Love podcasts or audiobooks? The inhabitants of, Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Trevor Welsh via WikiCommons, Chief Master Sergeant Don Sutherland, U.S. Air Force via WikiCommons, , Japans southernmost island and only island situated in the tropics, and. Up high in the mountains of Gunma Prefecture, Kusatsu is one of the three top onsen resort towns in Japan, with some amazing and unique hot spring experiences. It may still be Tokyo, but youre out there in the middle of nature, far away from the citys comforts. Once you reach the top there are amazing panoramic views of Tokyo and Mt. Unfortunately Kawasakis famous dystopian warehouse amusement arcadehas now closed. It does require a slightly different procedure compared to grapes grown in less humid countries, but is no less delicious! easily take the crown as the furthest destination within Tokyo accessible to visitors. Additionally, content such as tours and tickets, hotels and apartments are commercial content. Poor Shinjuku, again relegated to the lower rankings. Its also a good destination for divers. Tokyo is greattheres no doubt about thatbut sometimes you just want to escape and see another side to Japan. Go-Karting in Tokyo: Everything You Need to Know, Your Prepaid SIM Card Options for Travel in Japan, Renting a Pocket Wifi Router in Japan: Best Options, Cheapest Way to Transfer Your Money Out of Japan. Its a rocky volcanic outcropping, often described as the most inaccessible island in the Izu chain. 100minutes from Tokyo Station | 1 transfer | 1,840 (one way). Sure, Mount Takao is already in the mountains, but you arent getting away from the Shinjuku crowds yet. From Kanazawa to Yamadera, these five rewarding destinations in Japan are now cheaper to accessvia bullet train. Guide to rental shops + our video on getting the best kimono experience in Tokyo. Shibuya Ward2. Bunkyo Ward4. There are numerous parks and even a zoo complete with pandaso you can balance your day perfectly! With plenty of wineries nearby, you can enjoy unlimited tastings like the 1,100option at Budo no Oka, or just enjoy the hospitality of the different wineries on your routealthough purchasing is recommended eventually. These are the work of an Ome-based artist trained in the trade back in the 1960s, the era of, After a short visit, youll undoubtedly want to get further out exploring. These attractions show up on most tourists bucket lists, but Japans capital cityhome to some 14 million peopleis even more extensive than you might think. 90 minutes from Tokyo Station | Train + bus | 1,690 (one way). By Johannes Schonherr Nov 17, 2020 Here Are 5 Ways to Try Them in Japan, All Year Round. You can explore the cultural spots or escape into nature, or combine the two as the town is pretty small. For more about the people behind this site, check out the profiles of the cheapos. Or are you already living in the big city and thinking about a change of scenery? Steep in some parts, its a serious hike even for the experienced. But hopefully, whatever youre looking for, this survey has given you a better idea of what part of Tokyo you might want to live in, or just visit, in the future. To get to Mount Kumotori (Tokyos tallest mountain at 2,017 meters), take the train to Okutama station. 113 minutes from Tokyo Station | Direct | 1,980 (one way). Make sure to take a soak at the seaside, open-airHama-no-yuhot spring bath. You can enjoy a river boat tour through some surprisingly rapid waters, with over 200,000 visitors trying it every year. Being up on Mount Mitake, you may still spotTokyo Skytreein the distance on a clear day, but it already feels like being lightyears away from the city. Top 5:1. Smaller and not as well known as Kanagawa Prefectures largest city (Yokohama), Kawasaki is still a lovely city with plenty to explore. The Complete Guide to Japan's Regional Rail Passes, Capsule Hotels: Minimalist, Budget-Friendly Accommodation, The Hokuriku Arch Pass: Taking the Slow Route between Tokyo and Osaka, Get Ready for Studio Ghiblis First-Ever Theme Park, Where to Go for a Rental Kimono Experience in Tokyo, The Complete Guide to Love Hotels in Tokyo. Going there means a 24-hour ferry ride from Tokyo Port, covering a distance of more than 1,000 kilometers. A beautiful natural haven filled with mountains, rivers, waterfalls and plenty moreOkutama is perfect for a long weekend or a quick escape. Shinjuku isnt even in this rankings top ten, because when you get right down to it, Shinjuku is a hectic place to go shopping for everyday necessities. See the fastest, easiest and cheapest options. (Although apparently it really should be Meguro.). Its their connection to the world. Pro tip: You can book bus tickets on Kosoku Bus.

Chuo Ward3. 75 minutes from Tokyo Station | Direct | 1,520 (one way). Multiple routes via Nagano, Toyama or Shinano-Omachi | Routes largely covered by JR Pass. The Kanagawa coastline merges with Tokyo Bay to the west and the rocky shore of, to the east, but the outlying islands are still part of Tokyo. Fans of wine, look no further. The second biggest city in Japan with over 3million people, Yokohama has plenty to keep you entertained if youre after a city break from your city break. Novel Coronavirus: Is It Safe to Travel to Hong Kong? For a full run-down of whats on offer, see our Kamakura mega guide! Last updated in May 2022. All in all, each of Tokyos 23 wards has its own appeal, and each person is looking for something a little different when searching for a place to live. There are over a dozen museums in the area so you can take your pick from wandering around the Hakone Open Air Museum to Impressionist collections at the Pola Museum. Its also a ways inland from the ocean, although there is a small river that runs through the ward, so residents near the body of water are warned to keep an eye out in case of floods. The most popular beach resort of Tokyo, Enoshima offers sands to lie on and a stunning island to exploredepending on your preference. Taking a ferry, the largest and most accessible island to reach is Izu Oshima. A view from the top floors of theTocho, orTokyo Metropolitan Government Buildingin Shinjukuthe tallest city hall in the worldwont reveal it all. Shinjuku Ward. The upper reaches of the Tama River are a brilliant place to relax away from the sweltering city heat in summer and also offers a wide range of water sports. The most popular trail is the Old Okutama Michi, following the ancient Koshu Kaido Road, a trade route that connected Edo with the Wests rich farmlands. Chuo was once the commercial center of Tokyo, and its still thriving, with plenty of people rushing between Nihonbashi and Kyobashi or heading to Ginza for some luxury shopping. Restorative hot springs, refreshing mountain walks and more await. Shinagawa Ward4. , a top-rated Tokyo day trip destination. Dreaming of moving to Tokyo someday? Top 5:1. Sponsored posts are clearly labeled with a "Sponsored" tag. You can still visit the Meisenkan to see original looms and purchase some locally made silk. TheOgasawara Islandseasily take the crown as the furthest destination within Tokyo accessible to visitors. This day trip guidehas more details. The route stretches between Toyama City in Toyama Prefecture and Omachi Town in Nagano Prefecture. If you really want to escape, theres nowhere better than an island to really feel like youve put some distance between you and Tokyo. If youre there in spring, theres a delightful plum festival. Top 5:1. The first settlers to arrive were whalers from Boston in the 1830s. Top 5:1. One of the most visited spots is the Chiba Port Tower, which was built to commemorate the population reaching 5million in the 1980s, and offers a 360-degree view of the city and its surroundings. Chuo Ward5. That leads you into a much quieter region. A large majority of them are made here and you can find plenty for sale as souvenirs. Drawing their water from Mount Kusatsu-Shirane, the onsen have to employ unusual ways to cool it down, as it is too hot to bathe in. All information is subject to change, including prices.

2.5 hours from Tokyo Station | 3 transfers| 2-day pass available: 2,040 (round trip). You can start hiking from there, taking the long route that follows Ishione Ridge and takes more than half a day to walk. You can venture inside the Buddha to practice calligraphy, see 3,000 golden Buddhas, have your shrine book signed, and enjoy views from the observation deck. Edo-era Japan tolerated the whalers, but the new Meiji government officially took possession of the territory in the 1870s. Geographically, Minato Ward is close to the heart of Tokyo, and a number of the citys most used train lines run through the area, meaning its easy to get just about anywhere! You can also enjoy the fishing port for a slap-up lunch of freshly caught fish in a donburi (rice bowl dish) at the Odawara Fish Market Den. The market finishes at 9am, so if you arrive early you can see it in action. Is there any other city in the world ready to compete with those geographical extremes? The Tama region encompasses all areas of Tokyo west of the 23 wards. JR buses are probably the simplest route, with trains taking four hours (unless you go express or Shinkansen) and costing upwards of 3,000. The inhabitants of Chichijima, the main port on the main island, greet every one of Tokyos weekly ferries enthusiastically. 4.5hours from Tokyo Station | 1-3 transfers | 4,070 (one way) (or highway bus from 3,500). If youre keen to head to the fun straight from the airport, check out our Narita to Disney guide. West of the lake, you will hit the prefectural border to, You might also take the bus to the tiny hamlet of. in the distance on a clear day, but it already feels like being lightyears away from the city. Suginami Ward5. 18 minutes from Tokyo Station | Direct | 310 (one way). One ofthe highlights are the views from Murodo, which has numerous hiking trails, and the 186-meter-tall Kurobe Dam within the Kurobe Gorge. Unfortunately, tourism to the island isnt possible. Note that all prices listed are estimates. Chuo Ward4. (Its possible that these 300 Tokyo residents might just be particularly fond of Meguro Ward, despite only 8 of the survey takers living there themselves.) 70 minutes from Tokyo Station | 1 transfer| 1,150 (one way). If you go on the 18th of the month, youll see plenty of kimono-wearers (and can wear one yourself if you like) as discounts are given to those sporting the traditional outfits. In general, this destination is best suited for Japan Rail Pass holders, as it can be a pricy trip otherwise. Change at Tachikawa for the Ome line. , Japans easternmost island located halfway to Hawaii, also are within Tokyos borders. Its no walk in the park. By Matthew Coslett Jul 15, 2022 Check out our guide to getting to hell and back! Theres also the Takasaki Daruma Ichia market full of Daruma held on January 6th and 7th. Consider a stop at Mitake station to trek up, , home to an impressive ancient combination of Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples offering plenty of, , or Buddhist pilgrim guest houses, which are open to tourists. The island can be walked to from the station, and you can do an easy loop, either arriving or returning by boat (its a lot of walking otherwise). The Nihonji Temple complex is stretched out across the mountain top and has plenty explore. For more info and updates from Japan, check for new articles, and dont forget to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! Watch our video for 5 of the top Tokyo day trips. With over 750,000 readers each month, Tokyo Cheapo is the site of choice for value hunters who want their yen to go further in Tokyo.

hot spring bath. If you like a little danger, you can try white water rafting or paragliding, and if you dont, theres a riverside hiking trail too. The wealth of artworks of the world-famous, Matsumoto-born artist as well as the multiple interactive elements make this an exceptional display that cannot be missed. Tokyo wards that are right up against the ocean (like Minato and Koto Wards) or have one of Tokyos larger rivers running through them (Sumida, Taito, Arakawa, Edogawa, Adachi, etc.) First published in July 2017. We don't endorse any of the companies we link to but we are selective in terms of the companies that we choose.

If youve got the energy and the money for rent, its bound to be a fun place to live! There are full-day hiking trails like this one, which takes you across three mountains, or you can try some of the more relaxed wanderings in the valleys. Shibuya Ward5. 4minread. Jogashima Island is rocky with some swimming spots and a hiking trail that takes you all the way rounda distance of about 34km. From there, the hike up is about seven hours. Survey takers commented that Meguro Ward really is convenient and safe, and that there are plenty of nice shops and restaurants to enjoy, without the noisy and inconvenient crowds found in Tokyos more popular shopping areas. By Burcu Basar Jul 8, 2022 A classy town with a famous castle, a nearby onsen town, mountain ranges and ideal for cycling around, it cant be beaten. Shibuya Ward3. However, it does offer sweeping views just beyond the concrete jungle of the city belowa good starting point. Have a look at the full Ushiku Daibutsu article if you fancy scaling the beast. A trip toTokyocan get crazyfrom the brightly lit, confusing parade of neon lights and pedestrian-heavy streets of Kabukicho to Harajukus wild fashion and the bustling crowds hurrying acrossShibuyasScramble Crossing. Learn on the go with our new app. With stunning night views across Minato Mirai waterfront area, not one but two ramen museums (theCup Noodle Museumand theShin-Yokohama Raumen Museum), an amazingart scene,the beautifulSankei-en Gardensand a massiveChinatown, you can have a brilliantly busy day out in a more relaxed city! When it comes to transportation, just about anywhere in Tokyos 23 wards is better than a lot of cities around the world, but when it comes to the best of the best, Minato Ward got a whopping 9.67 points out of 10 for transportation. The closest of these are theIzu Islands. If youre keen to see what else is out there, then here, in no particular order, are our top 25 easy day trips from Tokyo to make your feet itch! Here you can choose from views across fields of moss phlox, clear lakes or lavenderin fact, there arent many places that wont have Fuji-san somewhere in the background. Go equipped with full hiking gear and take plenty of water. For a more nature-based day out, you could visit Lake Senba and cycle around as there are bike rental places nearby. Easy to get to, fun to hike, and home to a monkey park, Takao is a brilliant day trip for hikers and is only an hour from Tokyo! Perfect for a more nature-based escape, it has thesethree great hiking trailsas well as gondolas to volcanic valleys and pirate ships to traverse the beautiful lake. A 15- to 30-minute walk from Kawagoe Station, Kurazukuri Street is lined with preserved warehouse buildings characterized by clay walls and tiles. Along with the grapes, the area produces plenty of fresh fruit and veg, and you can easily pick up some delicious treats for dinner before heading home. Top 5:1. You can visit the Jigenin Temple complex to see Darumas of every shape and size, which also happens to be near one of the biggest Kannon statues in Japan. But this top 5 ranking does include some newcomers, as well. There are plenty of guesthouses on Chichijima, a jungle island in the southern seas with a rugged coastline and plenty of diving spots. There is alsoa whole street dedicated to sweets. Plus, Shibuya and Ginza are just a few minutes away on the train, anyway! The gardens were designed by Tokugawa Nariaki, the ninth feudal lord of the clan as one of the first public gardens (even though it was only for samurai level and above). It will take you to Takao station, offering convenient access to. Taito Ward, ranked #4, contains both Ueno and Asakusa, which each draw huge crowds of people (particularly tourists) throughout the day and might make it seem like a hard place to settle into. Its known for its mountains, forests, tiny settlements and great hiking paths. If youre tempted, read our Matsumoto guide to be convinced! There is also an excellent art museum with a mixture of Eastern and Western pieces, including work by Monet, Rembrandt and Ogata Korin. The climate feels already subtropical even though Izu Oshima is still within the range of an easy weekend trip from central Tokyo. 106 minutes from Tokyo Station | Direct | 1,980 (one way). That leads you into a much quieter region. Take the appropriate precautions against wild bears and boars like attaching a bell to your backpack that will alert the animals of your presence. Despite the humidity, wine has been successfully produced in Japan since the Meiji Period (with Emperor Meiji being a great fan himself). Read more about the things you can get up to in Hakonein our full Hakone guide! You certainly dont want any surprise meetings. Katsushika Ward. What they are, where to find them, how much they cost & how to book. There are plenty of great traditional (and reasonable) lunch sets with the specialty being eel. Small ferries will take you there from neighboring, Hiking the steep crater walls of Aogashima is spectacular. Taito Ward again came in particularly high on this ranking, perhaps because areas like Ueno and Asakusawhile certainly not being cheap to live intend to cost a little less than many of Tokyos other busy urban centers, while still having plenty of conveniences and entertainment. Being up on Mount Mitake, you may still spot. Ome is a quaint little town most notable for all the hand-painted classic Hollywood and Japanese movie posters located on almost every corner. Izus northernmost island is a lovely place to hike, rich with quiet nature that makes you feel far away from urban life. Number one on this list isnt one of Tokyos most popular ultra-urban shopping centers filled with huge malls and busy streets, like Shinjuku or Shibuya. Read about more castles near Tokyo. Change at Tachikawa for the Ome line. Top 5:1. 65 minutes from Shinagawa Station | Direct | 950 (one way). Meaning "come to Japan", were an international group working to introduce Japan to the world from as many interesting angles as we can find. The capital city of nearby Ibaraki Prefecture, Mito was once the stronghold of the Mito clan in the Edo period. Among the more unique Disney resorts, Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea are markedly different from the others dotted across the world. These two parks are (were told) the only ones in the world not wholly owned by Disney (although they do have creative control), so it is a great chance to see a Japanese twist on classicsalthough dont worry, nothing key has been altered!

Chuo Ward3. The city has plenty of temples and shrines to cycle between, as well as Nawate Street: a riverside shopping street filled with curios and treats. Up to the early 19th century, the islands in the Ogasawara chain were uninhabited. The kind of life you can live in Chiyoda Ward, it seems, is enough to convince you that its not a waste of money! You can also visit Nippara Cavethe longest in the Kanto region. Today, its a quiet, easy nine-kilometer mountain hike from Okutama station (where you can obtain maps) to Lake Okutama, a giant reservoir surrounded by the Chichibu-Tama-Kai national forests. Shibuya Ward. The famous View to Hell is really incredible, both to look at and enjoy yourself, and is right by the Goddess of Mercy, which might allay some vertigo fears. Take a look at our full Kawaguchiko day trip guide for all the info, especially on how to get there, as highway buses may be a better option than trains for some visitors. In this case, Shibuya Ward comes out on top, thanks in large part to the fun shopping and entertainment areas crowded around both Shibuya and Harajuku Stations. 1 hour from Tokyo Station | 1 transfer| 680 (one way). From the largest cliff-carved Buddha to a 30-meter Goddess of Mercy with 1500 (mostly decapitated) Arhat in between, youll be kept busy with the stairs carved into the mountain. Crow Castle is one of the premier historic castles in Japan and has been fitted with an authentic recreation internally. To get around the city you can enjoy the worlds longest suspended monorail which feels wrong, but is definitely safe. Ome is a quaint little town most notable for all the hand-painted classic Hollywood and Japanese movie posters located on almost every corner. 5minread, The Tama region encompasses all areas of Tokyo west of the 23 wards. A list of some free or affordable Tokyo events worth attending in July 2022! The closest of these are the, Taking a ferry, the largest and most accessible island to reach is. The point of this question isnt just which part of Tokyo has the cheapest rent? (Although Katsushika Ward certainly ranked high for this question thanks to its extremely reasonable living costs.) Here, theres a mountain hut offering food and lodging. 120 minutes from Tokyo Station | 12 transfers| 1,980 (one way). Pro tip: There are some really good guided tours of Kamakura available. Theres an occassional steam train, the Paleo Express running on the Chichibu railway, which stops for a while and lets off steam at Nagatoro you can buy platform tickets for 170 yen if you want to get a close up look. There are stunning views of alpine flowers and autumn leaves along the route, which can be traversed by a combination of bus, cable car, ropeway and foot depending on your preference. Going there means a 24-hour ferry ride from Tokyo Port, covering a distance of more than 1,000 kilometers.

An onsen resort sadly declining in popularity, Atami is a brilliant day trip from Tokyo as it has plenty of unusual attractions to keep you entertained. Chuo Ward. Mount Fuji is probably pretty high on your list, and unless youre climbing it, a view ofthe world-famous volcano is hard to beat. If you want to contribute to or sponsor Tokyo Cheapo, get in touch. For those looking for convenience, Meguro is a trendy neighborhood, and the area around the station has plenty of small shops and cafes, even if there arent a lot of giant shopping facilities. The surrounding gardens have a petting zoo, koi pond, and flower displays which change with the season. Aside from just enjoying all the usual rides and Disney stuff, you can visit the only DisneySea, try the variety of popcorn flavors and enjoy all the matching costumes (and this time we mean the guests, not the characters!).

The castle is a folk museum with plenty to learn, and Chiba Shrine is an impressive spot not to be missed. 1 hour from Shinjuku Station | Direct | 390 (one way). Taito Ward3. Tokyo is far more expansive than what you can see from atop of one of its many skyscraperseven on the clearest day. There are regular buses running from the station to the gardens and you can also enjoy the incredibly modern Art Tower and the Mito City Museum.