Wowruined. That means we look across the web to find the best prices we can find for our users. Very uncomfortable. Thats just the allegiant way! On boarding, staff were less than helpful in finding spaces for our luggage etc. This not what we are paying for. I was stuck with that one and had to delete the app. ", "The cabin crew didnt let us know we got free drinks on the premium seating area. No one told me this . ", "App continued to crash. And the next plane we got on, one of our tv screens didnt work. Traffic control caused delays, airport staff more of a hindrance than helpful. ", "The plane was very clean and well lit. ", "A bigger complimentary snack should be provided", "The crew didnt seem like they wanted to be there. No entertainment or complimentary drinks. So before anyone was mobile or doors were open, there were large pieces of luggage being passed around through really crowded spaces. ", "The seat next to me was empty which made the whole long flight more bearable. Now I know. Here's when fares are lowest. The entire crew was standoffish. ", "The plane sat in the taxiway a half hour since Alaska only has one gate at MCI and it wasnt free. popularmechanics airlines ", "Male flight attendant was extremely rude. They delay flights regularly but theres never any additional informationthey just send you a text or email saying your flight is delayed, never tell you why, but they want you at the gate at the regular timeso you sit there for hours with No further communication and the gate agents never come to the gate to let you know whats going on or what to expect because corporate has gotten stingy with regard to compensating folks even when THEY are to blame for the delay. The aircraft problems overheated engine, caused us to get out of the plane, move all luggages and wait foe a new plane that also had to be cooled off before reboarding. ", "Typical United service, without any bells or whistles. They have lower weight limits than the major carriers and that really should be highlighted better when you book with Allegiant. I spent over an hour on hold waiting for a rep who wasn't able to help me. Out of them, the airline brands that operate more frequently are United, Air Canada, COPA Panama and American Airlines. ", "I wish the gate wouldn't change from boarding pass to actual boarding--especially if the change is far apart (a C gate to an N gate). But I was smiling at her and just asking how to go about changing our connecting flights and she seemed a little bit ready to get rid of me. Air Canada, Avianca and Copa Airlines are the most frequent flyers to Monterey Regional Airport from United States.

customer care mail available all the time and you will quick reply.

In addition to this, the most popular sectors from You may dial international number of . All images taken from third party sources for complaint please write us support[at] Do they have a mushroom fetish like Cheesecake Factory? The IATA code for the airport is MRY. The overhead compartments were a little small for my hiking style backpack, but I made it work. I quit flying frontier awhile back for business, and have no added United to the list. ", "Did not like that I was not on this flight due to 3 hour delay of connecting flight, resulting in an overnight stay in Sacramento. offer 3 classes of services in flight. I really enjoyed the ability to watch a moviethis was AWESOME! The price.

And the connecting flight was delayed also because of a technical problem. ", "Where to start i guess for starters EVERYTHING is an upcharge. They forgot about me, then I went up 10 minutes before departure to board, and they told me I was late. Seats comfortable for economy. We found flights to one other airport near, Scandinavian Airlines flights to Riga International, British Airways flights to Baton Rouge Ryan, WestJet flights to Toronto Pearson International, Air France flights to Nassau International, Qatar Airways flights to Nassau International. It would not let me change it or even check in on the mobile app.

The usual.

Then I'm left holding it the remainder of the flight when the come back through again.

But I paid up to $700! Currently, you'll only be able to enter United States via Carmel Monterey Peninsula if youre a citizen, or meet other strict entry requirements. Smaller than a kids small fruit snack bag of trail mix for a 4+ hour flight. I will never fly United again. Track Fare alerts before you buy and save big. have a wide range of flight options at Monterey direct and codeshare flights. ", "The lay over wasn't bad at all had enough time to make it to my gate and get something to eat", "Was scheduled to leave at 3:15pm didn't leave until 4:17pm", "Our flight was delayed due to weather, which I was fine with as I wanted to fly home in the safest conditions, and I do trust the captains decision. Woman on flight was very rude to me when I asked where the restroom was. ", "Flight attendants rude. Good luck United.

", "The seats were the most uncomfortable seats I've ever dealt with on a flight. I will add that Alaska's twitter service team was far more helpful than anyone in the actual airport. Should be mandatory. I ended up watching 1 movie "Superman vs Batman" that was 1 of 4 options of movies that come with the $25.95 package.

Southwest attendants are always cool, calm and collected. ", "The trip was on time and with no issues flying. Easy boarding and off loading. And i mean SURROUNDED. provides three economy class fares: basic, Main Cabin, and Comfort+.

Whereas American Airlines airline 5690 to Phoenix is the last flight that departs from Monterey airport at 7:15 PM. The flight was on time and the staff were super professional and courteous. A 2 hour flight turned into 5 hours on the plane instead so of course many passengers needed to use the restroom.

", "Couldn't find any way to input my TSA Pre-Check number so ended up standing in the long line For that reason alone, I won't buy through Kayak again", "The ice falling from the AC was so annoying. I asked my neighbors and they received the Sam treatment.

Picked a show to watch but it didnt have captions and it wouldnt let me go back to library and choose another show.

When I stopped the attendant and let her know upon landing she said they had come through the cabin 3 times and made me feel crazy for asking. The rest of the flight he proceeded to ignore me. These seats were so god-awful that 15 minutes in my back was cramping, and 20 minutes later my bum was throbbing with discomfort. No free entertainment. Easy trip across the country. ", "Both original and 2nd plane had malfunctions which caused extensive delays and doubled boarding time", "Very efficient service for a first experience we were pretty impressed because your review overall were not that great. ", "We boarded a bit late. ", "Better seat options and more comfortable seats", "Awful, loud credit card sales pitch wine up children and another everyone in cabin for what seemed an eternity. Additionally, the second meal with seafood or pasta, the pasta obviously had mushrooms so I chose seafood, even though I don't like most seafood. I'm extremely disappointed and I'm not looking forward to flying back to California on Sunday.

Absolutely disgusting. ", "Flying with Alaska Airlines was great.

The 0 connecting flights fly from Monterey International Airport (MRY). ", "NOT ON TIME EVER THIS FLIGHT IS ALWAYS DELAYED HATE TAKING IT ONLY DO AS A LAST RESORT", "I think these older flight attendants should retire if they don't like their jobs anymore. ", "No movies/entertainment unless you want to pay for a tablet.

This is the first and last time I'm flying with United.

Alaska Airlines, American Airlines and United Airlines have waived their change and cancellation fees on flights to Monterey Regional. ", "The boarding process could've been better (no excess of gate changes, overbooking the flight, and kicking people out of their seats). Sent bag on another flight even though we could not fly out as scheduled. allegiant Will try again, just hope they can use similar customer service in their food preparation as they have otherwise. Home About Us Contact Us Privacy Terms & Conditions Sitemap Airports List, Get Airlines map informations, Reservations information, airlines complete information, Airlines real address & phone number. ", "They ran out of a couple of the snacks, not a big problem but note worthy. Looking for flights to Monterey MRY? Consistently delivers a very high standard in air travel. We did not receive updates whatsoever. We were tired and hungry.

", "This flight was a return to airline travel in the 1980s in a good way! Gave good directions. Love the pillow and blanket at business flight. Rude! For my experience I should be refund for my trip to San Francisco. It may also be easier to get a refund if COVID-19 changes your plans. You write your problem on the official handle of the staff will reach asap. California, If your ride from the airport is waiting for you, the short-term lot will likely be the best option. The premium class is selectively available on some routes. What? I was charged $100.

The staff was very friendly.

Monterey are Carmel Monterey to Los Angeles, Carmel Monterey to San Francisco with 643, 381 weekly flights respectively. The irony is that two wheelchairs were there until just. ", "The crew and ground staff kept us fairly well updated", "An excessive delay that included having a part flown to Monterey from Los Angeles", "I was in the middle seat. The drinks. This was the couples first trip to hawaii and the attendant gave them a sour impression leaving the plane. Cannot watch movies. The Monterey airport address is . Edited boarding time and both were taken away. they say. No if you want to travel with American Airlines, Carmel Monterey Peninsula is currently the only airport serving Carmel. All the inflight interruptions on the movie I was watching. In the last 3 days, the lowest price for a flight to Monterey Regional Airport was $108 for a one-way ticket from San Diego and $125 for a round-trip. ", "The airlines bumped us up to better seats without us asking! Additional assistance is provided on request with boarding or deboarding at the gates. No entertainment. Miss spelling on the ticket and need to correct. United airline 5316 to San Francisco is the first flight that departs from Monterey airport at 5:30 AM, followed by Air Canada airline 4275 to San Francisco at 5:30 AM. ", "The flight was on time and the staff were courteous. The hitch is that they only allow 40lbs ($1/lb) for that check bag when the rest of the industry says 50lbs is the norm. Studio's in-flight seat-back screen entertainment system gives you extra enjoyment. Departing Mon, 19 Sep, returning Sun, 25 Sep. Outbound indirect flight with American Airlines, departs from London Gatwick on Mon, 19 Sep, arriving in Carmel Monterey Peninsula. I know you can't please everyone, but why overuse an ingredient that has a relatively low appeal to potential passengers? ", "Snacks were good but we had to pay for them.

Because I heard you were complaining!" ", "Beyond the control of United, but LAX is a nightmare of an airport.

She later informed us that Alaska was moving terminals and was only partially moved (hence the lack of signage). They booked us a flight 4 hours later. ", "Im tall and have some back issues I found the seats very close and not too comfortable ! ", "NothingI missed this flight due to negligence, miscommunication, and incompetence by the front desk agents. News flash: allegiant has never heard of connecting flights. Need to change the reservation or change flight. Calling Customer Service Monterey Airport. We ran to the other terminal, went through security again and looked for our flight. Fight attendant that I asked was at the time collecting trash and snapped back saying that he had to finish what he was doing first.

I had been nothing but polite to him. Checked baggage is an additional cost. Would definitely fly with Alaska Airlines again.

", "No reclining seats and no meal. It seem like asking the anything was a huge ordeal they didnt have time for but theyd do it bugredginly. ", "Planes were on time and staff was friendly", "Flight was changed. Would never choose American Airlines given other choices.

And they helped me make changes to my flight schedule without charging me", "Everything else is charged from the in service beverage cart, to your boarding pass. Mind you, I was already in line! Inbound indirect flight with American Airlines, departs from Carmel Monterey Peninsula on Sun, 25 Sep, arriving in London Heathrow. There are 00 flights daily fly from Monterey. Entire crew was very casual and unmoved by my situation.UNited you FAILED Miserably! It was anxiety provoking. The planes were clean and comfortable. It didnt really go away, or I just got used to it. Missed my bday with family. ", "I can't eat mushrooms.

", "I liked that the flight was fast but I was coming from Vegas so its not that far. Mushrooms all mixed in with the seafood, so I had to pick them all out. Check out the hotels near Carmel Monterey Peninsula or hotels in Carmel with sparkling 5/5 cleanliness ratings, or bag a room with free cancellation.

The seats and aisles are so narrow.

", "Only negative was we were Early and our gate wasnt ready and we sat on the runway for over 20 minutes", "UmmmI bought a ticket on Alaskan and it ended up being a Virgin aircraft. After about 10 min the lady attendant walked by so I simply mentioned that I was waiting for my food in case he had forgotten or was busy. business class came with extraordinary features like -extra legroom, wide recline. And wait for it sodas are $2 in flight! The menu does not contain info on what is included on the premium seating purchased. ", "My return flight was rescheduled for a day later. Both meals had mushrooms (3 out of 4 entrees) and it wasn't always obvious which ones. The representative helps you over the phone. Border control mumbling and barking orders at people like they're cattle. If you catch a connecting flight, your bags will not. ", "There was no food or entertainment to rate", "Crew was friendly. we had to figure out on our own. and the crew on the plane was very considerate. I definitely recommend flying with Alaska Airlines. Then my luggage was over 50 pounds. Address:- Airport Counter, Monterey Airport, Monterey, California, United States. The seats are among the most generous seats today. The extra leg room was nice, that's about it. From testing to entry requirements, make sure youve read up on what's neededbefore your flight to Carmel Monterey Peninsula Airport. No joke.

I dont understand how it works. Flexible on travel dates? She flatly refused to do anything. On Facebook my experience is mention to all my wife and I friend, family and co workers.

to Monterey. Carmel Monterey Dallas Fort Worth Flights,,, This was the second time this year I was held at an airport over 24 hrs due to plane maintenance.