When I was seven, he told me, I am a bandit, thats what I do for a living. "I did my best as his son to try and stop him but I didnt. Sebastian Marroquin, 43, the son of the Colombian drug baron thought to be behind 3,000 murders, is furious with Phillip Witcomb, who is 12 years his senior and claims to be his brother. Escobar was fatally shot in the head after escaping prison and spending 18 months on the run during which time a teenage Sebastian joined him. We use your sign-up to provide content in ways you've consented to and to improve our understanding of you. maria victoria henao pablo isabel escobar santos wife children caballero worth wiki husband age escobars argentina Shocked man describes 'extraordinary moment' he finds out his dad was Pablo Escobar, Sebastian Marroquin was born as Juan Pablo Escobar, Roberto Sendoya Escobar, aka Phillip Witcomb, claims he is a secret son of the drug lord, A Colombian Army helicopter patrols in Bogota, Colombia, hunting Escobar in 1993, Pablo Escobar was one of the world's richest men from his illegal empire. virginia vallejo biography credit According to The Independant, he travels around the world as a professional speaker, giving talks and lectures on drug policy reform and violence prevention. Instead of condemning Netflix for painting his father in a bad or untrue light, Marroquin has reportedly criticized the streaming service for "glorifying" his fathers life: He went on to reveal that in his eyes, thanks in part to Narcos, kids contact him regularly with questions about how to live a similar lifestyle as Escobar had once had. This is the third guy in the world who claims to be the first-born. But where are Pablo Escobar's kids now? Although he changed his name, Marroquin didnt necessarily do it to distance himself from his fathers memory, but instead to try and live a relatively normal life. Everything Virgin River Can Teach Us About Parenting, 'Virgin River' Season 5 Is In The Works, So Heres Everything We Know So Far, Everything We Know About 'Virgin River' Season 4 Right Now, 'Workin Moms' Season 7 Is Reportedly In The Works! But British painter Phillip insists he was Escobars secret son who was adopted. Phillip Witcomb was unavailable when contacted. escobar manuela pablo daughter bio wiki age parents early biography Shes also apparently chosen to stay out of the spotlight for the most part. EXCLUSIVE: The drug lord's son Sebastian Marroquin says he is used to crazy guys claiming to be his brother. "I wish they would put a chapter on Netflix with that story so it would encourage many youngsters not to follow in my fathers footsteps.. Before Narcos, not many people probably thought of Pablo Escobar as a family man, but according to the way hes portrayed in the Netflix series, thats exactly what he was, next to Colombian drug lord. Brit Phillip Whitcomb claims he was adopted after being rescued by an MI6 agent.

Manuela and Juan Pablo are living different lives from each other, with one in the relative spotlight and the other enjoying a quieter lifestyle. Nor did MI6, the CIA,the FBI or the DEA.. Since fleeing Columbia for Argentina with Manuela (whose name was changed to Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos) and their mother after his fathers death, Juan Pablo changed his name to Sebastian Marroquin and went a completely different route of his father in terms of a career choice. Something went wrong, please try again later. name was changed to Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos, giving talks and lectures on drug policy reform, Marroquin has reportedly criticized the streaming service. Although Marroquin chose a different life for himself, rather than continuing in the family business, as it were, hes clearly very open about his life as Escobars only son. Heres Everything We Know. "And when I was seven years old, he told me, 'look I am a bandit. "Reconciliation is not usually part of a Colombians vocabulary." "He was my father, but also he was a bandit," Marroquin said in the interview. In a video chat from his home in Argentina, Sebastian who is a public speaker and architect told the Daily Mirror: My father told me hed forced the abortion of one of his mistresses so there are no sons outside of his marriage. Unlike Santos, though, Marroquin is more vocal than ever about their family and their father. In 1999, he even sat down with the children of Justice Minister Rodrigo Lara and the former Colombian presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galan, who were both allegedly killed by Pablo, and asked them for forgiveness on his familys behalf. He claims his real father made several attempts to kidnap him after he was sent to an English boarding school. Since Marroquin was 17 at the time of his fathers death, he clearly remembers a lot of what Escobar did and who his enemies were. You can unsubscribe at any time. "I receive tons of messages from youths asking for help to be like my dad," he revealed to the newspaper. I invite them to realise this is just fiction they dont show some experiences that we actually lived.. But if so, Im the last person in Colombia who deserves any sympathy.". He said his father was working for MI6 to bring my father to the authorities. I receive 3,000 messages every single day on social media. Theres a lot less out there about Santos, but there have been reports about her having inherited the bulk of Escobars estate that wasn't seized due to his criminal activities. An extraordinary feud has erupted between Pablo Escobars son and a Brit claiming to be the drug lords secret child. In the past few years, Marroquin has clearly made it his mission to try and do the opposite as his father in the public eye and even though Santos has maintained a noticeably quieter life, her brother seems to be speaking out enough for them both. Marroquin is now an architect and public speaker, but has also written about his father in his best-selling book, Pablo Escobar: My Father. He recalled: We were in hiding with my father and had $4million dollars in cash but we were starving because we did not have the freedom to buy a couple of bottles of water or a piece of bread. He is also raging over the way hit Netflix drama Narcos glamorises his fathers crimes. In a recent interview on Norwegian-Swedish talk show Skavlan, Marroquin revealed that one of the reasons he changed his name from Juan Pablo Escobar was to stay alive. That surprise carried over when Marroquin said the families of the slain politicians told him, "You were also a victim of Pablo Escobar," but Marroquin added, "I dont know if thats true. But Sebastian who changed his name after his fathers death in 1993 says there are holes in Phillips story. 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A regular message I receive is, I watch Narcos and I want to be like your father, its so cool. The 55-year-old, who lives in Mallorca, claims his birth name is Roberto Sendoya Escobar and he was rescued by a British secret agent. "Most of the kids send me pictures with the tattoos, the T-shirts about my father. My father was very direct with me, he said. "I was surprised when they agreed to sit down with me," Marroquin told The Independent. Sebastian said: Narcos is glorifying my father. Despite the horrors and hardships of his youth, Sebastian who is now dad to a seven-year-old still remembers Escobar as a loving parent. Marroquin also revealed that while he and his family chose to get as far from the violence as possible, he did know from a child that Escobar was a criminal. Thats what I do for a living.'" But with Escobars daughter Santos, her life continued in a very different way. Santos was just 10 years old at the time of their fathers death, and as a small child during her fathers reign as a multi-billionaire drug kingpin, she likely remembers a lot less than her older brother. "They want to be that criminal, they send me photos dressed up like him, with his moustache, his hairstyle.". Get email updates with the day's biggest stories. I cant tell you where because my father would bind our own eyes just for security reasons. Pacifist Sebastian, who has met around 150 families of his fathers victims to ask for their forgiveness, says he tries to share his fathers story in a responsible way. According to Marroquin, following Pablos death, he and his family couldnt even buy plane tickets with their names and tried to find asylum with a couple of different countries, even asking the Vatican for help before realizing that changing their names would be the only hope. Im used to this kind of crazy guy.. In fact, it seems to be Marroquins mission as an adult to right his fathers wrongs in whatever way he can. We went without food and water for a week, we almost died. 2022 BDG Media, Inc. All rights reserved. "But my father would have been 16 then he wasnt the head of a cartel, he was a farmer and a student, Sebastian said. His children, Manuela and Juan Pablo Escobar, are even portrayed in the series and his close relationship with them is apparent. This may include adverts from us and 3rd parties based on our understanding.