After Nate pulled an injured Elena from the wrecked helicopter, Navarro regained consciousness and was prepared to kill them both.

Thecover art for Drake's upcoming album, Views From The 6, in which Drake is perched atop Toronto's CN tower, is the kind of image that used to exist only in the wildest dreams of the world's meme creators. The two leave Yemen together, with Sullivan, hand in hand. [1], Escaping from the Smoking Gods, in the central cavern of Agartha, the group discover several flying machines, along with the Second Sun - a wall of shining diamonds. Flynn then double-crosses Nate, who, despite his efforts to flee, is arrested and imprisoned for three months before Chloe, who was also betrayed by Flynn, asks for Victor Sullivan to help bail him out. Subscribe to get the best Verge-approved tech deals of the week. Nate confronts Guerro and he is able to trick him into charging out onto a burning bridge, which collapses and plunges the General into the abyss. He was able to climb a derailed train despite the fact that he was shot and confused of his surroundings. [4], Nate looks over Pinkerton's documents in a bar, two thugs came up and told him the bar is not a library but Nate ignored them and they threatened him but as he fights them, one goon points a gun at him but is saved by the bar's owner, Rika. He is also surprisingly intelligent, thinking up the theory with the help of his older brother that Sir Francis Drake faked his death when he was only a teenager. Nate on the cover of The Fourth Labyrinth. Nate and Sam head to the estate with help from Nate's mentor, Victor "Sully" Sullivan whom Nate hasn't seen or talked to since their last adventure. You are using an out of date browser. In Among Thieves, Doughnut Drake can be bought in the single-player skin store. Using Perez's research, Nate is able to translate the words written around the edge of the symbol, "The Sword of Stephen shall bear witness to our sacrifice in the Chamber of the Seven Fathers." Nate retains contact with Sam and Sully, and the two occasionally visit him and his family. Michael wants to get an army to stake a claim to Agartha, but Rose refuses and shoots him, before removing a single large diamond from the wall. By the time Cassie discovers his past life as a fortune hunter, Nate along with Elena share their past exploits with their daughter. As it turned out, Marcos lied, and his seven cities were simply native American villages. Matter a fact you in your own. Sam presents Nate with a promising lead on Avery's treasure, a cross of Saint Dismas, similar to the one they had found in the Panamanian jail fifteen years ago, but intact and is being sold for auction in the Rossi Estate in Italy. The third chamber, however, is decorated in a script Ian deduces to be an unknown variant of the Linear B script, and what he can translate reveals the chamber is dedicated to Poseidon, and the third labyrinth is on the island of Thera. By the time he was fifteen, a young Nate wounded up in Cartagena, Colombia. Nathan "Nate" Drake (born Nathan Morgan) is the main protagonist of the Uncharted franchise. why is it important not to be frends with your frends-with-benefits. An example was in the Rub Al' Khali when he was pinned down by countless of Marlowe's agents. After successfully salvaging a sunken train car with its cargo intact, Nate was offered a salvage job in Malaysia by Jameson which he declines due to the lack of legal permits required. Afterward, many Djinn rebelled and Solomon imprisoned them in a brass vessel which was drowned in the city's central cistern. However, Rafe intends to execute Nate but shoots Sam instead when he takes the bullet for Nate, accidentally pushing his younger brother off the cliff in the process. Nate causes an explosion which tears a hole in the ship's hull, and he barely escapes as it sinks. When Nate refuses, Marlowe goes on to explain that Sully hasn't tried to find him, and that "Victor is only ever in it for Victor. "[6], The next morning, Nate manages to get aboard the cargo plane, while Elena remains behind. Eventually, Sam was kicked out of the orphanage due to criminal activities, before taking a job to support both himself. Nate chases after his brother up and inside the mountain and eventually spots the grounded Fancy, Avery's ship, inside the mountain in its cove.

As a result, he has a callous and somewhat sadistic disregard for his adversaries and kills without remorse, albeit in self-defense. Using Luka's journal, they find the entrance to the third labyrinth beneath a medieval fortress, as well as the safe route towards the center. Does having a photo of yourself on a lock-screen make you a narcissist????? Hov has quoted himself before being taller than 61. The three head to Scotland in Sully's Hog Wild seaplane. Now, Twitter user @HieuHefner has gone and brought math into it, and I swear it's more fun than it sounds, please don't leave. He suggests that Nate should go on alone, while he steals a helicopter to be their getaway vehicle. Nate accepts Chase's earlier offer to be partners as they depart. Sully, now more aware and back to his old self, pulls Jada out of the chamber while Nate goes after Olivia. 11-13 (A Thief's End; "The Lure of Adventure" & "The Brothers Drake")15 (Drake's Deception; "Greatness from Small Beginnings" & "Second-Story Work")23-25 (A Thief's End; "Infernal Place")31 (Drake's Fortune)33-34 (Among Thieves) 35 (Drake's Deception) 38-40 (A Thief's End) 50s (A Thief's End; "Epilogue") During Uncharted 2, it becomes clear that they both still harbor feelings for each other when they unexpectedly meet again in Nepal, and they reconcile at the game's conclusion. Drake added 3 inches to his billed height like we wouldnt notice tho, Well this the ktt, we all over 61, black males with 8inch d***s and 3 girlfriends, so we kinda like the nba after all. Nate points out that they did walk away - sometimes that's enough.[1]. [3], Together, Nate and Jada travel with Henriksen and Olivia to China, and they share their research. However the tension eased as Samuel tells her that they were just looking for their mothers stuff. The treasure Henriksen was searching for was the secret of the White Hellebore, to sell it to the highest bidder, while Olivia will probably use it to make rulers her puppets. As they make their way to a tall tower, they are ambushed by Shoreline mercenaries who destroy the tower and Nate and Sam are confronted by Nadine who single-handedly hustles the two Drakes. Before they can learn more they are interrupted by the arrival of Guerro's men. As they leave, they are attacked by Talbot and his men, who take the amulet and set the chateau on fire. By 2006, Nate and Elena went on an expedition in Panama to recover the coffin of Francis Drake from the ocean floor. They agree to a brief truce and work together. Then I discovered a website that is definitely used by real humans, Nate remarks that he missed him at Uncharted 4: A thief's end. When they arrive at the walls of New Devon, they find hundreds of colonists who were imprisoned in gibbets by the founders for acts of rebellion. Nate, Sam, and Rafe made their way through the prison, but during the escape, Sam was shot in the torso as Nate attempted to hold, before falling through debris much to Nate's grief. The owner apologizes to them for misunderstanding and reveals to them that she was a friend of their mom. christina They travel to the Santorini archipelago in the Aegean Sea, all that remains of Thera after a volcano on the island erupted. Said a Homophobic Slur at work: What Should I Do? Unfortunately, the officers quickly spot them both and a chase ensues with Nate and Sam succesfully losing the cops and escape safely. Cal gunshot wound, he slowly succumbed to it because of the harsh conditions.

Nathan Drake is portrayed by Tom Holland in the Uncharted movie. The coded coordinates of the entrance to Agartha were engraved on the Amber Seal, a panel from the Amber Room that Byrd had taken to prove that he'd had it. Nate, Sully, and Jada meet Ian the next day at the dig site The Labyrinth of Sobek and learn that Tyr Henriksen has taken over the funding of the dig and is being shown around. They found a series of catacombs beneath the monastery. Tenzin nurses Nate back to health while Nate is out cold for a few days. Before Sam could make his way to Nate and Sully's tower, Rafe calls Nate and informs him that he hacked their phones to get their location and Shoreline mercenaries to ambush the three in their towers. But considering that he just needed Sam and accidentally throwing him into a ravine he began to realize that his wife was right about obsessions with treasures, causing Nate to decide to change. There they find the last Mistress of the Labyrinth, ministering to a dying Minotaur. He climbs and fights his way through the island jungle and eventually reunites with Sam. Many years later in the epilogue, Nate and Elena are shown to still be happily married and raising their daughter, Cassie. This led him to a fortress, where he spotted Elena's parachute. However, Nate and Sully call on Elena for help in Yemen, and at the end of Uncharted 3, Nate finally commits to Elena by wearing his wedding ring, and they enter a relationship once again. Along the way, they find that the extinct White Hellebore is still alive and well within the labyrinth. "[9] Inspiration was also taken from various screwball comedies, with the aim being a game that didn't take itself quite as seriously. [5], After securing the village, Nate and Elena find out that Schfer has been kidnapped and the couple track Lazarevic's convoy to an abandoned monastery. She picks up a gold Minotaur statue, which triggers a trap and floods the secret chamber. Nathan Drake's most prominent trait is his dry humor, even in dangerous situations. Nate and Sam plan to kill the power in order to steal the cross from the display.

Sully laughs and says he'll believe it when he sees it.[4]. Nathan takes the opportunity to flee back through the train. Despite Sully noticing this, Drake was still able to swipe the key he was searching for in the first place. I was in Puma Limitless sneakers (sole thinner than nike roshes) and he was in Jordans. Woooooow how is that even apart of you vocabulary?! As he was a thief since his teenage years, Drake is skilled at pickpocketing, being able to steal Victor Sullivan's wallet from him. As such, his in-game rival is the titular character. One of them, Doughnut Drake, is featured in Drake's Fortune, Among Thieves, and Drake's Deception. [5], They find the expedition inside a huge temple, hidden in a series of ice caves. She confirms that Luka believed both labyrinths were designed by Daedalus and that Luka also believed there was a third. On the way, the two reconcile about their marriage and remember their promises to each other not to go back to a life of fortune-hunting. prescott inglesa eyes

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