ruby-interception: Provides a cross-platform ability to intercept all exceptions as they are raised. geocube: Tool to convert geopandas vector data into rasterized xarray data. correto e distribuio. open-match: Flexible, extensible, and scalable video game matchmaking. sktime: Python machine learning toolbox for time series, slack-term: Slack client for your terminal, sleepisdeath: a storytelling game for two players, slideshow: HTML slide show and image presentation generator, smallorganisationserver: server for a small organisation, internet hosted and web accessed and managed, smiles-scripts: command line tools to handle SMILES descriptors, snap-byob: block-based drag-and-drop programming environment, snipe-it: Open Source Asset Management System, snuffleupagus: Security module for php7 - Killing bugclasses and virtual-patching the rest, social-app-webpy: component of the python-social-auth ecosystem, social-examples: collection of examples implementations of the python-social-auth ecosystem, socketapi: socket API library for the SCTPLIB user-space SCTP implementation, sodalite: Keyboard-driven terminal file navigator and launcher, solo2: command line interface for SoloKeys Solo 2 security key, soscleaner: Python application to clean sensitive and un-wanted data from an existing sosreport, sourmash: tools for comparing DNA sequences with MinHash sketches, sozu: a fast, reliable, hot reconfigurable HTTP reverse proxy, spacecadetpinball: Decompilation and port of "3D Pinball for Windows - Space Cadet", sparta: Network Infrastructure Penetration Testing Tool, specreduce: Astropy coordinated package to reduce and calibrate spectroscopic astronomical data, specviz: An interactive astronomical 1D spectra analysis tool, speed-dreams: Open source motorsport simulation, speedtest: CLI written in Golang, sphinx-autosummary-accessors: sphinx autosummary extension to pandas or xarray accessors, sphinx-multiversion: Add support for multiple versions to sphinx, sphinx-theme-builder: tool for authoring Sphinx themes with a simple (opinionated) workflow, splinter: tool for testing web applications using Python, spyder-notebook: Jupyter notebook integration with Spyder, spyder-terminal: plugin to display a virtual terminal within the Spyder IDE, sqlalchemy-utc: SQLAlchemy type to store timezone aware datetime values, sqlitecpp: a smart and easy to use C++ SQLite3 wrapper. mob: Smooth git handover for remote pair/mob programming.

vsomeip: Scalable service-Oriented MiddlewarE over IP (SOME/IP), vst3sdk: professional audio plugin development kit, vulkan-caps-viewer: Vulkan Hardware Capability Viewer, wahay: Easy-to-use, secure and decentralized conference call, warpd: A modal keyboard driven pointer manipulation program, wasabi: lightweight console printing and formatting toolkit for Python3, wasmedge: High performance WebAssembly Virtual Machine, wattmangtk: GTK gui to view, monitor and in the future overclock a Radeon GPU, webdriver-manager: Webdriver Manager for Python, webext-librejs: browser plugin to block non-free JS, webgen: fast, powerful, and extensible static website generator, webmacs: keyboard focused web browser with Emacs look and feel, webmin: web-based system configuration tool for, webodm: Application for drone image processing. hubzilla: general purpose communication server, hylafaxplus: enterprise-class open-source system for sending and receiving facsimiles, hyperborg: Decentralised and distributed home automation system, hyx: minimalistic but powerful vim-like hex editor, i3-gaps: i3-gaps is a fork of i3wm featuring gaps, smart borders, smart gaps, i3lock-color: Modern version of i3lock with color functionality, ibus-table-myanmar/0.1: ibus table myanmar keyboard, idefix: index checking for improved demultiplexing of NGS data, idseq-dag: Pipeline engine for IDseq (Infectious Disease Sequencing Platform), if97: C++ implementation of the IAPWS-IF97 equations, ifcfg: Python cross-platform network interface discovery (ifconfig/ipconfig/ip). pgadmin4: graphical administration tool for PostgreSQL, generation 4, pgbackman: Tool for managing PostgreSQL logical backups, pgbulkload: A high speed data loading utility for PostgreSQL, pgsql-postal: PostgreSQL Postal Address Normalizer, pharo: dynamic reflective pure object-oriented language supporting live programming inspired by Smalltalk, philologic: text analysis tool for digital corpora, photo-booth: Motion-detecting photo booth toy, photoswipe: JavaScript image gallery for mobile and desktop, modular, framework independent, php-agavi: powerful, scalable PHP5 application framework that follows the MVC paradigm, php-buzz-react: Simple, async PSR-7 HTTP client, php-codeception-aspect-mock: Aspect-oriented mocking framework for PHP, php-date-holidays: driver based class to calculate holidays, php-emoji: Emoji images from unicode characters and names, php-file-find: Class that facilitates the search of filesystems, php-horde-managesieve: Client library for ManageSieve. and Tomasz blog:, Niklas Heidloff on twitter: @nheidloff Niklas' blog:, riofs: An userspace filesystem for accessing Amazon S3 buckets. Last Built: Thu, Jul 21 19:30:03 UTC 2022 python-audiolab: A python module to make noise from numpy arrays, python-bidi: bi-directional layout implementation, python-blaze: Interface to query data on different storage systems, python-blit: Simple pixel-composition library, python-blockr: A wrapper for the API, python-bond: transparent remote/recursive evaluation between Python and other languages, python-bowler: safe code refactoring for modern Python projects, python-cef: Python module for emitting CEF logs, python-clam: CLAM: Quickly turn command-line tools into RESTful webservices. lbry-desktop: Destkop client for the decentralized content sharing and publishing platform. It is designed to be distributed and efficient, lina: iso-compliant Forth interpreter and compiler, linenoise: Minimal replacement for readline, linoleum: Java desktop environment and software distribution. no-resource-uri-leak: browser extension for improving privacy by denying resource:// access to Web content. golang-github-stevenroose-gonfig: Go package for program configuration. magit-svn: git-svn extension for magit, a git interface for emacs. czkawka: remove unnecessary files from your computer. joclyboard: A collection of atm 96 various boardgames.

pytest-cases: Separate test code from test cases in pytest.

guile-reader: framework for building readers for Guile, guitarexerciser: A program to help guitarists develop their skills, gur: (GNU Usage Recorder); A script written in bash to record computer usage. kasts: kasts is a podcast client for desktop and mobile, kdiskmark: A simple open-source disk benchmark tool for Linux distros, kdstatemachineeditor: State Machine Editor Library, keystone-engine: Lightweight multi-architecture assembler framework, kgraphviewer: KGraphViewer is a GraphViz dot graph viewer for KDE 5, kind: Tool for running local Kubernetes clusters using Docker container "nodes", kissebook: A ebook organizer with quick 'open ebook file' option using user defined viewer and reader, kiwipy: Easy remote messaging using RabbitMQ, kms-chroma: Kurento Media Server - chroma filter, kms-cmake-utils: Custom CMake modules, required to build Kurento software components, kms-core: Kurento Media Server - core module, kms-crowddetector: Kurento Media Server - crowd detector filter, kms-datachannelexample: Kurento Media Server - WebRTC DataChannel example, kms-elements: Kurento Media Server - elements module, kms-filters: Kurento Media Server - filters module, kms-jsonrpc: Kurento Media Server - JSON-RPC library, kms-markerdetector: Kurento Media Server - augmented reality marker detector, kms-platedetector: Kurento Media Server - plate detector filter, kms-pointerdetector: Kurento Media Server - pointer detector filter, kompose: conversion tool for all things compose( namely Docker Compose) to container ochestrators (Kubernetes or Openshift), kt-update: lightweight distribution management, kurento-media-server: Kurento Media Server, kurento-module-creator: Kurento Module Creator, kwant: Python package for numerical quantum transport calculations, kwin-bismuth: KDE Plasma extension for tiling windows, kylin-screenshot: Powerful yet simple-to-use screenshot software, kylin-user-guide: Smanual for UKUI desktop environment, languagetool: rule-based language checker, lazydocker: The lazier way to manage everything docker, lazygit: Simple terminal UI for git commands, ldap-toolbox: set of scripts for exporting and manipulating LDAP data, leaflet-contextmenu: Context menu for Leaflet, leafletbs: Firm/Middleware for Consolinno Energy Leaflet (EMS), lg-gpio: Control GPIO pins via the kernel's gpiochip device interface, libai-categorizer-perl: Automatic Text Categorization, libatl: Binary representation of lists of name/value pairs, libatomprobe: Library for Atom Probe Tomography computations, libbacktrace: Backtrace library (for C/C++ apps). Kevin Wittek on twitter: @kiview on github and Kevin's blog. blender-doc: Offline copy of the Blender Manual, blivet: Python module for system storage configuration, blop-lv2: Mike Rawes' LADSPA plugins ported to LV2.

ibus-sayura: Sinhala Transe IME engine for ibus, ice4j: ICE/STUN/TURN Java library used by Jitsi, icecat: GNU version of the Firefox browser, icedove-thunderlink: Link to email by Message-ID, iceweasel-uxp: Firefox XUL (pre-Quantum) fork from Hyperbola, igb: dkms source for the igb network driver, iiu: iiu (is it up?) sauvegarde: Saves files live while beeing created or modified in a deduplicated manner. deepin-reader: Document Viewer is a tool for reading document files, supporting PDF, DJVU, etc. thola: A tool for monitoring and provisioning network devices.

elpa-multiple-cursors: Multiple cursors for emacs. gtkiostream: GTK+IOStream, ORB, Neural Networks, WSOLA, C++/Eigen3 to Octave. libstrangle: Frame rate limiter for Linux, libtime-olsontz-data-perl: Olson timezone data wrapper, libvdwxc: Library of van der Waals density functionals, libweasel-driver-selenium2-perl: Weasel driver wrapping Selenium::Remote::Driver. Error-recovering streaming HTML5 and XML parsers, mastodon: A GNU Social-compatible microblogging server, mate-applet-lockkeys: Keyboard LED indicator, mathjax-node-page: filter for server-side MathJax rendering, mathjax3: math rendering engine for browsers, implemented in TypeScript, mathopd: Very small, yet very fast HTTP server, matlab-mode: major mode for editing Matlab dot-m / .m files, matrix-conduit: lightweight homeserver for the Matrix protocol, matterbridge: Bridge between many chat systems / protocols, mattermost-desktop: Mattermost Desktop application, mattermost-server: self-hosted team communication service, mautrix-python: An asyncio framework for the Matrix protocol, maven-archetype: Maven project templating toolkit, maven-osgi: Maven-OSGi integration library, maxcso: A fast ISO to CSO compression program for use with PSP and PS2 emulators, mayan-edms: Django-based Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), mbox2eml: Split mbox mailboxes into single eml files, mcba: parallel-accelerated bundle adjustment for multicore CPU and GPU.