In October, the company reached a unanimous settlement agreement with KCC Staff, the Citizens Utility Ratepayer Board and other interveners in the case resulting in a 0.68% rate decrease. Kansas Source for News, Weather, & Sports, West Nile Virus Warning For Much Of Kansas, Kansas Receives High-Speed Internet Grant, Kansans Getting The Most Out Of Working From Home. To read the settlement agreement in full, click HERE. 21-GIMX-303-MIS. In addition to compliance actions for violations, including the recommendation of civil penalties, the KCCs enforcement strategy is coupled with a strong educational component that fosters communication among all parties. Todays order can be viewed on the Commissions website at: If approved, the average residential customers natural gas bill will increase by $5.67 per month, an increase of 10 percent. KCC said it will review the plan to ensure the lowest possible bond costs will be passed on to Kansans. 589,076 residential customers / Kansas City, Wichita, Wichita, Topeka, Manhattan, and many other locations, Total residential customer payments - $364,048,960, 126,724 residential customers / Olathe, Kansas City, Coffeyville, Independence, Total residential customer payments - $84,524,908, Kansas man indicted for selling hundreds of cattle used as collateral, Theft of two large pizzas, 2-liter lands Topeka man behind bars, Back-to-school physical sets stage for classroom success, Emporia school board votes against closing school amidst staffing crisis, Veteran surprised with van and wheelchair. However, Zakoura said transportation customers are not outliers but instead are the majority users on the KGS system. What we disagree on was the amount charged for that gas., he said. In issuing todays decision, the Commission found the settlement agreement to be in the public interest and that it will result in non-discriminatory, just and reasonable rates that will enable KCP&L to continue to provide sufficient and efficient service. hints at plan to deal with abortion amendment, TBT reunites former K-State stars on same team, Five takeaways from Thursdays Jan. 6 hearing, First-time car buyers battle supply, sticker shock, School supplies and grocery drive-thru this Saturday, Wichita man found guilty of shooting at officers, Ellis County asks for help in 2016 fatal hit & run, Puppy found with mouth taped shut in hot car, Kansas biggest lake party happening Saturday, KS part of Salmonella outbreak linked to small turtles, Inmates planned riot at jail, deputy arrested, WPD, City discipline officers in texting scandal. KCC, Kansas Gas Service reach settlement on 2021 severe winter weather gas prices, KCC Order issued January 21, 2022, to be collected beginning in February 2022, 103,148 residential customers / Lawrence, Liberal, Dodge City, part of Wichita, Total residential customer payments - $70,986,453. KCC said the utility, like others regulated by the Commission, was ordered to do everything in its power to continue to provide natural gas service to customers, defer charges and then create a plan to allow customers to repay the unusually high costs over time. I think the commission had to do what it did today, he told 13 NEWS Tuesday. rollout prepaid dba seperate In addition to attending the public hearing, there are three convenient ways to submit a comment: 1) Go to the KCC website ( and click on the Your Opinion Matters link to submit a comment. Under the new agreement, KGS will recover approximately $52 million of the $58 million of calculated supply shortfalls in the negotiated gas cost penalty payments from marketers and transportation customers.. Due to the extraordinary costs from the winter storm, KGS also requested a waiver from a provision in its tariff that would have allowed a multiplier penalty to be applied to the amount owed. TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Kansas Gas Service customers could see between $5 to $9 added to their monthly bills soon in order to pay for sky-high natural gas prices during the extreme cold severe weather in February 2021. The KCC will review the plan to ensure the lowest possible bond costs will be passed on to customers. All rights reserved. Members of the public can attend in person or watch a live broadcast of the hearing on the Commissions website: For more information contact: Linda Berry, (785) 271-3269. Topeka - The Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) has been awarded a $57,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Transportations Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) to assist in its underground pipeline damage prevention efforts. The Kansas Corporation Commission says on Tuesday, Feb. 8, it approved a settlement agreement that outlines how Kansas Gas Service will recover $36 million in natural gas costs racked up during February 2021s severe winter weather. 21-BHCG-334-GIG In the Matter of the Investigation into Black Hills Kansas Gas Utility Company d/b/a Black Hills Energy Regarding the February 2021 Winter Weather Events, as Contemplated by Docket No.

Payment plan terms to maintain or restore service require that customers agree to pay 1/12th of the total amount owed, 1/12th of the current bill, the full amount of any disconnection or reconnection fee, plus any applicable deposit to the utility. 19-ATMG-486-TAR In the Matter of the Application of Atmos Energy to Amend Its Demand Charge Savings Provision in its Purchased Gas Adjustment (PGA) Tariff, 19-ATMG-525-RTS In the Matter of the Application of Atmos Energy Corporation for Adjustment of Its Natural Gas Rates in the State of Kansas. Zakoura, who is counsel for the Natural Gas Transportation Coalition, said the first emergency order was crucial to keep natural gas flowing to customers. Those third parties provide gas to KGS which delivers it through KGS pipelines. It will be several months before customers see the added costs on their bills. It said the application and review process could take between six and eight months. CURB is involved in a number of cases throughout the year. Citizens' Utility Ratepayer Board Against Kansas Electric and Natural Gas Public Utilities Regarding Federal Income Tax Reform. Residential and small business customers will pay $5 to $7 more a month for the next five to 10 years to help KGS recoup $366 million. 22-KGSG-466-TAR In the Matter of the Application of Kansas Gas Service, a Division of ONE Gas, Inc. for the Recovery of Qualified Extraordinary Costs and Issuance of a Financing Order. The bill credits are the result of tax savings from the Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). Below are links to CURB filings in several major cases. Zakoura indicated he and his team will continue in their mission to gather restitution for the crisis by whatever lawful means necessary. We prioritize keeping our customers safe and warm during these extreme weather events and aim to recover the unprecedented costs from the high natural gas prices due to the storm with fairness and minimal impact to customers.. 21-KGSG-332-GIG In the Matter of the Investigation into Kansas Gas Service Company, a Division of One Gas Inc. Topeka - The Kanas Corporation Commission (KCC) will hold a public hearing on Thursday, October 4 to receive input from Kansas Gas Service customers on the companys rate increase request. In 2017, there were 485 reports of gas lines damaged as a result of excavation activity in the state. Everyone associated with this case continues to agonize over the fact that none of the individuals, churches, schools, or business consumers in Kansas that will pay these additional costs, did anything wrong.. There are about $500 - $600 million of additional gas costs to be recovered in the three KCC gas utility cases of Black Hills, Kansas Gas Service, and Atmos Energy, said Zakoura. A spokesperson said it will be different for each customer based on the contracts they had with the third-party producers and marketers. 21-GIMX-303-MIS. Copyright 2022 WIBW. The ability to interview the parties involved, to look at the locate marks, and to understand the type of excavating equipment involved, provides the inspector with the information needed to make a credible determination of the cause.. Regarding the February 2021 Winter Weather Events, as Contemplated by Docket No. Kansans may also contact their local utility company or the KCC's Office of Public Affairs and Consumer Protection at (800) 662-0027. When extraordinary costs are unavoidable and necessary to benefit the public, it is in the public interest to allow recovery of such costs, said the KCC. Severe Weather WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) State regulators have approved another settlement with Kansas Gas Service (KGS) over the natural gas crisis during the historic cold outbreak in February 2021. The Commission emphasized the agreement for KGS to incur the extraordinary costs was in the publics best interest as it ensured the integrity of the gas system and ensure continuous service. Of those, 266 incidents or 55% occurred in the Wichita and Kansas City metropolitan areas. Excavation damage is the most common cause of damage to underground pipelines. To reach us by phone, click on Contact Us in the menu bar above to find contact information for KCC Divisions. A complete copy of Kansas Gas Services application and supporting testimony is available on the Commissions website. Under the terms of the agreement, KCC said KGS will apply for Securitized Utility Tariff Bonds to gather the most favorable financing to reduce costs to ratepayers. You can also watch the KCC business meeting with comments on the settlement by clicking here. There are about $1 billion of additional costs in Kansas.. The added costs is the customers share of $366 million in extra natural gas costs that spiked in February 2021. 21-ATMG-333-GIG In the Matter of the Investigation into Atmos Energy Corporation Regarding the February 2021 Winter Weather Events, as Contemplated by Docket No. More information about the Cold Weather Rule may be found at It said the move minimized the financial impact on customers. Until the process is complete, the exact dollar amount KGS customers will see on their monthly bills or the length of the payment period is unknown. Zakoura noted customers have become victims of a dysfunctional market which increased the price of natural gas from $2.54 per unit on Feb. 1, 2021, to $622.78 per unit of natural gas on Feb. 17. The unscheduled interruption of gas supplies to our Members would have led to tens of millions of dollars of property damage from freezing of pipes and equipment, and the distinct possibility of serious illness and loss of life to Coalition Members that serve human needs - such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities, Zakoura noted. Copyright 2022 Nexstar Media Inc. All rights reserved. The costs come as Kansas Gas Service plans to issue bonds to spread the costs of last years freeze to its 640,000 customers. "The Kansas Corporation Commission encourages Kansans who are past-due on their utility bills and at risk for disconnection to prepare now for the colder weather by contacting their utility company to make the necessary payment arrangements," said Commission Chair Shari Feist Albrecht. The 2021 Kansas Legislature passed the Utility Financing and Securitization Act, which allows utilities to use securitized bonds to pay for extremely high costs at more favorable terms than traditional financing. To see the full order and the names of some of the customers affected, click here. The KCC said some of those third-party marketers did not provide enough gas during the cold snap, and KGS had to make up the difference to keep gas flowing for everyone. The exact cost per customer will depend on terms that the utility gets for the bonds. The bill credits, of approximately $100 per customer, will begin in March 2019. Kansas was one of 24 states to receive a PHMSA grant. Any residential customer with a past due balance will qualify for payment arrangements under the Rule. Commission Business meetings and hearings are accessible to the public on YouTube. Be sure to reference Docket No. You can even watch KSN News live for free! This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Cold Weather Rule was first enacted by the Commission in 1983 to prevent utility companies from disconnecting a customer's natural gas or electric service during periods of extreme cold. The Commission will accept public comments through 5 p.m. December 14, 2018.

A hearing on that settlement was held on Feb. 4. Zakura does find hope in open investigations into the prices. Site Map | Accessibility | Contact Us | Subscribe,,, Utilities begin collecting winter storm costs, Sign up for a virtual Transportation Safety Seminar. 1998 - 2022 Nexstar Media Inc. | All Rights Reserved.

Direct Testimony of James S. Garren on Behalf of CURB, Direct Testimony of Glenn A. Watkins on Behalf of CURB, Direct Testimony of Dr. J. Randall Woolridge on Behalf of CURB, Errata Direct Testimony and Schedules of Glenn A. Watkins on Behalf of CURB, Testimony of Andrea C. Crane in Support of Partial Unanimous Settlement Agreement on Behalf of CURB, CURB's Response to Staff's Report and Recommendation, Redacted Direct Testimony of Andrea Crane, Redacted Direct Testimony of Dr. J. Randall Woolridge, Response of Citizens' Utility Ratepayer Board to Staff Report and Recommendation, CURB's Response to Answers to Motion for Limited Waiver, Testimony in Support of Settlement Agreement of Josh Frantz on Behalf of CURB, Testimony in Support of Amended Nonunanimous Settlement Agreement of Josh Frantz on Behalf of CURB, Post-Hearing Brief of Citizens' Utility Ratepayer Board in Support of Non-Unanimous Settlement Agreement, CURB Response to the Application Intervention, Petition for Reconsideration, and Motion for Amendment of the Settlement Agreement as it Affects American Packaging Corporation, or in the Alternative that the Commission set this Matter for Hearing, Testimony of Josh Frantz in Support of Settlement Agreement on Behalf of CURB, Direct Testimony and Exhibits of J. Randall Woolridge, Ph. However, it is the customer's responsibility to contact the gas or electric company to make those arrangements. 3) Call the Commission's Public Affairs office at 1-800-662-0027 or 785-271-3140. Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Community Guidelines | KMIZ-TV FCC Public File | FCC Applications |, Breaking News 18-GIMX-273-COM In the Matter of the Complaint of the Citizens' Utility Ratepayer Board, Against Kansas Electric, Natural Gas, Water, and Telecommunications Public Utilities Regarding Federal Income Tax Reform of 2018 and Its Effect on Jurisdictional Retail Utility Rates. 18-GIMX-248-GIV In the Matter of a General Investigation Regarding the Effect of Federal Income Tax Reform on the Revenue Requirements of Kansas Public Utilities and Request to Issue an Accounting Authority Order Requiring Certain Regulated Public Utilities to Defer Effects of Tax Reform to a Deferred Revenue Account. 15-GIMG-343-GIG In the Matter of a General Investigation Regarding the Acceleration of Replacement of Natural Gas Pipelines Constructed of Obsolete Materials Considered to be a Safety Risk. 17-KGSG-455-ACT In the Matter of the Application of Kansas Gas Service, a Division of ONE Gas, Inc. for Approval of an Accounting Order to Track Expenses Associated with the Investigating, Testing, Monitoring, Remediating and Other Work Performed at the Manufactured Gas Plant Sites Managed by Kansas Gas Service. However, our staff remains available to help you. Download the KSN News App and stay up-to-date wherever you are. 21-BHCG-418-RTS In the Matter of the Application of Black Hills/Kansas Gas Utility Company, LLC, d/b/a Black Hills Energy, for Approval of the Commission to Make Certain Changes in its Rates for Natural Gas Service. You can also reach our archives page to view previous dockets CURB has filed pleadings in. The utility, like others regulated by the KCC, was ordered to do everything possible to develop a plan to allow customers to pay the unusually high costs over time to minimize the financial impact.

18-KGSG-560-RTS In the Matter of the Application of Kansas Gas Service, A Division of ONE Gas, Inc. for Adjustment of its Natural Gas Rates in the State of Kansas. The Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) reached its first settlement with KGS last month. You can review our Community Guidelines by clicking here. Tuesdays order requires any proceeds received by the gas company from ongoing federal or state investigations into market manipulation, price gouging, or civil suits to be passed on to customers. The KCC said that this does not mean penalties will be waived if a similar situation happens in the future. Daily News & Weather Updates Other components of todays order include the establishment of a procedure for evaluating a possible rate class for schools, the implementation of a three-part rate plan for residential distributed generation (DG) customers, and two optional pilot programs: time of use and residential demand. The average residential customer will save approximately $.40 per month or $4.80 per year. This grant opportunity has allowed the KCC to have a presence in the field at the site of the damage before repairs are complete, said KCC Chief Engineer Leo Haynos. 18-KGSG-560-RTS. The Cold Weather Rule applies only to residential customers of electric and natural gas utility companies under the KCC's jurisdiction. The KCC said that amount had the potential to send many entities into bankruptcy, resulting in great harm to the economy. 15-GIMX-344-GIV In the Matter of a General Investigation into the Appropriateness of Certain Sections of the Kansas Corporation Commission's Electric and Natural Gas Billing Standards (Billing Standards) Related to On-Premises Collections. The remaining balance must be paid in equal payments over the next 11 months, in addition to the current monthly bill. KCC Order expected on or before March 7, 2022. In the absence of the waiver, penalties could have been as much as $888 million. 2) Send a written letter to the Kansas Corporation Commission, Office of Public Affairs and Consumer Protection, 1500 SW Arrowhead Road, Topeka, KS 66604-4027. If you would like to share a story idea, please submit it here. Included in that decrease are $7.5 million in savings realized from the companys merger with Westar Energy earlier this year. Estimates range anywhere from $5 to $7 per month for a period of 5-10 years. Jim Zakoura represents several businesses that account for half of Kansas Gas Services Customers. We asked the KCC what that means and if there is a certain amount the customers would have to pay. Public access to KCC offices is currently by appointment only to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. A lesser response could have resulted in catastrophic property damage and serious public safety implications, including potential loss of life. TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) The Kansas Corporation Commission has approved a settlement that will require customers of Kansas Gas Service to pay an estimated $5 to $7 a month for five to 10 years because of a deep freeze last February. ABC 17 News is committed to providing a forum for civil and constructive conversation. Utility companies are prohibited from disconnecting a customer's service when temperatures are forecast to be at or below 35 degrees over the next 24 hours. Had KGS been unable to recover costs from marketers and transportation customers, the KCC said those costs would have fallen to residential and small commercial customers. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about the proposed rate change and make comments to KCC Commissioners. The new settlement involves KGS customers who contract with third-party gas producers or marketers. The application, filed by Kansas Gas Service in June, requests a $42.7 million dollar net base rate increase. He said there are about 6,200 transportation customers which accounts for 54% of deliveries. Contests & Promotions, 2022, The Networks of Mid-Missouri Columbia, MO USA. No reasonable person can view this as normal market activity, said Zakoura. Topeka - The Cold Weather Rule, designed to help Kansans who are behind on their utility payments avoid disconnection during the winter months, will begin on November 1 and remain in effect through March 31. D. on Behalf of CURB, Direct Testimony and Schedules of Glenn A. Watkins on Behalf of CURB, Testimony of Andrea C. Crane in Support of Settlement Agreement on Behalf of CURB, Testimony of Patrick Orr on Behalf of the Citizens' Utility Ratepayer Board. What we hope comes from this is an order from either state or federal litigation investigations that would order refunds back to Kansas Gas Service which would, in turn, be returned to the residential consumers.. KCC said a second order which addresses a proposed unanimous settlement on a waiver of penalties for gas marketers and transportation customers - high volume users that buy has directly through natural gas suppliers or marketers using KGS to deliver - under the tariff will be issued by March 7. The KCC granted the waiver. The $10.7 million rate decrease will take effect on December 20, 2018. 21-GIMX-303-MIS. Under the terms of the agreement, KGS will apply for bonds to reduce costs to ratepayers. Utility companies are also required to offer a 12-month payment plan to allow consumers to maintain or re-establish utility service. Using this approach, damages to underground natural gas pipelines with respect to excavation activity in the area have stabilized at 2 damages per every 1000 excavations. For those unable to watch live, a recording of the hearing will be available on the Commission's website beginning October 11. We always go back to the fact that on February 1st, natural gas was two dollars a unit and on February 17th, it was more than $600 a unit, no legitimate market increases 40 thousand percent in 17 days.. The public hearing will begin at 6 p.m. at the Washburn Institute of Technology, Main Conference Center, Building A, located at 5724 SW Huntoon in Topeka. Revised Monday, 20-Jun-2022 18:43:01 UTC Copyright Citizens' Utility Ratepayer Board, 2006, CURB's Petition for Reconsideration and/or Clarification, Direct Testimony of Andrea Crane on Behalf of CURB, Direct Testimony of Edward McGee on Behalf of CURB, CURB's Recommendations Regarding Investigation Procedures, CURB's Response to Commission-Directed Questions, CURB's Comments Regarding the Midpoint Review, CURB's Recommendation Regarding Pilot Program, Direct Testimony of Andrea C. Crane on Behalf of CURB, Cross-Answering Testimony of Andrea C. Crane, CURB's Response in Support of Staff's Motion to Open General Investigation and Issue Accounting Authority Order Regarding Federal Tax Reform and Report and Recommendation, Stacey Harden's Testimony in Support of Black Hills' Settlement Agreement on Behalf of CURB, Stacey Harden's Testimony in Support of Atmos Energy's Settlement Agreement on Behalf of CURB, Stacey Harden's Testimony in Support of Settlement Agreement Regarding Kansas Gas Service, Stacey Harden's Testimony in Support of KCP&L's Settlement Agreement, CURB's Motion to Dismiss Complaint Without Prejudice Against Certain Respondents.