[Source: Pritchard, James B., ed., The Ancient Near East - Volume 1: An Anthology of Texts and Pictures, Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1958, pp. buona notte e presto! Have a nice evening! And so the very classical ritual scenes where we see the king (or the queen) massacring the so-called enemies are represented as before.Certainly, they are prophylactic scenes with a magical aspect, with no relationship with reality, but they are still present.Likewise, people have tried to read into these texts and the military non-interventionism of the king, that Akhenaten was a philosophical, pacifist sovereign. Posted on 29 October 2014, in melanie. The wisdom within these timeless eyes. Thanks for the link. Be reassured Iceland is the next stop. In fact the correct name of the god is not Aten, which is an abbreviation. They are addressed to three persons: firstly to the god Ra-Horakhty, of whom the Aten is the visible manifestation, but also to Akhenaten and Nefertiti, inextricably mixing divine praise and royal eulogy. Moreover, towards the end of the reign, the excesses of the beginning are abandoned and the models which we find in the sculptors' workshops give us a real picture of the king and queen (figs imgView('akh_3;akh_4;akh_6', '3:4:6')) though the dolichocephaly sometimes remains. Onyx reflects with blackness delight 1350 BC Stayed for a month over two successive years. Arise my good man so that I may see Greetings. (h), grateful and honored, Nora we do have "stuff" in common what about your blog, please?. Merci beaucoup! mille merci, Nora! I havent yet made it to Egypt, but my two lovely pieces of Nefertiti jewelry will vibrate with even more beautiful warmth as I consider this wonderful poetry. on a stele in the tomb of Mahu, imgView('mahou9_mm_12', 'view mm-12')): At dawn, the rays of the Aten, the uncreated creator, fill the earth, animate beings and manifest the sovereignty of the God. And she sits so straight with her legs crossed 7:44 PM, Profanity : Our optional filter replaced words with *** on this page , Akhenaten and Nefertiti An Eighteeth Dynasty Awakening, You can be 0' Tall to ride the Ergosphere. Nevertheless the king specifies that the stars remain alive in his heart.But the traditional nocturnal journey of the sun had another major function: to resuscitate the deceased in the Duat, to give life back them during the time of its nocturnal journey. The end of the hymns speak of the role of the king himself: It is extremely clear: the king is the sole divine intercessor, the only one to have received the revelation of the Aten and who can convey it. My mother taught me her true craft For my husband my love Akhenaten Egypt is UNIQUE avec joie et avec plaisir, Madame Prior! Our love that ties and bind Inviting him into my gold and marble rooms Six daughters are born to the king: Merytaten, Maketaten, Ankhesenpaaten, Neferneferouaten-tasheryt(i.e Neferneferouaten the small one) Neferneferoure, Setepenre. So his every word or gesture becomes sacred and his courtiers address him as "my sun" or, as in the Amarna letter No. To his Majesty and our Queen And they lived among us and were happy to give That there is only one true God It is extremely clear; the king is the sole divine intercessor, the only one to have received the revelation of the Aten and who can convey it. To suppress this role, it is ipso facto to deny the existence of the whole traditional system imagined, and likewise for the deceased to have a new life in the beyond. To help the sun win his combat each day required the combined action of the king and men making the appropriate devotions, Maat must reign. Note that the writing of the god's name does not end with the usual hieroglyphic sign of the deity, thus evading the "category of gods". The royal couple eating, or holding their little girls on their knees and kissing them (figs imgView('akh_5;akh_13;akh_16', '5;13;16')).We note, nevertheless, that the rules of Egyptian depiction are respected, notably the reclining perspective with the result that we recognise at first glance that the scenes are Egyptian. With him we stand completely in awe jai visit lgypte il y a plusieurs annes et jen conserve de trs chers souvenirs je suis tombe rcemment sur une inscription dchiffre sur une stle, suppose tre un dialogue(dclaration) damour entre la reine Nfertiti la belle qui est revenue et Akhenaton, son roi ador lnkh ou la croix anse aura t LA cl magique de vie qui leur a ouvert les portes de lternit , tu es la plus belle du palais, ton visage est charmant et ton sourire lapis-lazuli est la source de ma joie mon amoureuse, ma matresse, ma reine, ta douce voix me rjouit, mon cur est envahi par ton amour tu es sur mes tempes, lamour me donne des ailes et je menvole vers toi tu es unique, ma bien-aime, la plus brillante des toiles, tes yeux lumineux mensorcellent tes bras menveloppent comme des lianes dacacia fleuri, tes cheveux sont un pige o je me laisse tomber tes seins sont comme des pommes rouges, je te respire chaque mot qui sort de ta bouche ptale de lotus tu moffres la vie pour taimer de tout mon tre, mme ton nom mest vital comme lair et le sang reste auprs de moi, avec moi, vis en moi aujourdhui et jusqu la fin des temps, car notre amour est un rve ternel. You have the soul of a poet, Mlanie :-), I discover Spanish poets across your words ^_^ My favorite line from your translations is:Mon paradis un champ sans rossignols from a Garca Lorca poem. Just a difference in name between me and you. ai rezumat exact si corect, asa cum am precizat @ titlu: iubire atemporala si vesnica . Carved from quartzite by our matchless stone millers oui, intemporel et ternel merci et pareillement! What is now required is an attitude conforming to the will of the king!Likewise, the statues, to which the Egyptians have always rendered homage as being the hypostases where their gods manifest themselves, disappear. For the times that are and the times that were. The reappearance of the sun each day could only happen after a gigantic conflict in the world beyond. Another major consequence of the system is that it is immutable, with only the king able to define it.Thus the necessity for men to adopt an attitude conforming to Maat disappears. mon bien-aim, le roi de mon me, seul matre de mon corps, tu es larbre le plus majestueux, je viens me coucher tes pieds couverte de tes branches tides ton regard sur moi est un chant dalbatros, je suis ta mare intrieure et jy reviens du matin au soir nos curs battent ensemble, ma peau est parfume dhibiscus rouge, je tenivre avec mon nectar divin que tu bois de ma coupe dore aprs lamour, nous irons nous baigner dans les vagues du Nil, en regardant les pyramides et en nous murmurant:je taime! nous dessinerons notre amour avec notre sang dans des pomes composs par les dieux immortels, profondment gravs sur la porte de notre ternit. Her dark eyes sing to me an ancient love song The high spiritual elevation of the texts is undeniable. I love Egiptian ancient history and I have watched many films of it and read a lot of books and I have many of them but I have never been there though I have dreamed about it. It is called "Gem-pa-Aten", i.e. 227-230]. Must get back there one of these years and see some more! I think that one can guess, in part, the origin of the representation of the Aton, when one looks at light fltering through a cloud: one has the impression of a strong mattial indeed (the rays) which fill a space (the one represented by the god Shu). Nefertiti to Akhenaten .

Her long black mane around her shoulders broad lay I have a pair of Nefertiti earrings. Footbridge crossing the processional way. Speaks with him as I continue to preside Akhenaten left no canonic text. Because all he wants is our belief in him , same here, pretty lady guess what: weve been again on the same wave length yesss! Desert winds whisper of a coming supernova Because my beautiful wife and I believe And her gold sandals off her feet beg Could we share something so very true That really takes my breath away, such love is truly a miracle, I know!!! "the living Aten", the living disc, but even this is but an abbreviation of a much longer official didactic name, which is a real theological explanation. Nefertiti is now called Neferneferuiten-Nefertiti, "perfect are the perfections of the Aten- the beautiful one has come". Looks just like my kind of town. And you actually got further than I did in 4 years!

Nfertiti Akhenaton . The world is recreated every day at dawn - by the disk, which has no existence or hidden nature. In the general care for naturalism, which guides the new religion, Akhenaten orders that, from now on, all religious texts shall be written in the current language that we call neo-Egyptian. Akhenaten is "lord of the two lands" while the Aten is "lord of the world". The sad changes to which I refer had to do with the subsequent depression of my friend as she experienced the irrational and cruel bias. For her beauty is more than I can stand Adica, iubirea a avut dintotdeauna cuvinte frumoase, rostite sau scrise. And she writhes and twists till the break of day In moonlight as it glows bold I sing and spread my blessings far As she whispers to me moans and begs Where my husband studies arcana But let's get back to the hymns.The lyricism continues with praise for the creator: in the morning, when the Aten rises, the earth becomes once again habitable and in festivity. She would love this post anyhow, she now does financial stuff, but this really made me think of her so thanks for that. Im so happy you found my blog of life in Egypt, come visit me again anytime! Several temples, exclusively dedicated to the Aten, were built, among them the great temple, the main one. The sun rises behind the pyramids such a sight Whether we do something or whether we don't, the sun will be there and the days and the seasons will pass.The sun has from now on a noncyclic trajectory, which ceases at night, like the life which it alone conveys with him. The one and only entity to walk upon the earth I must wonder if we are truly all alone I think your Aten and my Jehovah are one in the same. I see my Queen sitting there a goddess in her own way Can we have a true meeting of minds heartfelt hugs. Not too interesting but it is nice that you visited it. ), we did get to the Red Sea, but no time for sun-bathing or diving yep, Egypt is an absolute must-visit/explore/see . Greetings. My soul the one I love best The Aten shapes Akhenaton in his image each day; only he knows the God. I get lost every night in the depths of her eyes * * * Sitting upon my curved wooden throne So now we have the royal family in their new capital. Here, all is open sky so that the life-giving energy of the rays of the Aten might spread over the hundreds of open-air altars, covered with animal, vegetable and floral offerings, where the daily worship was celebrated. To this land I love maternally * * * This celestial sign Son of Mans Birth In worshipping this mighty single God My husband draws this strange man aside Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Monsieur Anglard was the manager of a paper factory (I think) in Labrugiere. I think that one can guess, in part, the origin of the representation of the Aton, when one looks at light fltering through a cloud: one has the impression of a strong mattial indeed (the rays) which fill a space (the one represented by the god Shu). Besides, it is only necessary to observe the attitudes of the persons in the presence of the king: never in Egypt do we see so many people bent before their master, or so many soldiers and policemen shown (imgView('akh_1', 'fig 1')).It is also at Amarna that we have found the biggest police barracks ever found in Egypt.The choice of the location of the capital is also unparalleled, with its rocky circle surrounding the city on all sides except that facing the Nile, thus providing a natural protection (imgView('akh_41', 'fig 41')). 64')) is likened to the appearance of the Aten in the sky. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. But it is not an entirely new style as it is quite similar to the solar temples of the Vth Dynasty, some nine centuries before. Akhenaten changes the name of the god at the same time as he radicalises his policy but without changing the doctrine, by having the animal form of Horus and the name of the god Shu removed, leaving only Ra remaining.This government of the world by the Aten-king is also shown in the iconography of the god. , multumesc pentru cuvintele-ti amicale si generoase, Sava ma bucur sincer ca-ti plac postarile mele "melting pot(s)", caci locu'-mi de joaca e un spatiu de amuzament si de dialog, asa cum am precizat @ "about" . Cast for us the light of knowledge upon all the unknowns oh, I do recall: my translation of deseo , https://myvirtualplayground.wordpress.com/2014/08/23/deseo-je-desire-i-wish/ This does not prevent the hymns from being magnificent literary pieces, especially for the universalist approach which we find in them for the first time: Thus, the Aten is presented as the universal god while Akhenaten himself always remains a pharaoh for Egypt and never becomes a prophet for all humanity. This religion of the Aten appears to be a naturalist one, one of contemplation of nature, a work of the unique solar creator. All beings, through their appropriate behaviour, praise him with thanksgiving. God spoke to me saying go forth At sunset, everything falls asleep and the earth seems dead. glad to hear youve liked my translation, Miss Mona and thanx for your kind words as for Egypt, you may know it's not the right and safe time to travel to Middle East with an American(US) passport I'm sure you can read my mind . Whose perfect lips to the millennia caress One offers to the Aten a part of his creation as a sign of recognition for his goodness. At night, the earth and all beings are in a state bordering on death. We were actually booked on a tour that went up that way but we all got sick and had to cancel at the last minute. The Aten is the creator of all things in the universe and provides for the needs of his creation. My lips on her cheekbones makes me realize These movements in a chariot pulled by two horses take into account an important aspect of the symbolism so dear to the sovereign: movement. "find" or "meet" the Aten (imgView('akh_42', 'see the entrance of the Great Temple')).It is very different to temples dedicated to other deities in this period, especially to Amun. thanx, Sir! For I am the only God Aten We can see that the Aten, who created himself, completely holds the life of the world in his subordination, that he daily renews the creation of which he is "the father and the mother". For they studied our culture to see how we lived small world, indeed: Castres is 75kms away and some of our close relatives live there Ill check out for the Anglards and Ill keep you posted asap, O.K. Nefertiti! whispers a Saharan Sirocco I did once expect to go to Egypt with a dear Egyptian colleague. Transcribed 12/19/2014 But here, there are no oracles, the god Aten is a silent god whose wishes only the king is competent to reveal.No more real priests, no more oracles Akhenaten has found a very efficient way of preventing any criticism of his actions!Note, too, that the practice of magic, so important in the traditional religion, has no place in the Amarna system and disappears.