Theyve given you a really difficult job, huh.. ! BTW I'm planning on checking out the manga esp. The early story can be a little slow and offputting for some, but that may actually just because things take a lot longer to say in text than to show with images. My time isnt so cheap that Id work for free, you know! Its going to take a while to get through all of this.. He seems to have been considering what to say for a while. Awesome! I layer on my clothes and pull on my coat, then I slide the slate into the tote bag I wove earlier this winter. I personally don't ship it but that's because I'm a filthy elitist and I don't want my MC marrying a dirty commoner. I start to work through the numbers by hand, using my slate. Eh? The intermediate Alphabet for our smart kids - and the new era. After some time, we finally arrive at the gate, me still riding atop the shoulders of my troublesome father. I have no idea what to do next. Until spring finally comes around, I cant go outside and I cant work on making my clay tablets. Oh, boy Ill be leaving her in the night duty room until the afternoon, when her mother comes to get her on her way back from picking paru. If you can do this much math, Maine, you could definitely be a merchant some day. >.<. I think I might have accidentally implied something in my last post. Shell be staying here while her mothers gathering paru. Really?! Im so mentally fatigued that the inside of my head feels numb. Gunther's coworker is giving me creep vibes though I hope I'm proven wrong. Hes very different from my other father, who I think was a salaryman in a sales department. Im the one with the most confidence in my ability to keep track of money, so the task of doing the budget and the financial report falls on me. Your time is still really cheap, though, says Otto, smiling wryly. Just like Otto says, slate pencils are available for sale in the town market. Yay!. The night room is lit by both a brilliantly glowing fire in the fireplace and a lamp shining on a desk. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from There's usually the brief heroine as a child stage then time skip to "social debut" (I'm admittedly also guilty of it in the story I'm writing thanks in part to reading it so much), so the willingness to take their time to show Myne's development is admirable. His eyes go wide again. Those arent very expensive, you know?. Since Im going out, Ill need to bring my slate. Maine, do you want to use the calculator? The loli invents shampoo for her hair. This is just what I need! That said, a thing I admire in this story is its willingness to take things slow, and mean reeeeeealy slow. I think I read theres 35 characters so I assume its phonetic. How can you do these calculations? Stranded with Edison What kind of parent uses this kind of diversion on his five-year-old daughter, you idiot? This book introduces our children to the Alphabet in words, illustrations and beautiful photos on four different levels so that you can use it for many years to come. Remember, folks: learn how to to smelt copper and iron, how to make steel, paper, soap, gunpowder, steam engines, synthetic purple dye, penicillin and transistors. The bean curd hotcakes ah, I called them parucakes, didnt I? In the sense of 'Okay, then where did that person go?' Episode three. Though that is to be expected, since I am a born bookworm :D. Watched the second episode. Reminds me of Spice and Wolf in a lot of ways (mainly the setting/vibe and Myne's sneaky-snarky inner personality). Could you help me out?. No.. You saved me a lot of time.

This ones wrong too.. This episode made me realize that they basically can't have the anime not get to the head priest.

When it's answered, the answer usually is that they died, though. Did I say something about wanting to marry him at some point? TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Maine, I have to fix this. The Japanese wiki really is a fantastic source. In reality, theyre something that I actually got my mother to buy for me. The poor family still has no clue that their precious little Myne/Main/whatever is dead and replaced with an impostor. Currently wondering myself if anything different will be done with characterization or plotting. This subreddit is dedicated to the Japanese fantasy light novel series written by Miya Kazuki and illustrated by Y Shiina titled "Honzuki no Gekokuj", licensed in English under the name of "Ascendance of a Bookworm". From the parchment and ink thats spread out on top of the desk, its obvious that he was in the middle of working through some paperwork. Hold on as tight as you can, okay? If you do, I can introduce you to the merchants guild, okay?. This Japanese wiki page has some of the letters deciphered.

The first two look like price and quantity, and the last one seems to be the multiplied total, I think. Im really grateful for your help. As Maine mentioned in the episode, she's very small and weak even for her age and can't get outside easily, so she only really has relationships with her immediate family. Being baby-sat at the gates, huh Well, its a change of pace from being here in the house all the time. Good luck with your work! Maine, go to the night duty room. If you do that, then you can help me write up all the papers, too. At the beginning of this whole mess, I really was only excited about learning new letters, but I have no idea where my fathers thoughts have been wandering to. This feels like an alphabet where both pronunciation and meaning change depending on how you spell things.3. Between the abundance of ingredients and the extra manpower that all the boys provide, its way easier to cook at Lutzs house. Its way easier for me to do calculations on my erasable slate than it would be to do so on a blank form. Im coming in, says my father, knocking on the door to the night duty room as he opens it and walks in. I completely agree with his reasoning, so I dont restrain myself too much as I sit myself down. Youve seriously saved me. Heh heh heh, my mom taught me numbers when we went to the town market! Start teaching your kid the Alphabet and their first simple words using illustrations like in most other Alphabet books, but combined with photos of the natural world. Theres probably some knack to walking on top of snow, but I didnt grow up in a snowy part of the country so I dont know it. Okay, I gave it a chance, but I am officially weighing in now. Paru are valuable winter fruit, To my eye, theyre a fruit that contains a syrupy coconut milk, olive oil, and a sweet-ish sort of bean curd. They do not match my impression of the series at all. Instead, it looks like it was made by people carefully following in each others footsteps, one by one, as they left for the main street. Now Im actually looking forward to being baby-sat at the gates. I didn't mean to say that Maine just got the flu or whatever and died and that's it. Is it wrong that I ship them in a Puppy Love kind of way (wanting them to walk in the meadows and make flower crowns for each other, or sit somewhere and talk, or Main reading aloud to him, things like that)? Be careful not to fall!. I do not like the chibi sections. Im only really looking forward to learning some new letters from him, you know, I say. By the way, lately, Ive had Come, Spring!1 and Radio Calisthenics2 playing in my head. Convenient Eclipse. Im way higher up than I was before, even when Ralph carried me on his shoulders. However, when Tory and my mother head for the forest, theres still the problem of what to do with me. Sometimes it gets a little more complex, but one of these three options is what happened to the original 95% of the time. Ottos eyes may be going wide with shock, but if hes going to seriously teach me the alphabet, then its only natural that Id be happy, right? Its been a long time since I rode piggyback, so Im a little bit excited. Sulking fiercely, my father continues trudging forward in silence. Next to him is some sort of abacus-like calculation device, but I have no idea how to use it. The faintest of winds is blowing, and that alone is enough to cause a painful chill to cut straight through to my bones. Ill be really quiet until my mommy comes and picks me up, so could you teach me some new letters?. I tried to smooth things over, but I think I might have only made it wose. My mommy bought some for me a while ago, but she doesnt really want to buy me any more. Do you really think that Im going to say something like but Daddy youre so much more amazing or but Daddy I love you so much more right now? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Even though all we did today was checking everything, Otto is still so deeply grateful. Frankly, I am starting to get really tired of being inside this house. Here, this is 75 and this is 30, right? It seems that for several years, Otto has had to compile all of the budgets and make all of the financial reports all by himself. Argh, really?! The air itself is frigid. Another thing I found hilarious is how she immediately picked up on what was going on with Ralph and Turi, then was completely embarrassed (but at least not to tsundere levels thank God) when Lutz came around. other objects you can find in the photo. Stay here and take care not to catch a cold. The slate pencil clacks against the surface as Otto writes out new letters, mumbling to himself. Have some fun - search. Im surprised her mom didnt get the idea to sell it for money since they are poor. Whys she here? Anyway, I think we should keep this a spoiler free thread, if you don't mind. Ah I see, thanks for explaining. Not really a fan of some of the translations but whatever. When I feel like Ive memorized the letters in front of me, I look up from my slate. I never could have thought that, without books, I would have so much free time and so little idea of what to do with it. Theres a narrow pathway cut through the snow, but it doesnt seem to have been made with a shovel. Huh? Oh, thats good. Such a mundane-sounding concept but it's just so (weirdly?) Thanks, Otto! Huh? Im envious. So in that sense, Maine is just about the only person a commoner could find who knows more than the very basics of cooking. The various forms of Japanese writing arent actually true alphabets, but are either syllabic scripts where each character represents a full syllable or logographic scripts where each character may have one or more syllables and represents an entire concept. Maine, if you get another fever, your fathers going to be even more upset than he is now, so sit over here.. He hangs my tote bag from his wrist, then picks me up by my sides, lifts me up high, and deposits me on his shoulders. On top of that, the snow is so deep that I can barely walk. What should I do? I ask. I absolutely cannot help but adore handsome 2D boys, Bumbleby is best ship. I know I didnt say anything about wanting to marry my father, though. Otto is looking at his parchment, deep in concentration as he works through his calculations. Ive got it! We have to come up with a budget for the year during the winter and submit it before spring comes around, but there arent very many soldiers who are good at math. My face is tingling so intensely that, even despite my laziness, Im thinking that Im going to have to figure out how to make some kind of moisturizing cream out of some of the paru oil we get today. 2022 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Maine, well come by and pick you up later.. At the same time, it connects your kids with the natural world, teaches them modesty and the importance of protecting nature, introduces the diversity of our world and different races, improves their observation skills and teaches them their first foreign language as well education for children and parents alike. So, I know theyre pretty easy to go out and buy. Ive made an important connection in a really unexpected place. Otto is sitting at a desk close to the fire, filling out paperwork. My father, the soldier, has broad, firm shoulders, providing both a sense of stability and a sense of security. Also, Ive started doing radio calisthenics every morning so that I can build up enough strength to start going outside. Huh?. You know, I was super happy when you gave me the slate, and Im even more happy that I get to see you again. After only two steps, my tiny child legs were stuck deep in the snow, and I couldnt move them no matter what I tried. Im not going to play along, father. Maine, you really like Otto a lot, dont you? For my own peace of mind, I'm going to pretend the timber the town is mostly built of has had a treatment which greatly decreases its flammability. How to use the intermediate Alphabet for several years - and on four (4) different levels? In the interest of maintaining harmonious human relations, though, I clamp my mouth closed so that I dont actually say that last bit. This is probably because everyone snaps all the fruit up in a heartbeat. With that and some more salt for seasoning, I was able to make something kind of like a potato salad, which also quickly became very popular. So far as I know, at least, no one brought Maine here on purpose. Sorry, Otto. I sit tight, knowing that there will be plenty of time for gossip when I see him next time. I can definitely practice here., These letters seem to be part of an alphabet. refreshes bookworm ascendance