handers) should be farther behind you. This will make it more difficult, if not impossible, for this player to generate optimal swing speed and club face control that he needs. The left hip clearing / post has to offset all of that momentum and weight. And, those are usually neglected. This compa Have you ever wondered how the pros use their legs for power in the golf swing? Hello Conrad. So imagine a T formed by my spine and my shoulders. Poor range of motion through various parts of the body can make the player lose their posture.

I have had students in the clinic perform the same drill because their instructor said they failed and wouldn't be able to rotate the shoulders properly. Live Lesson may help. Lag in the golf swing is key for clubhead speed. Thanks Craig for the reply. Just wanted to get your thoughts on trying to steepen my shoulder plane in order to get more arm elevation and improve swing plane? We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Do you wan Having a proper grip is crucial for club face control and lag in the golf swing. Now I started to think, "work from the ground up" and feeling more what my feet were doing. Take the student to the top of the backswing and note if (For right handed player) . So for me to be on plain I have to feel as though my left shoulder really points down. A little bit steeper plane would help.

haha. In general, th Should you be trying to increase vertical ground force in your swing and if so, how should Unlock the leverage, speed and power of your golf swing by understanding the physics behin Do you want a more natural golf swing with much more speed? All the best wishes and prayers from this side of the pond for you. plane in the backswing. If you are struggling with this make sure you aren't adding too much axis tilt to start with. Hello Marcel. Good question.

This is a demonstration video for the new RotarySwing Academy video golf instruction serie Want to learn how to put ALL the pieces together in one program? It is good to know that what I am doing is not contrary to RST principles. Just watched shoulder blade glide video as well.

The compensations result in a flat shoulder plane when they get to the top of their golf swing. I did notice i start my backswing by almost straight away by allowing my right shoulderto start opening up to the sky and continuing to do this untill the spine stops it. Hello Peter. Take a look at Stop Overswinging. This is certainly a less common problem for mid to high handicap players, but something to be addressed if this is an issue in your swing. Craig, I did not proofread my question or my brain took a lunch break. Sounds like a TPI Instructor. It's graduation day! separation Hello Frank. Golf is a sport that can leave you frustrated round after round, but WHY? This type of "rotation" feels more of a shoulder blade movement than a turn your chest rotation away from target. I've always had a tendency to swing flat and then add compensations to get back to impact, but since working on Rotary Swing, it seems to be worse. I feel Im getting pretty good with the left hand drills I work on For some reason my comment on that one I made last week seems to have vanished. Winter Golf Training Program - Backswing and 3 Functions of the Right Arm. Flat shoulders can also cause the club to swing too much around your body causing thin shots, hooks, and pushes. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. If you use the Swing Analysis Tool. Craig can you advise me if this is OK from what I am doing here please. A quick introduction to the science-based Rotary Swing Tour (RST) golf swing system.

In a perfect golf setup, should your feet point out or be square to the target? I don't quite understand how to combine the concepts of axis tilt/reverse pivot and shoulder plane. No problem.

Appreciate the positive post about the site. Hello Joel. This makes the player compensate during setup or on their backswing. Hello Erinn. On ball line? It could be that you are overdoing the amount of tilt at address. Thank you for your review Craig, I was notified immediately your message came with my hole-in-one sound wave kicking in. If the lead knee starts to point too much behind the ball. spinal does this sound about right. This action feels independent of the left shoulder.

Hello Paul. Take a club, put it across your chest, up at your shoulders, or across your shoulder sockets up here so that the butt of the club is on your left shoulder, sticking out here. The forearms will have slight rotation in the golf swing to allow the face to be toe up at the end of the takeaway. Yes, you need to maintain both axis tilt and proper shoulder plane. The key to stop over swinging is putting the shoulder blade in the correct position. The secret to why you can't keep your left arm straight at the top of the golf backswing. From this position, it make the lead side push a much easier occurrence because the trail shoulder now doesn't want to rotate around the spine correctly. Learn how pros like Ernie Els use physics and leverage to swing easy and hit it hard! We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. So what that would look like if I did it incorrectly, standing straight up, is right now, if I turn like this, that's good. backswing