Jesus' struggle against hunger in the face of Satan points to his representative role of the Israelites, but he does not fail God in his urge for hunger. His meddling with the corruption of empires would pave the way for his fellow ruling monarchs to exert their influence over the weak-willed humans. Satan replies by urging Yahweh to let him torture Job, promising that Job will abandon his faith at the first tribulation. Accuser, Judge, Punisher of the Damned However, even then, Satan was too much for them and defeated them both while grievously wounding Anderson in the process. The sons of Sparda and Satan engage in a monstrous battle with Dante nearly losing his life only to assume an incredibly powerful transformation that turns the tides. Yhoundeh came to claim the lands and people of Hyperborea but Satan fought against her power through Cain. The immensity of his power is evidenced where he imbues his loyal followers with great demonic power allowing them to go toe-to-toe with other mighty supernatural beings. She is also currently with child though the father is unknown and resides in New York City. Anderson all the while becomes unstable as the battle progresses, prompting Alucard to take it upon himself to kill Anderson. Satan fights against Dante, Vergil, Nero, and Immanuel below the Tree of Knowledge, then the Sons of Sparda atop of the Tree before finally being finished off by Michael, mortally wounding the Great Red Dragon. Job describes the "sons of God" (bn hlhm) presenting themselves before Yahweh. When God ordered the angels to bow before them, not only did Lucifer refused, but also Samael, as he could see the destruction and mayhem they would bring. He was formerly an exalted Cherub that acted as Heaven's Arbiter only to fall from grace when he accused humanity of bringing corruption and destruction upon God's creation. Among these battles was the Roman-Persian wars, as the Romans and Persians would use what equipment and knowledge granted to them by Satan who was guised as a divine or well-respected figure amongst their ranks.

Afterwards, Samael joined forced with Lucifer alongside Beelzebub and war in Heaven soon broke out with Lucifer leading the charge, Beelzebub acting as his second-in-command and Samael being his trump card. Samael is driven out from Heaven's mountain. Samael would grow less and less noble and more resentful of the humans he was ordered to bow down to, judging and accusing them of committing horrible atrocities and, due to their method of creation, are unworthy of basking in God's glory. The satan is described as the Heavenly accuser and one that decidedly punishes humans that show doubt in their faith towards God, especially if those humans were chosen by God in the first place. During the battle, Satan pushed Alucard's regenerative abilities to their limit as he utterly brutalized the Vampire King, making it seem as though he had perished. However, this means not that one should underestimate him as he remains to be the most powerful entity in all of Hell and Earth. Affiliations Abrahamic However, these brutish traits are not to be confused for stupidity and he has given praise and respect towards individuals that are much stronger than he originally believed. It is hinted that he also apparently did not want to kill some of his angelic brethren similarly to Lucifer, as rather than immediately rebelling, he tried everything to persuade his kin that humanity is evil and only rebelled after they made it perfectly clear that they will support mankind and he even went as far as to say that he wanted the angels to approve of his view of humanity when he spoke to the forces of the Dark Knight Initiative and became a kindred spirit to Lucifer as a result. Consorts An adult Jesus strolls through the desert during his forty days of fasting, which is quite risky given that the desert was seen as outside the bounds of society and as the home of demons such as Azazel. After the universe's full and proper restoration, Samael was then tasked by his Mother, Asherah, to accompany his siblings in the search for any remaining Ogdru Hem that managed to flee from their wrath. Satan observed Sparda's battle against the Abyss Watchers, demons and humans that joined or were corrupted into Artorias' service respectively, before moving against the Abysswalker himself and slaying him in single combat. Satan also has little to no regard for his demonic subordinates, seeing them as nothing more than servants and cannon fodder. death parade episode hell heaven anime elevator which reincarnation side know manga bowls competition billiards explained where episodes sent both Satan's stronghold would be built within the Black Iron Mountains, known as Thangorodrim, three colossal dormant volcanoes black as obsidian and their peaks covered in ash. Satan was God's personal arbiter for the afterlife to check if man was worthy of the Millennium Kingdom and even when he fell, he was still allowed limited access to Heaven. He then takes him to the pinnacle of the Temple in Jerusalem and tells Jesus that if he really is the "Son of God" then he must prove it by throwing himself down so that the angels will catch him, but Jesus again rebukes him, maintaining his integrity, by saying that one should not put God to the test. The Dark Knight Initiative fought an arduous and extremely difficult battle against the apocalyptic power of the Beast with the monster only growing more powerful as time passed. His determination to prove that humanity is not as perfect as God made them out to be is excessive to the point where he targeted Job and even Jesus, tempting the latter with offerings to prove that even the "son of God" is not infallible. Taunting the vampire, he tells him that he only battles for death and not for God, and so God has once again abandoned him and will not grant him death, instead, Satan will oblige. The forces of Hell want the child in order to use its blood to open the Scroll of Seven Seals, though Satan desired to kill her as she was in fact the descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, as well as the fact that he swore to the former that he would destroy his seed in revenge for escaping his fate in Hell. Yahweh points out Job's continued faithfulness, to which Satan insists that more testing is necessary; Yahweh once again gives him permission to test Job. Satan is an unspeakably powerful being, so much so that he was specifically chosen by Lucifer to be his ultimate trump card during the War in Heaven. He was bound with the "adamant chain" Barzel, his crown was beaten into a collar for his neck, and he was taken from the Earth and thrust into the Lake of Fire. Using such crafts only increased the development and advancement of the empires which in turn also had them expand their territories through the continents. Lilith, Eve (formerly), Sin (formerly), Naamah, Eisheth Zenunim, Agrat Bat Mahlat, several Witches

Contrary to popular belief, Satan does not deceive humans (though he does manipulate their lives in some fashion), he states that he only instigates them by nurturing their primal instincts and "gives them a push" when they come to a breaking point, seeing how strong their willpower is. Race After a long and hard-fought battle, Sparda defeated the King of Hell, and he fell upon his own stronghold, destroying the volcanic mountains in his fall from his sheer size as a great dragon. Biblical authors also use a variety of images to describe Satan as well such as a snake, a sea dragon, a dark creature of the desert such as a scorpion, or a "king of death in the grave". Since the ninth century, Satan has sometimes been shown with horns, cloven hooves, hairy legs, and a tail, often naked and holding a pitchfork, an amalgam of traits derived from various pagan deities includingPan,Poseidon, andBes, though he is fully able to completely alter his physical appearance. Satan's exploits upon the Earth involve him having members of the Illuminati slithering their way into the high seats of the empires and influencing the thoughts and decisions of emperors and kings. Moreover, Satan's lies and illusions live on and are sowed in the souls and hearts of man and beast, who have inherited the world, and take shape in men as the fear of death through Lucifer's machinations of having exploited Cain's fear of death and thereby nurturing his inner instincts of inheriting Satan's traits by damning his descendants with the fear of death which would lead to immoral crimes. Should he fail any of them, this will be seen as definitive proof that even "Son of God" is not infallible and perfect.

A deadly and Machiavellian being, he can also be extremely violent, vindictive, selfish, sinister, and egregiously malevolent, willing to wipe out anyone who stands in the way of his ambitions.

Given that Satan would induce his knowledge over many empires this resulted in animosity or envy between the great kingdoms of man much to the Devil's amusement. Satan is a phenomenal demagogue, with his influence over the political power of Hell and Earth, resulting in the creation of several empires that that became his Earthly kingdoms with the Roman Empire being the more notable one; the usage of divinely wise and seemingly rational arguments making Satan's method even more effective. Several hundred years later, Satan was witnessing the massacre of the Ottoman Empire at the hands of the historical and infamous Vlad Tepes. Dracula (creation), Absalom (creation) He chose the title of "Satan" as a declaration that he will be the ultimate enemy of mankind; their accuser. Satan did not need to truly manifest himself to destroy humanity, but instead would nurture their basic instincts and have them commit crimes of their own volition, as Satan simply gives them a "push". His most well-known appearances involve his roles in destroying Job's faith in God, tempting Jesus, and his pivotal role in the Apocalypse. When none of the other angels shared his views, he ruthlessly slayed them during the War in Heaven alongside Lucifer. After an extensive battle, Alucard landed a mighty blow against the main head of Satan's draconic form, seemingly bringing him down as he fell to the earth, creating a great implosion that enveloped the battlefield in dust and debris. With each of the seals broken, a chain link would snap, heralding Satan's inevitable release. Upon emerging from the crater, Samael abandoned his angelic name and went by the title of "Satan" which means Adversary. When more angels were created and the threat of the Ogdru Hem vanquished, Samael reigned over the angels that came before him, which includes the lesser archangels. However, it would not be long before Satan realized that something was off during his station. Much later on, Satan was present when Mundus planned to lead an assault on the Human World and conquer the realm for himself, ruling both worlds as one. He sensed the presence of this source as none other than Sparda, the Legendary Dark Knight himself. He is known for bringing deception and temptation, and is known as the deceiver who leads humanity astray. Angel (Cherubim/Archangel/Fallen Angel) Under the power of Helena's Nail, Anderson unleashes a swath of devastating attacks upon both Satan and Alucard with the former finding himself becoming somewhat overwhelmed by Anderson's onslaught of attacks. The Serpent, The Devil, The Dragon, Great Red Dragon, Red Angel, Angel of Disaster, Angel of the Abyss, Prince of the Power of the Air, Prince of this World, Prince of Darkness, Prince of Lies, Black Foe of the World, The Adversary, Great Enemy, Venom of God, Deceiver, Accuser, The Prosecutor, The Arbiter, Leviathan, the Dark Lord, Wicked One, Archfiend, Evil One, Tempter When the Voivode of Wallachia was finally captured he was met by Satan, appearing in a pool of blood below Vlad as the former monarch was chained to the ground, who promised him extraordinary power to destroy those who wronged him in the past and to use it to establish himself as his own God since the Abrahamic God did not appear when Vlad called out to Him. Alucard, empowered by Satan's blood once again but far greater than ever, initiated one last battle against the Great Red Dragon where he the vampire actually was able to compete against the Dark Lord. However, Anderson is no longer in control of himself and attacks any unholy being in sight, including his "allies" so to speak which consist of demons, vampires, and werewolves. The latter in question was shown possible when Satan was summoned by God (although there is debate as to whether or not that it was the fallen angel or an arbiter angel) who questions him on where he was and that if he has been paying attention to one of his favored prophets, Job. This temptation is seen as a form of acceptance towards the adulation of the crowds, assume leadership of the nation to overthrow Roman rule, take the crown of his own nation, and from there initiate the kingdom of God on earth. As they made their way back to Paradise, Satan and Lucifer came across Lilith sitting by the Red Sea, accompanied by Tanin'iver, and was in despair over the fact that God would have His angels kill 100 of her children every day for not returning to Adam.

After the creation of Heaven, Samael became an exalted cherub for his power and status, second or even on par with Lucifer himself.

He bitterly acknowledges Sparda's strength and power, developing a massive grudge towards the Legendary Dark Knight for defeating him in the past. He strips Alucard of all his powers and devours him, seemingly killing the Vampire King, much to Integra and Seras' horror. Satan, however, wholly believes that they will never change with it being none more evident than the actions and atrocities they committed by the Illuminati's machinations to release Lucifer, as sin and ruin is ingrained into their very being, cultivating and empowering it to satiate their egos and lusts. Before Satan could land a finishing blow, Father Tomas Ortega uses the True Cross to repel Satan from the battlefield at the cost of his own arm, only momentarily and hoping to give Father Anderson enough time to recover. However, there were at times where Satan's own personal goals superseded that which the Illuminati desire. While he could not set foot upon Hyperborea, his children can, and in this case, Cain, the Father of Murder. Satan and Lucifer breached the barrier between Hell and Earth and his presence signalled the beginning of the Apocalypse. To the Devil, Jesus is no different than the mortals that roam the Earth. Vlad Tepes was viewed by Satan as the violent side of his Father's worship and that he embodied the unforgiving violent nature of His so-called "perfect" creations. Samael encountered several and disposed of them with violent efficiency, becoming a venomous sting to the forces of darkness, crippling them before they are thoroughly destroyed by Michael.

Occupation In fact, during the battles against the opposing forces of Earth, the Devil was in a constant state of boredom as no one was strong enough to actually make him put effort into his combat prowess. He was even able to break Jesus' will when the Son of God descended to Hell instead of Heave, exploiting his weaknesses for being a man and such weaknesses lead to damnation that is until Jesus embraced his flaws as a man in spirit and mind before ascending to Heaven. While spiritually, Jesus was the victor, Satan's influence over the Roman Empire, before its sacking and stretched resources, led to Christians being persecuted by being fed to lions in the Roman colosseum or crucified alongside Jesus himself. Even after his imprisonment by Sparda and Gabriel, Satan was still able to project his astral self into the mortal realm. One prominent event regarding his actions in the mortal world was his involvement in the creation of Dracula himself. However, despite his goals of exposing humanity's wickedness to prove to God that they were inherently sinful, he will not harm innocent and righteous souls, going so far as to never permit them to be dragged or be brought unto Hell. He is aware of his immeasurable power and is quite arrogant about it, brutalizing the likes of Nero and Alucard while patronizing them, taunting them, and proclaiming his superiority over them. Due to his view and attitude towards humanity, Satan's been rather difficult to work with according to Lucifer for despite having similar views there are many contrasts and as such the two would engage in debate over whether the humans would be useful or if it would be better that they never existed in the first place.

Anguis, Eye of Truth Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Lucifer, Angels While Satan was not against the destruction of the human race, he found Mundus' ambitions to be surpassing his own judgement and logic. Sparda then banished him back to the Inferno. At one point later in time, Satan also eloped with Lilith, their union resulting in the birth of the second batch of demons after the previous ones were slain by Senoy, Sansenoy and Semangelof. Samael's collision with the Abyss was also said to be the greatest out of all the falls and corresponds with Samael's once enormous beauty and power during his days in Heaven. The chains of Judecca that confined Satan into the Ninth Circle of Hell were connected with the seals that kept Lucifer in his tomb. Because of this, some of the forces within the Dark Knight Initiative locate the woman and protect her from Lucifer's apocalyptic forces. And lastly upon the third temptation, the devil takes Jesus to a high place, which is explicitly identified as a very high mountain, where all the kingdoms of the world can be seen. When Lucifer was released, he destroyed Mundus and reclaimed his stolen power and authority. In the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, Satan is primarily an accuser and adversary, a decidedly malevolent entity, also called the Devil, who possesses demonic qualities. Samael used the momentum of his hammer to toss Ariel into Hasmed before knocking the two angels away with his hammer. Satan's power is so great that Nero stood no chance against him, having savagely beat down the young knight, and even the combined might of both Dante and Vergil, before they consumed the Rebis, was not enough to bring him down. While he was initially hostile towards Lilith due to the fact that she was human, she stated that her supposed one purpose in existence to be subservient to Adam is nothing but a farce, a blindfold to keep her from finding and achieving a higher goal. Satan was then known as Samael, a mighty and great angel who was created by God and Asherah right after the first five archangels. The Gates would also be worshiped as demonic effigies that twisted and warped nearby human settlements from the sheer fumes and presence of these Gates. He then had Satan summon Gog and Magog from one side of the planet to attack the opposing forces of humanity that were attempting to bring down one of the towers and had a rebel angel unleash the Euphrates Army on the other. However, Cain would then go on to murder his brother Abel, bringing the world and humanity further down into sin, and granting Satan more authority and power to judge and punish them for their wickedness. However, before Satan could deliver the finishing blow on Integra and Seras, Alucard was able to return, rupturing through Satan's sternum and having drained a majority of his blood from within the depths of Limbo after being given a choice by Death on whether or not he should pass on or remained until he truly earns his death. He later fought against Alucard once again, who gained even far greater power after the Vampire King drank his blood to resurrect himself, and lastly against Dante and Vergil when they unlocked their true inner power after consuming the Rebis and was able to hold his own against them for quite the considerable amount of time before being overwhelmed by the Sons of Sparda. Legends dictate that Sparda and Satan fought in a battle that could have quite nearly ravaged a massive section of a continent with eyewitnesses, be it demon or human even, consider it to be among the greatest duels in history. Lucifer distracted Gadreel by conjuring stars in front of him, briefly disorienting the angel, which then had Lilith command Tanin'iver lunge at Gadreel and subduing him by the throat, preventing him from alerting the angels guarding the other gates.

In the process, Satan comes across several opponents like the Vampire King, Alucard, of whom he is rather intimate with as he is in a sense Satan's greatest creation. Satan's loyalty is only to those that can be more useful to him than others, as he only aided the Illuminati primarily because several members shared Satan's own sadistically romantic view of judgement and war (the position that war serves a purpose of bettering individuals, and demands human sacrifices). However, despite his hatred for humanity, the only human he would allow himself to elope with was Eve. acparadise Beelzebub advised Lucifer on striking back against God not physically but spiritually and emotionally. He is called the Adversary due to the fact that he is "anti-everything", working through lies to drag humanity back into darkness and disorder. The spot pointed out by tradition as the summit from which Satan offered to Jesus dominion over all earthly kingdoms is the "Quarantania", a limestone peak on the road from Jerusalem to Jericho. However, he was not truly the god of the world at the time when Rahab, the Angel of the Sea, held dominion over the oceans which infuriated Satan. Afterwards, he initiates one final battle with Satan. With Rahab fallen from grace and Yhoundeh fleeing from the hosts of Heaven, Satan now held dominion over the elements of the Earth. However, Satan also was alerted by the presence of Yhoundeh, posing as a foreign Elk-Goddess, but is in actuality one of the Old Ones. While he did hold the most power over the Roman Empire he nonetheless held sway over almost all the superpowers of Earth all those many centuries ago. In response, he would seduce her with the promise of a child born of the union between the essence of Heaven and the indomitable spirit of man. Samael saw the evils that mankind would bring while God would simply sit back on His throne and not raise His hand and as a result, feeling that His time of being ruler would only make creation fall into chaos. However, over the course of their endeavors, Satan realized that after Lucifer's remaking of creation in order to rid existence of predestination, he will allow the humans to remain. As such, he awaited for the coming of the Conjunction and when it began, Mundus had Mulciber craft the Seven Gates of Hell across the seven continents of the world. This resulted in Rahab decimating the continent and fell from grace against the orders of Heaven, and Yhoundeh fled from the sound of Gabriel's trumpets to apprehend Rahab. Satan as the Great Red Dragon confronting Sparda in his Ultimate Devil Trigger (Art by Chugong). But when faced against an opponent that is beneath him, he expresses his disappointment by quickly destroying them. Sin, Death, Cain, Lilim, Keres, Apate, Dolos Afterward, Sparda finally confronted the Great Red Dragon himself. Titles The kingdoms Jesus would inherit through Satan are obtained through love of power and political oppression. When Satan and Eve made love, she would come to produce from Cain from their union. This convinced Samael to have trust in her, and more so when she tended to his injured state. In the beginning, he would aid the people of Rome, Persia, or Greece into crafting massive monuments and buildings of stone with almost precise and expertly done craftsmanship. Samael soon joined Lucifer's cause to usurp God's throne and take over Creation itself but Samael was mainly doing it for his own personal goals and that is to eradicate these humans. The first scene repeats itself, with Satan presenting himself to Yahweh alongside the other "sons of God". Satan is even able to take control of the life of a person in the stead of God, though only to an extent to what God allows. Even when facing the combined might of Dante and Vergil, he hardly put any effort into his combat prowess against them, clearly demonstrating the sheer power gap between him and the Sons of Sparda. Showing all these powerful and mighty kingdoms to Jesus, Satan promises to give them all to him but only if he will bow down and worship him. At some point in time, Satan and Eve eloped together. It is unknown what sort of relationship the two had, though it is implied that Eve possessed a calming influence over Satan, so much so that Eve herself stated that she witnessed "the burning fire" slowly fade from his eyes further implying that he had grown quite fond of her, which soon resulted in Cain's birth. Satan was among the seven great kings who was stationed at his own gate, awaiting for the proper alignment of the Conjunction over his Gate so as to pass over to the material plane alongside his armies. Unbeknownst to Rahab, Satan guided Cain to the continent of Hyperborea where he could perhaps find some meaning in his pitiful existence once again and Cain set sailed towards Hyperborea. Lilith, in the form of an owl, would whisper words of power, doubt, independence, and self-reflection into Eve's eat as an owl, coaxing her enough for Satan, who possesses a Serpent, to deceive Eve. When Eve was praying to God, Satan came before in the guise of an angel, answering her prayers involving her fears for her future children bearing the curse of mortality and limited power. Neither side had the logistical strength or manpower to maintain such lengthy campaigns far from their borders, and thus neither could advance too far without risking stretching its frontiers too thin. Samael was a judge, also known as an Arbiter and the first among them, determining who or what is worthy to be encompassed in the light and glory of God, but with God's permission of course. For this reason, he is highly dismissive of his opponents and almost never takes them seriously, even explicitly stating he would kill the archangel Michael should the opportunity arise once more. This gave Satan and Lilith the opportunity to sneak into the Garden of Eden undetected. With each swing he unleashed a great wave of power that reverberated across reality, affecting that which was broken and properly restoring them to their original form which was then given a purpose by the five archangels. Yahweh asks one of them, "the satan", where he has been, to which he replies that he has been roaming around the earth. Satan would come to be known as the God of this World, for wherever there is sin, there is his presence and thus his control over the region of the world where sin reigns supreme. The Great Red Dragon of the Apocalypse beleth goetia demonic byleth spirit iwahara yuji