It does not include two or more parcels of land more than a mile apart that are connected only by a public or private right-of-way. The geomembrane liner leak location survey shall be performed using standard industry methods, and any leaks located shall be repaired and tested by methods approved by the Department. (3) Construction and control requirements. (a) For aboveground disposal units, the design of any features intended to convey stormwater to a permitted or exempted treatment system shall be included in the solid waste construction permit. Wells monitoring the unconfined water table shall be screened so that the water table can be sampled at all times. Blowing of shredded waste by the wind shall be controlled. Disposal units that are aboveground shall be designed to control the flow of stormwater, such as building reverse sloping benches or terraces into the side slopes of the disposal units and shall contain down slope drainage ways with water flow energy dissipaters unless reasonable assurance is provided that adequate erosion control will be achieved in the absence of such measures. (4) Air quality standards means, unless otherwise specified, those standards set forth in Chapter 62-204, F.A.C. A copy of the survey shall be included with the certification of closure construction completion. The written record shall be signed by the inspector. The owner or operator shall deposit into the landfill management escrow the full cost associated with the corrective action remedy within 120 days after the corrective action remedy has been selected; or 2. Solid waste at all Class III sites shall be spread in layers and compacted once every week using suitable heavy equipment. (b) No solid waste, including treated biomedical waste, shall be commingled with untreated biomedical waste unless the solid waste is being managed in the same manner as the untreated biomedical waste. The recovered materials are not hazardous wastes; and 4. Copyright 2008-2022, Glassdoor, Inc. "Glassdoor" and logo are registered trademarks of Glassdoor, Inc, Possession of a valid Florida Commercial Drivers License, Class A or B. Subscribe Magnetic Innovations Large A3 Dry Wipe Magnetic Whiteboard, Ideal as a Weekly Family Planner, Meal Planner, Memo Board, Shopping List, Calendar, Homework Planner 4.8 out of 5 stars 801 12.47 12 . (b) No person shall construct or operate a waste processing facility without a permit issued by the Department. A contingency plan that complies with paragraph 62-701.710(2)(g), F.A.C. Monitoring wells shall be constructed so as to provide ground water samples that exhibit the physical and chemical properties of that portion of the aquifer screened by the well. If the barrier layer consists only of a GCL, a protective soil layer at least 24 inches thick shall be placed on top of the GCL with the upper six inches being able to sustain vegetative growth. Add animated stickers, Wall Scrawl Custom Planner Whiteboard Our range of frameless, dry erase, magnetic planners are custom designed to suit your specific needs. ; and (f) Provide for the development and implementation of the gas management system required in Rule 62-701.530, F.A.C. Addressed or authorized by a permit issued by the Department, including solid waste management permits or other environmental permits modified to include conditions for proper disposal; or 3. Rulemaking Authority 403.0877, 403.704, 403.707 FS. Detection wells shall be sampled and analyzed at least semi-annually for the following parameters: Field ParametersLaboratory Parameters pHAluminum TurbidityChlorides TemperatureNitrate Specific conductivitySulfate Dissolved oxygenTotal dissolved solids Water elevationsIron Colors and sheensSodium (by observation)Arsenic Cadmium Chromium Lead Mercury Total ammonia N Xylenes Those parameters listed in EPA Methods 601 and 602 5. (a) The owner or operator of a landfill may apply for a modification to its ground water monitoring plan to remove a parameter from the list specified in subsection 62-701.510(7), F.A.C. The biomedical waste is generated by an individual as a result of self-care, or care by a family member or other non health care provider. (c) The requirements of this rule are the minimum standards for monitoring water quality and leachate. 3. (128) Waste tire collector means a person who transports more than 25 waste tires over public highways at any one time. Copies of forms may be obtained from a local District Office or by writing to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Solid Waste Section, Mail Station 4565, 2600 Blair Stone Road, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2400, or at ; or 4. These records shall include each type of solid waste, recovered materials, residuals, and unacceptable waste which is processed, recycled, and disposed. (1) EPA document EPA/600/R-93/182, Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Waste Containment Facilities, September 1993. This rule does not relieve a person from compliance with any permit condition or Department order, nor does it limit the Departments authority to modify a permit or ground water monitoring plan in accordance with Chapter 62-520, F.A.C. And there you have it a massive DIY Whiteboard calendar and planner to help you organise your life all year round and year after year! These handy bullet journal inserts comes in 4 sizes in order to perfectly fit your bullet journal or other similarly sized planners and binders- letter, half letter, A4, and A5. Subscribe to our newsletter and get a COUPON! You might also like the editable version of this printable in letter + A4. Examples would include storage in covered roll-offs, storage on an impervious surface and under roof, or storage indoors; b. Unscreened materials that will not be beneficially used shall be disposed of as soon as practical but shall be stored for no longer than three months unless a longer storage time is approved by the Department; c. Class I wastes that are separated from the material shall be disposed of at a permitted facility at least weekly; and d. Screened materials, or materials that do not require screening, shall be stored for no longer than six months unless a longer storage time is approved by the Department. (f) Plans or drawings for all solid waste management facilities shall: 1. (11) Form 62-701.900(19), Waste Tire General Permit Application, effective January 6, 2010. Laboratory hydraulic conductivity testing shall be conducted in triaxial type permeameters (ASTM D-5084). The operation plan shall be kept at or near the landfill facility and shall be accessible to landfill operators. The flow of gas through such a system may be produced by naturally occurring gas pressure gradients or may be aided by an induced draft generated by mechanical means. (10) 40 C.F.R. (d) Other requirements. Rulemaking Authority 403.061, 403.704 FS. 6.

3. (9) Special wastes for waste-to-energy facilities. (d) Metal, paper, glass, plastic, textile, or rubber materials that have been diverted and source separated or have been removed from the construction and demolition debris waste stream for sale, use, or reuse as raw materials may be managed as recovered materials. Construction of a solid waste disposal unit on top of or against the side slopes of a previously filled landfill, whether active, closed, or inactive is considered vertical expansion of that landfill. Each facility where spotters are required shall include in its operation plan the number and location of spotters and the procedures to be followed if unauthorized waste is discovered. (e) When the permit is renewed, the public notice of agency action shall address: 1. Other recyclable materials separated from the incoming waste stream may be stored outside in rolloff containers provided they are covered. A system shall be designed to contain and remove storm water from the secondary containment area. HistoryNew 6-16-84, Formerly 17-4.64, 17-4.640, 17-7.802, 17-701.802, Repealed 12-23-96. (11) A general permit issued under this section shall be valid for five years. This family calendar printable is one of the most popular projects we've shared on Somewhat Simple! This paragraph does not prohibit an owner or operator from submitting other information updating the closure cost estimate at other times of the year. Final cover shall consist of a 24-inch-thick soil layer, the upper six inches of which shall be capable of supporting vegetation, and shall be graded and compacted as necessary to eliminate ponding, promote drainage, and minimize erosion. Law Implemented 403.704, 403.707 FS. Access for maintenance equipment shall be provided. 3. Responsibility and authority of all organizations and key personnel involved in permitting, designing, constructing, and providing construction quality assurance of the waste disposal facility shall be described fully; 2. If the landfill uses a geomembrane in the bottom liner system, the barrier layer shall also incorporate a geomembrane. Each notification shall include a certification that the facility has been constructed in accordance with the criteria in this subsection, and the following: 1. Such a design is not entitled to the presumption of compliance with performance standards that is set forth in subsection (1) of this section. (a) Owner or operator means, in addition to the usual meanings of the term, any owner of record of any interest in land whereon a landfill is or has been located and any person or corporation which owns a majority interest in any other corporation which is the owner or operator of a landfill. A trained operator may perform the duties of a trained spotter. Nothing in this rule shall be construed to prevent the Department from imposing more stringent standards as necessary to protect the environment and the public health and safety due to site specific conditions and types of wastes to be disposed of in the landfill or solid waste disposal unit. (b) In order to be considered trained, operators of the following facilities shall complete the following training requirements at courses described in the facilitys operating plan: 1. The hydraulic conductivity of GCLs shall be tested with method ASTM D5887, or ASTM D6766-06a, or an equivalent test method. An application for a permit to construct or operate a solid waste management facility having multiple solid waste management components which, if standing alone, would require solid waste management facility permits, shall include all information required to be submitted had each component been proposed as a separate facility, independent of the other components. (80) On-site means on the same or geographically contiguous property, which may be divided by a public or private right-of-way. 62-701.330 Landfill Permit Requirements. A contingency plan that complies with subsection (16) of this section; 3. The date of this letter shall be the official date of closing for the purpose of determining the long-term care period, in accordance with subsection 62-701.600(8), F.A.C. Subgrade settlements, both total and differential; and 3. (b) 40 CFR Part 264 Subpart H which contains EPAs rules on financial requirements for owners and operators of hazardous waste facilities are hereby adopted as financial requirements for purposes of this section incorporated by reference as those rules appear in 40 CFR Part 264, revised as of July 1, 2010, except: 1. (g) Documentation that the applicant either owns the property or has legal authorization from the property owner to use the site for a solid waste management facility; and (h) For facilities owned or operated by a county, a description of the existing or proposed recycling facilities or activities, if any, at the site and a description of whether, and the extent to which, these recycling facilities or activities will contribute to the countys achievement of the waste reduction and recycling goals contained in Section 403.706, F.S. Facilities used solely for the temporary storage of road maintenance byproducts, which include street sweepings, ditch scrapings, shoulder scrapings, and catch basin sediments, provided: a. (36) Gas recovery facility means a system of wells, trenches, pipes, and other related ancillary structures such as manholes, compressors, and monitoring installations that collect and transport the gas produced in a waste disposal unit to one or more gas processing points or flares. Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, no solid waste management facility shall be constructed, operated, maintained, modified, or closed without a permit issued by the Department, or by an approved local program acting under a delegation agreement with the Department. 62-701.700 Materials Recovery Facilities. Odors and runoff are controlled; 5.

(g) A recording rain gauge shall be installed, operated, and maintained to record precipitation at the landfill. The financial assurance requirements of Rule 62-701.630, F.A.C., are met, and the closure cost estimate takes into account the costs of temporary closure as well as the costs of the final closure; and 7. (a) Bottom ash means the solid material remaining after combustion of solid waste, which is discharged from the grates or stoker of a solid waste combustor. All landfills shall be designed so that solid waste disposal units will be constructed and subsequently closed at planned intervals throughout the design period of the landfill. (a) Owners and operators of facilities shall ensure that operators employed at the facility are properly trained to operate the facility, and that spotters are properly trained to identify and properly manage any unauthorized waste which is received at the facility. Initial background water quality for a proposed landfill shall be determined by analysis of at least one water sample taken from each well that was installed, and each surface water monitoring location that was established, during the site hydrogeological investigation. A description of the facility that complies with paragraph 62-701.710(2)(a), F.A.C. We use cookies to ensure a smooth browsing experience. Spotters shall be stationed where they can inspect each shipment of waste for unauthorized waste. 6. The soil component shall be placed and compacted in layers to achieve the design performance. If spotters are to be located on heavy equipment spreading the waste at the working face of a solid waste disposal unit or at a waste processing facility, the operation plan shall specifically provide for the following: a. The industrial byproducts are not hazardous wastes; (e) Phosphogypsum stack systems; (f) Clean debris which has been segregated from other waste and which is used or stored for use as fill or raw material; and (g) The collection and processing of soil, rocks, vegetative debris, asphalt, and similar materials normally associated with and actually from construction and routine maintenance of roads, as defined in Section 334.03(24), F.S., when such materials are beneficially used or reused by the generator as part of a road construction or maintenance project. (30) Engineer of record means a professional engineer registered in the State of Florida in accordance with provisions of Chapter 471, F.S., who is appointed by the owner or operator of the solid waste management facility. All required testing and analysis shall be performed in accordance with generally accepted engineering procedures, such as those promulgated by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). A majority of the industrial byproducts are demonstrated to be sold, used, or reused within one year; 2. Keep yourself organized, family command center and stop feeling like an overwhelmed parent ideas X 2 at Officeworks ipevo Annotator ( macOS, iOS, Windows, Android ) for formal of! (b) Fly ash means the residue from the combustion of solid waste, which is entrained in the gas stream of a solid waste combustor. The design may include adjustments to the system as necessary to accommodate changing leachate characteristics. 1. The financial test shall cover the latest approved estimate or any subsequent estimate that is higher. All aboveground tanks shall have a secondary containment system which may consist of dikes, liners, pads, ponds, impoundments, curbs, ditches, sumps, or other systems capable of containing the stored leachate. 1. Over the years, thousands of industry professionals have become more proficient in managing landfills after taking the MOLO course and have distinguished themselves by earning the coveted MOLO credential. In addition, the plan shall define the responsibilities of the parties that will be involved in soil liner construction, and shall present minimum qualifications of each party to fulfill their identified responsibilities. A geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) with a hydraulic conductivity not greater than 1x10-7 cm/sec may be used in place of the six-inch thick sub-base layer provided it is placed on a prepared subgrade which will not damage the GCL. (1) Applicability. (17) ASTM Method D6243-98 Standard Test Method for Determining the Internal and Interface Shear Resistance of Geosynthetic Clay Liner by the Direct Shear Method, March 10, 1998. Download the guide Getting started with Microsoft Whiteboard. However, if the facility is unlined, the parameters specified in paragraph (7)(a) shall also be analyzed for in the initial sampling event for the affected detection wells and downgradient compliance wells. (93) Quantity of tires means either weight, volume, or actual number of tires. Any provisions of Chapters 62-520 and 62-522, F.A.C., that are not in direct conflict with the provisions of this rule remain applicable. (58) Lateral expansion means any horizontal increase in the dimensions of the waste boundary of an existing solid waste disposal unit. (13) Form 62-701.900(21), Waste Tire Processing Facility Quarterly Report, effective January 6, 2010. The heavy equipment operator is trained as an operator or spotter; b. (c) The water quality monitoring plan shall comply with the provisions of subsection 62-520.600(3), F.A.C. Within 30 days of receipt of a complete application, the Department shall either approve or deny the permit transfer. Certification of construction completion shall be done in accordance with paragraph 62-701.320(9)(b), F.A.C. (a) The permit applicant shall provide to the Department a water quality monitoring plan for the landfill that describes the proposed ground water, surface water, and leachate monitoring systems. The owner or operator of a facility, except for a disposal facility with a constructed liner system, shall design and implement a CCA treated wood management plan. (5) ASTM means the American Society for Testing and Materials. The upper 12 inches of the protective layer shall be composed of soil, tire chips four square inches or smaller with no protruding wires that could pose a threat to the integrity of the liner, or other materials approved by the Department which are permeable, non-reactive, stable, and which offer protection for the liner from punctures. Get your life organized before the school year begins! (7) Application content and format. What are the Benefits of Waste University's Innovative Online Training? Pay-in method: payment = (CE - CV)/Y, where CE is the current dollar closing cost estimate at the beginning of the fiscal year (or later, if submitted pursuant to paragraph (4)(c) of this section), CV is the current value of the escrow account at the beginning of the fiscal year, and Y is the number of remaining years in the design life of the landfill at the beginning of the fiscal year; or b. 2. 2. Very doable! The most popular color? Site built by Lucky Lindy Design using Wordpress.

She is always coming up with fabulous ideas of how to organize, Wall Family Planner, 6 PDF Pages | Created by ArabellaNova Designs The Family Planner contains a collection of schedules and plans that will help you to organize all your family needs. (a) Evaluation monitoring and prevention measures. A closure plan that complies with paragraph 62-701.710(2)(f), F.A.C. Fire protection includes procedures for notification of local fire protection agencies for assistance in emergencies; (f) Litter control devices, portable fences, or other suitable devices; and (g) Signs indicating the name of the operating authority, traffic flow, hours of operations and restrictions or conditions of disposal. 1165 0 obj <>stream If only more people would leverage the templates within the Microsoft Whiteboard app The goal of these templates is not to replace your other project management or collaboration tools (like Planner) but to help facilitate better brainstormingand hopefully to improve the quality of your meetings. (h) New leachate collection systems shall be water pressure cleaned or inspected by video recording after construction but prior to initial placement of wastes.