Were on Possum Kingdom Lakewe have very photogenic fish! Throughout this trail the students will learn about pioneer life and will participate in numerous pioneer activities! Working at camp is the most amazing job you will ever have! We offer outdoor education experiences ranging from one to five days in length. Camp Grady Spruce is located on the beautiful shoreline of Possum Kingdom Lake in north central Texas. Responsible for developing a Counselor-in-training curriculum, keeping an open communication with the senior counselors working with Counselors-in-training during activities. Students will participate in our poem orienteering course and create their own course for other students. ), how to appreciate diversity (yes, they know there is diversity at school, however through the overnight experience they will learn even more about customs, mannerisms, etc. The YMCA Camp Grady Spruce Outdoor Education program can guarantee a memorable Outdoor Education experience and provide memories that will last a lifetime. Responsible for evaluating day camp staff. Will evaluate Junior Counselors. Available full-time and part-time positions include: Maintenance, Food Service, and Administrative Office. Established in 1989, the OutdoorEducation program at Camp Grady Spruce is devoted to helping teachers educate students about the interrelationship and interdependence between man and the environment. All camp staff will at all times have the opportunity to meet with the Camp Director and/or Program Director to discuss any problems, needs or concerns he/she may have. It is the job of the Camp Grady Spruce Outdoor Education staff to ask quality questions to gain a better understanding of the natural world that surrounds us. Students are guided to understanding by involving them in interactive learning. All staff will treat all staff and campers with equal respect. 1.6 miles of nature investigation! Supervisory skills. Participation in an outdoor environment is a lifelong activity; this is often an introductory experience to what can be done in the out-of-doors. Students will have a friendly competition with the targets and culminate with a Flu-Flu tournament. ACA accredited camps voluntarily go through a rigorous risk-management process to provide a supervised, positive environment with controlled boundaries where children can grow. If you want to understand land formation and horizontal stratification of rock formations, the island has it all and more! Will maintain a neat appearance; wearing an appropriate staff shirt during opening and closing day. The OE Program operates during the school year and is primarily focused on the curriculum of fourth, fifth and sixth grade students. swim swimming ymca team moody ymcadallas coach dallas registration coppell questions lesson More information about YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas. The information taught utilizing the staffs expertise and the natural setting has been carefully aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Why is this important? Responsible for creating schedules for Junior Counselors. Native flora and fauna will be studied as well during their hike to the awe inspiring view at the summit of Johnsons Peak. Student campers live in climate controlled cabins equippedrestrooms and private showers.

Many of these students have never spent extended periods of time away from their parents. Do you love working with horses and kids? Students will determine pH, dissolved oxygen, Transparency, micro and macro invertebrates, wind speed and GPS location. Experience working with children. The Program Coordinator will also supervise our leadership development program. Will develop a day camp curriculum for staff to follow. Students will learn how to start a fire using primitive techniques and of courseBurn some toast! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Plenty of local history will be shared during this trail as well as a birds eye view of the Brazos River Valley as it meanders through Possum Kingdom Lake. In addition, you have the opportunity to experience all that Possum Kingdom Lake has to offer: stunning beauty, amazing wakeboarding, an island, and a mountain! YMCA Camp Grady Spruce is accredited by theAmerican Camp Associationand is visited every three years to assure compliance with the ACA standards. This assures you that camp practices have been measured up against 300 industry standards. Food and lodging is provided during the resident care of campers and/or program delivery. Every student is changed through this outdoor experience! Students will travel through our reclaimed mixed grass prairie while learning about the fine art of poetry. Will take responsibility for the proper use, care and storage of all camp equipment. Thats why, at the Y, strengthening community is our cause. Students will participate in an instructed horsemanship lesson lead by our equestrian staff. 36 - Graford / TX. Responsible for transporting Junior Counselors or finding someone who can. The natural world is our classroom for environmental education! YMCA Camp Grady Spruce seeks highly motivated Educators with a natural love for the outdoors and teaching! Students will learn more about the fishs adaptations and their life requirements. The requested job opening is closed, but we've made these suggestions for you: Under the direct supervision of the Resident Camp Director, he/she is responsible for supervision of all day camp specialty staff and development of specialty curriculum for all activities. This is the place for you! Forces in motion! The students will work together as a team to perform various low ropes initiatives. We are all in the same boat on this one! Would you like to spend the summer mentoring children and teens on the majestic shores of Possum Kingdom Lake? There is truly no classroom needed when you have an island, mountain and 535 acres in northwestern Palo Pinto County. Students learn responsibility and develop an appreciation of diversity in nature and within each other. Deer, rabbits, quail, bald eagles, lizards and raccoons all are supported in our ecological system. Will be able to pick-up and carry a child weighing up to 50 pounds in an emergency and initiate first aid procedures. Students will learn how to navigate their horse along the trail, tack up their horse, and perform barn chores. The staff at all times is representative of the philosophy, mission and goals of the YMCA and its Camping Program. Blue Bird Nesting Boxes, Water Bar andCheck Dam Construction, Composting, Mulching, Gardening, Replanting and Removal, Project Live Oak, and the Conservation Village. Observe monarchs feeding on native wildflowers or rattle up some white tails. We also have multiple indoor facilities available for instruction and recreation. Please apply online and email Chance Orton. It is all about the team! Will be able to pick-up and carry a child weighing up to 50 pounds in an emergency and initiate first aid procedures. If you would like to work at camp on weekends during the school-year, please apply online and emailMicah Spurlock. PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES / POSITION RESPONSIBILITY: The Program Coordinator will be responsible for supervising and leading the day camp program on camp. Journey to the Island via barge to explore the intricate interactions among native island flora and fauna. Meals are shared in our dining halls where students continue to interact as a community through family-style meals. The students will receive fire building instruction and fire safety. An aquatic environment supports Great Blue Heron, bass, dragonflies, frogs, catfish, aquatic plant life and microorganisms. Will read and review Camp Staff Manual. All staff will treat all staff and campers with equal respect. Staff must strive to work cooperatively with the Resident Camp Director and fellow employees to achieve the goals and objectives of the YMCA. Big Blue Stem grass, Side Oats Gramma, Hairy Gramma, Cotton Top, Cinquains, Haikus and Limericks will abound! ), conflict resolution (important to every environment where people live close together in a community is how to resolve daily conflicts), and self reflection (from wondering where this all began, to my teacher is really different at camp, students see the world with a different set of eyes). Will be alert to potential dangers and hazards; assess and take necessary action.

The students will become more in tune with their senses as they travel through our rope-guided trail while blindfolded! For more information, to arrange a tour or set up a visit to your school, please contact Cassandra Martin. Will be alert to potential dangers and hazards; assess and take necessary action. They will also supervise our leadership development program. Camp staff will help chaperones and teachers involve students in activities so that these students learn personal responsibility (keeping up with their own possessions), how to get along (many students do not share a bedroom or bathroom at home, now they are sharing with 8-14 other people. They will coordinate drop off and pick up for our day campers ensuring a positive camp experience for staff and campers alike. They will oversee the senior counselors working with our Counselors-in-training. Every day, we work side-by-side with our neighbors to make sure that everyone, reg We'd like to show you notifications for the latest jobs near you. Will assist in ad staff duties including, but not limited to: Developing evening programs, overseeing staff and campers, assisting during meal times, assisting during chapel times, keeping the rest of ad staff updated on day-to-day events, evaluating staff, and working with the Camp Director to ensure a safe and positive experience for everyone who comes to Camp Grady Spruce. Camp is where you get to serve others andchange lives. Helmet up and head out for trail ride! Its all about your stance! While Outdoor Education was developed with school curricula in mind, the overnight experience provides many more growth opportunities for these students. The YMCA Camp Grady Spruce Outdoor Education program can customize your experience to increase the rigor and comprehension of your experience. Students will learn how to bait a hook and discover the finer points of fishing etiquette. Will attend all staff training, in-services and meetings. We know that lasting personal and social change comes about when we all work together. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Our Cause Defines Us. Copyright 2022 YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas. Students have the opportunity to learn while exploring trails, hiking Johnsons Peak, canoeing, fishing, orienteering and boating to Devils Island. Students will participate in the building of a brush shelter and culminate with the awesome fire building competition! Students will learn more about the very specific ecology of a Cedar Brake and what environmental factors govern this very unique forest. Students will learn what they really need in their backpack! Nature abounds! Hike through long grass prairie or 200 year old live oaks. Responsible for following all policy and guidelines. Day Camp ages will typically range from 7-10. They will assist Senior Counselors in evaluating Counselors-in-Training.

Each weekend families and groups experience the magic of camp. Will be able to problem solve as needed to determine the safety of activities. Will work with the Camp Director to select staff for day camp.

A place where numerous ecosystems exist: freshwater, mountain and prairie terrain. These trails are the total package! Students will receive instruction concerning the proper shooting of a bow and arrow. All ad staff must work one weekend. We have a herd of 50, and thousands of kids ride throughout the year! Copyright 2022 YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas. This 1.2 mile hike is considered one of the crown jewels in the world of Camp Grady Spruce hiking. Please apply online. Copyright 2022 YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas. Students will learn how to properly fit a life jacket and work as a paddling team. Please view up to date available positions and job descriptions by applying online. Prairie Reclamation, Nutrient Cycling, Water Cycles, Sustainable Development, Bird Blind and Natural Resources. Please apply online under Resident Camp Weekend Counselor and emailCassandra Martin. Magnetism and Polarity! Heat, Fuel and Oxygen! The students will receive paddling and safety instructions prior to setting out on a spectacular canoe adventure on Possum Kingdom Lake. Camp is operational year-round with three main programs: Summer Camp, Outdoor Environmental Education, and Group & Family Camping. Leadership program participants will range from 16-17. Will be able to problem solve as needed to determine the safety of activities in necessary programs. We are American Camp Association (ACA) accredited. Lifeguarding experience preferred. They will help develop leadership skills in our Counselors-in-Training. Minimum age of 20 years old. The Program Coordinator will also oversee our Junior Counselors. Through the various stages, the students will practice sharing responsibility and leadership to get through and complete the objectives. It is important to understand that we interact with the natural world on a daily basis. The students will traverse Johnsons Peak while learning about the horizontal stratification of various rock formations and the chemical components within them. Students will learn how to correctly use a map and compass. Its all about kinesthetic learning while making our planet a better place! Minimum of 2 years experience in camping or recreation.