/PageLabels >> R obj R /Resources Spermaturia: It refers to the presence of spermatozoa in the urine. All sexual partners within the past 60 days should be examined, treated, and informed that having no symptoms does not mean there is no infection (Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion, 2019; Region of Peel, 2007). /DeviceRGB The seminal vesicles and prostate gland add fluids to the sperm to create semen . Blood vessels that carry blood back to the heart. Click on prefixes, combining forms, and suffixes to reveal a list of word parts to memorize for the Male Reproductive System. No-Scalpel vasectomy procedure info. /CS Sexually transmitted diseases: Genital herpes (hur-peez). treatments that work effectively against a virus. /Contents obj Sexuality transmitted disease (STD) implies the disease was acquired through sexual transmission. https://www.cancer.ca/en/cancer-information/cancer-type/testicular/signs-and-symptoms/?region=on, Canadian Medical Association. 720 endobj Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition in which a male has difficulty either initiating or maintaining an erection. /Page The warts are usually painless but may be itchy, uncomfortable and hard to treat. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), prostate cancer is the second most common cancer occurring in men. Public Health Ontario. Canadian Cancer Societys web page on testicular cancer. /Page Media 9.1. 5 7 Diploid precursor cells that become sperm (singular = spermatogonium). 0 R

[Return to Figure 9.1]. 0 Aggressive forms of prostate cancer, in contrast, involve, Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion, Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion, 2019a; Region of Peel, 2007, Building a Medical Terminology Foundation, Reproductive System, Part 2 Male Reproductive System: Crash Course A&P 41. Spermatogenesis occurs within the seminiferous tubules that make up most of the testis. As described in this video, a vasectomy is a procedure in which a small section of the ductus (vas) deferens is removed from the scrotum. /FlateDecode Watch the Animated Dissection of Anatomy for Medicines (A.D.A.M.) /Creator Identifying Word Parts in Medical Terms, 5. terminology worksheets vet medstaff signature A vaccine called Gardasil 9 is available for 9 HPV strains. >> Prostatorrhea: An abnormal discharge of secretion from the prostate gland. >> Chlamydia. 1 If you really want to be able to talk about the male reproductive system, its time to learn the necessary medical terminology. Hand washing after touching sores and blisters is recommended to prevent spreading the virus. 1 It takes an average of 12 days for sperm to move through the coils of the epididymis, with the shortest recorded transit time in humans being one day. To learn more about the symptoms, complications, treatments and prognosis of HSV please visit the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Cares Sexually Transmitted Diseases : Genital Herpes website or Public Health Ontarios Testing Index. Spermatocele: It is a fluid collection or cyst that forms in the epididymis behind the testicles. Males may also experience dysuria , polyuria , urethral pain and urethritis (Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion , 2019; Region of Peel, 2007). Testicular cancer begins in the testicle or testis. P2"~pn 720 0 Epididymoorchitis: An inflammation of the epididymis and testis. Gametes are the reproductive cells that combine to form a fetus. The temporary thickening of semen helps retain it within the female reproductive tract and once decoagulated the sperm can pass farther into the female reproductive tract. To learn more about the NSV procedure, visit No-Scalpel Vasectomy Procedure Info by the Gentle Procedures Clinic in Toronto, Ontario. Vesiculitis: Inflammation of the seminal vesicles. ","_links":{"self":"https://dummies-api.dummies.com/v2/authors/35143"}}],"_links":{"self":"https://dummies-api.dummies.com/v2/books/282388"}},"collections":[],"articleAds":{"footerAd":"