Mix flowers and evergreens for year-round interest. A little creativity and know-how from the experts will see you whipping up a pro outdoor kitchen space in no time.

If your backyard space is quite compact then a small portable BBQ can be a great option to keep things simple. Mix pots of mint, rosemary, thyme, lavender, and the likes with grasses to create a textured and tasty display. You have entered an incorrect email address! The main purpose of an outdoor deck is to extend the entertainment space of the home. Beyond the list of outdoor kitchen ideas that we have covered, there are also other essentials that you need to know about when and how to construct one and what should be included or excluded in an outdoor kitchen. 65+ DIY Outdoor Kitchen Ideas (Cheap, Simple, Modern, and Country), 3. Concrete decks are not very common because they are harder to construct and are more expensive to build. A pizza oven is a must-have for many, too. This one here is an open-standing outdoor workstation featuring an open gas grill, stainless steel storage on both sides of the stacked stone frame and a built-in open cooler slash sink where you could dench the drinks in ice. You will need to invest in a cooling model thats designed to go outdoors, of course designs made for indoors wont be suitable. This Palm Outdoor Kitchen Bar Set (opens in new tab) from Danetti has space for all you need, including glasses, cocktail shakers, and bottles and it even has hooks for utensils so everything is to hand. The well-chiseled modular shelving and central electric grill, storage, and refrigerator also give an upscale look. For an all-brick faade, this Louisiana home used the back porch as the location of their reclaimed brick outdoor kitchen. And if you want to add a more contemporary, lavish accent to your country outdoor kitchen, you can draw inspiration from this Southwestern home featuring an extended dining area and an adjacent fully furnished kitchen. Some companies offer all the elements you might want, and will also plan and fit your outdoor room.

In other words, bespoke style. As spills are a possibility, avoid porous paving and opt for a version that can be easily washed down. Natural stone countertops are durable, heat resistant and low maintenance. Alternatively, specialist manufacturers sell outdoor kitchens with everything you need from storage to cooking options, including complete sets.

You can even try a container gardening idea to grow your own fresh tastebud sensations!

Pizza ovens and fireplaces are essentials in an outdoor kitchen and for a lot of good reasons. Keeping the cooking station just a little bit away from the bar makes it even more luxe. Sarah is a freelance journalist and editor writing for websites, national newspapers, and magazines. Large sofas face a Rivelin gas fire table.

The marble countertop island is for the service station and open bar and the function of the porch is not undermined with these woven rattan seating. Wood always exudes a different touch when it comes to pergolas and other cover types. If you want an earthy, coastal vibe, here are some Mediterranean outdoor kitchen ideas for you. The warm tones and complementing materials of wood and stone along with wicker furniture and built-in stainless-steel oven, grill, and mini refrigerator as well as a TV and central fireplace enrich the warm and cozy vibe of this decked outdoor kitchen. According to Forbes (opens in new tab), outdoor kitchens are seeing strong design trends for modern homes, with outdoor kitchens topping the American Institute of Architects project trends list. Finally, add a kitchen worktop and paint your pergola, splashback, and worktop in the same rich Old English Green (opens in new tab)/or another color for years of protection against the elements.

The project was designed and completed by Construct Melbourne with styling by Norsu Interiors (opens in new tab). Cook up a design storm with these inspiring outdoor kitchen ideas and put the (style) surf on your turf! Perhaps, the only downside to having one is that it truly comes with a price.

It can be felt as industrial, contemporary, or simply raw and rustic. But this outdoor deck kitchen here proves why it should be considered more often. Clients quickly get sick of trudging across their entire yard because they forgot a spatula., Lenhart continues: Kitchens placed in the further reaches of yards also tend to get less use. The canned light and concrete shade give it a dignified industrial flair. What better way is there to convene a bunch than around good food, drinks, and merriment right? In this section, some of the most notable outdoor kitchen ideas across categories (in terms of aesthetic appeal, materials, amenities, and function) are presented so, sift through the list, and find the one that is best for you. Do I need a vent hood for an outdoor kitchen? Composting at home is really simple and one of the most environmentally-friendly ways of dealing with kitchen waste., By recycling your organic waste, you are reducing the amount of household waste you produce and in turn reducing the number of pesky greenhouse gasses that landfills emit. A central dining area is in the middle and it is surrounded by boho cushion seating and a large, old fashioned stone brick pizza oven.

The BBQ grill, oven, built-in refrigerator, wine cooler, and storage look uniform in their stainless-steel finish. Now outdoor kitchens go above and beyond, were talking grills, wine coolers, refrigerators, sinks, ample work surfaces, swanky storage and much more. Weigh up different layouts early in the design process.

Contractors and real estate brokers do not have an exact percentage yet but according to a study done by Absolute Outdoor Kitchen Buyers Guide, having one generates 100-200% ROI once the property is sold. Think about whether you want to include walls in the outdoor kitchen design or not. All rights reserved. It's a touch fancier, but the perfect way to stretch out the evening. Quartz and glass are questionable materials because they can break and experience discoloration when exposed to high heat or a lot of UV rays.

The best thing about country design schemes is that you can always veer away from the traditional neutral warm tones and invest into a more trendy, colorful palette that would still exude warmth. It can be as simple or intricate as you wish., Surinder Multani, owner, BBQ Outlets (opens in new tab), comments: Will you be grilling for all of your friends and neighbors or just on special occasions? deck privacy fence screen modern screens outdoor decks backyard horizontal walls wooden patio railing cool fencing wood google lattice build The exposed wood rafters add to its country look.

You get a free-standing steel countertop with a built-in industrial style sink on one side and an adjacent dining set with granite table top and sleek, woven stools. The posh stone cook station built on granite and concrete with built-in amenities also sport a high-end outdoor kitchen splurge. Imagine doing food prep, cranking up the heat, and entertaining guests in one dedicated fresh air spot, all without the hassle of darting back and forth between indoors and out with various cookware and side dishes? Surround it with seating, a dining set, a fireplace, and a stone, gas grill on the side along with wood pergola and warm lighting and you are all set for that all-out rustic tone.

In an ingenious and creative way, there is a simple metal sink on one side, a built-in mini grill on the other end and a wide-open shelf at the bottom. The whole space is enclosed in a stacked tone and the deck features a wood flooring. Fitting outdoor cabinetry also creates the opportunity to provide adequate worktop space above it for the preparation of meals. With a water station this good, you'll be (happily) cleaning dishes until the sun comes up. Just add some stools on both ends and you already have a functional countertop service station. The rustic touch of this outdoor kitchen complements the wood cover very much. We love the nifty Ikea Klassen BBQ (opens in new tab) trolley which makes a stylish and useful addition to every outdoor kitchen design. Adequate (and gorgeous) garden lighting is a must with an outdoor kitchen should you want to use it after sunset. This outdoor kitchen's seating area is brought to life with bold accent shades, while outdoor lighting ideas and large potted plants help elevate the space further. Concrete countertops will give an outdoor kitchen an industrial, modern feel, plus, it's a really resilient material so ideal to withstand the great outdoors. Create the ultimate outdoor kitchen based on your cooking and entertaining requirements. Complementing the openness of this woodsy property would be this outdoor kitchen made of natural stones. (16 Ideas), What Color Cabinets Go with Brown Granite Countertops? Be sure to keep cooking areas well lit, while dining and seating areas can benefit from more atmospheric lighting. The cost of an outdoor kitchen will depend on the complexity of the design. However, if your aesthetic is more modern, you have options, too.

And of course, you can create a cheaper structure than this with the help of a good carpenter. Make sure your kitchen uses materials that look intentional and complimentary within the broader context of your design.. But its protected by a roof overhead that keeps meal prepping dry. To assist the cooking experience, a huge range of add-ons such as wood chips, meat rubs, novelty barbecue sauces, cooking tools, etc abound, and this will only grow in the coming months and years., Muller adds: Avid grillers shouldn't feel confined to one type of grill. You will receive a verification email shortly. Outdoor heating may also be useful to make the kitchen and dining area comfortable when the weather isnt doing its best. A well-positioned sink in the island counter or even a standalone one can offer wonders to an outdoor kitchen.

Composting also provides the perfect excuse to get outdoors and enjoy feeling at one with nature., It is worth preparing your kitchen space in advance of composting to make the overall process easier. Open Kitchen Under a Canopy with Lighting, 12. Keeping food warm can also be an issue, so decide whether youd prefer to include warming drawers in your design.

But given all that we have covered here, all the pros outweigh this major con. It can be straightforward to build your own outdoor kitchen if you prefer to.

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Gone are the days when BBQs are done in a standalone outdoor grill and makeshift seating. And if you like the idea of extending evenings in the garden and the months during which you can enjoy your outdoor space, it could be worth investing in an outdoor fireplace or chimenea.

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