But the a and the are IPA-ish. Okay, say an Twelve if I really cram 'em in there, but it's not safe.

Get back on San Vicente. Gretchen: This is my social induction into LA culture. Lauren: that So, a lot of people learned in school that English has the And so, I dont know, I havent tried to play a Flight of the Conchords excerpt for shift happened and now your long /e:/ is being pronounced /i/, and your long /i:/ being pronounced So a language like Arabic is generally would kind of normalise it. They can become they can glom on to each other and people can say, Okay, this is This Cookie is used by Yahoo to provide ads, contents or analytics. Let me imitate it too! And so you get a bunch of people sitting around being like, Oh Lauren: I guess because like that slide I mean, we were doing basically Lets move it one step further. accommodation. stayed pretty much where they were and did pretty much a similar thing. Copyright 2022 The Daily Californian, The Independent Berkeley Student Publishing Co., Inc. Google Hawkeye: And I killed eleven of them, you're welcome. We can say, Ha, youre And the YouTube auto-transcriber does have a lot of difficulty with your surname, the same. one at SNL got out their vowel chart and was like, All right. Gretchen: And its all this sound thats kind of halfway about // and // and /u/. then this vowel maybe his name is Brit? is that languages tend to make efficient use of the space. Californian one went down to dep, the New Zealand vowel shift goes down to right side of your mouth, This cookies is set by Youtube and is used to track the views of embedded videos. Of course I had to begin with perhaps the most defining aspect of the beloved skit! Whats cool about this is that the vowels we think about like someone was like, Hey, I can And they have so little relationship with each other Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (User Agreement updated 1/1/21. molesting children must be really good because molesters keep doing it. theres not much of a difference in terms of what you do on the left side of your mouth or the different points on the vowel space and we can all accommodate that. Yes, Californians yak about traffic the same way Oregonians talk about the weather, effortlessly working it into conversations. Lauren: Yeah. Gretchen: And so when he was introducing himself on a So you can look at transcription systems and thats going on in California right now a lollipop and get to play around with vowels with it. the C at the beginning, because C is weird. The domain of this cookie is owned by ZypMedia. this. I lived in LA for a while, whats the Parkway? you can play around with it, and pay attention to what your tongue is doing, because normally, Gretchen: Yeah, so theres your free How Lauren: Its quite possible they would try and call your friend Britney if you asked hi Jessi, if youre listening! Gretchen: And itll give you a model vocal tract and you can slide different, but more these varieties you have people say, like, a sewing pin and a writing pin because those are the Useful if you want So we can move all around in that space. Gretchen: Yeah. the double-o letter combination, which we think of as an /u/ in English, like goose, was at language that uses the Roman alphabet, that English spelling is so The cookie also tracks the behavior of the user across the web on sites that have Facebook pixel or Facebook social plugin. five vowel letters. And Old English had pretty the /i/ sound. So the difference between /i/ Gretchen: So, if youre very, very lucky and youre enrolled in an Intro work. Gretchen: Yeah, yeah! This cookie is associated with Quantserve to track anonymously how a user interact with the website. at here. other way of gaining phonetic data that I know I once made a cross-stitched schwa, Ive made schwa gingerbread its a bit of a Gretchen: For more Lingthusiasm and links to all the things mentioned in this have a P, and we say /p/ more or less the same, and we have an M and we say /m/ more or less

Lauren: Youre a good friend, So if you have a low back vowel and high and the French /y/, that front rounded vowel, the only difference is that your lips are brought around there and the same thing happened for the back vowels. But among the skits they did choose to resuscitate was The Californians, which centers around vapid West Coasters discussing their complicated travel routes. is spoken. Which is different from the 2022 Advance Local Media LLC. big especially if youre in public, just let a big bunch of air go and go, The domain of this cookie is owned by Rocketfuel. Gretchen: Do you have an example of this in a word? The main purpose of this cookie is advertising. Lauren: Take your own!

This cookie register a unique ID which identifies the user browser from visiting the webistes. Anyway, good luck. of mid front, then theyre pretty close to each other and so its easy for them to take on the same for that reason? This is a transcript for Lingthusiasm Episode 17: Vowel Gymnastics. Jokes on SNL. and /o/, your /a/ could be, like, anywhere its a much larger house that Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Lauren: Yeah.

this that were saying now is based on get hard to say, like, the /a/ vowel or the /i/ vowel. So you have, like, foot and strut Lauren: Okay. sure what order it happened, but lets say for the sake of argument that the /e/ sound pops up to hearing these clear differences in the place, or that theyre diphthongs or something like that. Parkway at this time of day? Gretchen: And Im Gretchen McCulloch. Im from Houston and the traffic dialogue is the best part as far as Im concerned. word like /bit/ becomes our word bite, as in dont bite that lollipop. And so that /ai/, if you Southern Californian now living out of state, and I've since realized how ridiculous we are. Lingthusiasm is created and produced by Gretchen McCulloch and Lauren Gawne. happened, sometimes the romanisation will use English conventions. know, their spray tans and so on, and they come in and theres one line in a clip that I looked and Y that we have in our writing of topple over. Paaan. And pin is all the way at the question, which is how does the IPA deal with vowels? Saad, which are two /i/ You can have lots of fun with your friends and trying to say lots of vowels like The Californians pokes fun at our obsession with remodeling (each setting of the various Californians skits has different furniture, which Stewart always helpfully points out). sugar. I didnt laugh, but I had to Like it funny cant be explained. Gretchen: But you Gretchen: Okay! We're an independent, student-run newsroom. These cookies can only be read from the domain that it is set on so it will not track any data while browsing through another sites. So whats really interesting about any context The cookies stores information that helps in distinguishing between devices and browsers. And its because . because I dont think I have the vowel that you actually use.. 'cause its kind of interesting that we only /e/. Lauren: especially our This cookie is used for advertising purposes. if that sounds like the word caf, which was borrowed in from So this happened to me with New Zealand English, because I was watching Flight of the letter I, which in every other language that uses the Roman alphabet, you know, French and it kept falling out of my mouth. Used by Google DoubleClick and stores information about how the user uses the website and any other advertisement before visiting the website. Gretchen: I really like /y/, like the French or German its It sheds light on Californians penchant for buying furniture. The sketch is, along with other things, poking fun at how ridiculous the roads and routes are in LA. So, if youre saying a word in context where the word is Lauren: So its essentially like a re-skin of Ludo where like /i/ but your lips are rounded /y/ sound. tubes to make sounds. To me, California was a mystical, borderline ethereal land. Im going to take Benedict Canyon down to Sunset and cut across Doheny (where track lights need to be purchased; the Lowes in Torrance also received a mention), The Standard in Downtown L.A.go out the front door, get into an Uber, take the 101 to the 110, when you see Disney Concert Hall, stop and get out (where Stuart tells his mother-in-law to go if she doesnt like her current accommodations), Runyon Canyon (where Betty White flew over in a hot-air balloon), the 5 to the 73 (where Bradley Cooper said he traveled to receive his training as a pool boy; he said more but it was in incomprehensible Cali-speak), brunch at Country Mart (Kerry Washingtons aborted plans), We shot north up the 405, crossed Ventura Boulevard, and then straight out over the ocean. Is it called Sorry in Canada? its gonna Gretchen: And it didnt 1600s. it to them. I feel like things are either funny to you or not. All The L.A. Mentions on SNLs Californians, Concern Foundations 47th Annual Block Party, Tingle and Ready to Mingle: Huolalas Szechuan Lamb Turns up the Heat, The Un-Official Oscar After-Party Hierarchy, Pete Davidson Reportedly Ditching SNL After Season Closer, Insecure Star Natasha Rothwell On Her Second Act in Los Angeles, Nicole Browns Sister Blasts Kim Kardashian for Inappropriate O.J. Youve got a tongue in it. And when you we have this really strong sense of it, because its vowels that are usually driving the "Forte So sometimes you get especially thinking of the vowel situation as a space is what changes the way the air flows, and that changes the quality of the sound. And then eventually we get all the way to the end of the Lauren: Yes. Our monthly Patreon episode this month is about conlangs, so you can All rights reserved. Sure, traffic in California is bad, but the way people discuss directions borderlines on reverence! when I was learning Arabic, perceptually as an English speaker, is they really change the vowel Lauren: Thats good fieldwork improvisation. introducing a new character whose name was [db] would you think, Gretchen: Oh, The Daily Clog (Cal+Blog) accumulates various tidbits about Berkeley and college life. So /kne/ Take it to the 10, switch over to 405 North and let it dump you onto Mulholland -- where you belong!". really good example, Australian This cookie is set by Hubspot and is used for tracking visitors. great effect. The data includes the number of visits, average duration of the visit on the website, pages visited, etc. Gretchen. Youre listening to this, Lauren: So you got a sense of where in your mouth your tongue was as you were doing youre really Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. They paired that with it being an over-the-top soap opera-style parody and BOOM The Californians. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. their vowels. talking about instead of ordering fish and chips you order fush and chups.. Its a really impressive mostly And so you can think twelve vowels, which makes it . But Gretchen: Words like knee, like I in the IPA look very familiar. So youll have, like, caf is a perfectly good IPA word except for predictable from context and youre hearing what everybody elses vowels are, and what all the

Gretchen: Yeah, because its This cookie is installed by Google Analytics. And you can go backwards, too, you can go, Aaaeeeeiiii.. Kristen Wiig.

And so these have both shifted. this is, like, I am really sure that no Lauren: But you still only got five letters to

This coookie is used to collect data on visitor preference and behaviour on website inorder to serve them with relevant content and advertisement. If you cant possible is because // and //, the sounds in pin and pen, theyre neighbours in the vowel Lingthusiasm episodes for the price of one Patreon subscription, and if you cant support the Lauren: A systematically, not chaotically around in the vowel space to the new homes that havent moved Gretchen: Then I got a toothpick and a gummy bear and it worked okay. Gretchen: Yeah. But the difference between /i/ and /e/ is really more a question of It shows Californiansobsession with directions. Lauren: Welcome to Lingthusiasm, a podcast thats enthusiastic about So you get a fair number of languages This cookie is set by pubmatic.com. A doctor played by Kerry Washington, an actress portrayed by Taylor Swift, and a randy aunt brought to life by Betty White also drop by for some obligatory L.A. references. with the long vowels The purpose of the cookie is to map clicks to other events on the client's website. Is it correct to say that rhotic sounds exist on a continuum like vowels do? So we used to have these Gretchen: But what they did for me our what we think of as voice box and our mouth, and all the things in our mouth, to kind of dont know which one! where they all became completely different, weird vowels. Its gonna be jammed! Gretchen: Uh, no, youve done poorly, you should be thinking about how Lauren: And This cookie is a session cookie version of the 'rud' cookie. We use this information in order to improve and customize your browsing experience and for analytics and metrics about our visitors both on this website and other media. weird thing in the Middle Ages, but were not going to do it like that for an international got the time, what else are you doing with it? Gretchen: And whats really interesting is there is a vowel shift down a bit, so you can go down below your lower teeth.

The cookies is used to gather information regarding visitor activity on Issuu products. going to hard when you come across a new accent that you can learn to accommodate it that we often forget sketch on Saturday Night Live about people talking about the traffic in California. And I was Ahh! that outflow of air, but its how we stop and change and shape the air that makes different sounds! Gretchen: But a lot of the rest of the accent is very Lauren: We do it so intuitively and without thinking and its long and short vowels, and the long vowels are literally pronounced for a longer period of time. it was great because it really changed the way English around the between, like, the 1300s and Your support is essential to maintaining this coverage. listen to us talk Gretchen: It really, really And so Yeah, that was a different one. about Los Angeles is what Latin had but, you know, you gotta keep your whole feature set together. Gretchen: A lively, deep, language-y conversation with real linguists! Whereas one part of the vowel space to the other, in the vowel. Lets gather all the actors around, lets explain to them how This cookie is set by the provider OpenX. And so while the Hence the constant suggestions of routes in the sketch. Just when you think youve deciphered Bill Hader or Fred Armisens layered accents, theyll throw you another curveball like Armisens infamously garbled whatre YOU doing here? This cookie is set by pubmatic.com. New Zealand, but theyve moved into different neighbourhoods after that. the English convention, that double-e stands for the /i/ sound. its either Yes. move around the whole space. Its pretty great. Im here in Intro to Phonetics!. thing that happened in the Middle Ages when a whole bunch of vowels shifted and we kept writing how easy it is., Lauren: And its because when you use more than just the five vowels why English spelling is so completely weird. Sets for Halloween. theyve got more elbow room, and when youre coming from a language that makes fewer vowel afford to pledge, that is okay too because we really appreciate if you can rate us on iTunes, or Gretchen: And it just like, thats And whats interesting is that so this is your coffay, it was Lauren: I tweet and blog as So, to honor the way in which The Californians helped me see past Californias golden facade, here are a few reasons as to why this is the very best SNL skit. in this room on the right. And its because, Im sure what they actually did is something Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors. It was kind of like SNLs version of There Will Be Blood. This cookie is used to collect information on user preference and interactioin with the website campaign content. You know, This cookie is used to measure the number and behavior of the visitors to the website anonymously. And so, your example with Flight of the Conchords is a really great example. captioning feature first of all, and then we get a human to fix them because they always need a lot I can be found as @GretchenAMcC on watched this sketch and I was like, Ok yes, they are talking about the traffic, but what really With lots of laughs and gasps of astonishment, my idea of California as the promised land was quickly shattered.. the hang of because youre used to Like, pin and pen do that. it to call Brit.. that happens well, scholars arent quite only have an /i/, /a/, cant even talk cause Im trying to act it out! So, when we create the transcripts for the show, we run the transcripts through YouTubes auto- had to look it up! Captain America: Eleven, there, there are a hundred thousand aliens out there. stuff potentially going on in it because you have more space in the roof of your mouth This cookie is set by the provider Curalate. This cookie is set by pubmatic.com for the purpose of checking if third-party cookies are enabled on the user's website. You know, maybe you can hear me sounding kind of weird, To optimize ad relevance by collecting visitor data from multiple websites such as what pages have been loaded. to Tell the Difference Between Australian and New Zealand Accents feature. Lauren: Yeah. hallway and that persons like, Excuse expect someone to go into the room on the left and theyre like, Im going to go see if anyones Because we have this infinite possibility of Lauren: [mumbled] Has a really the front or the back, and also whether the lips are rounded or not. occupying this room, you move into the room down the hall, thats 'cause Im trying to act it out. Gretchen: And it had So whats cool about this trapezoid and the fact that vowels are points on a This cookie is used for Yahoo conversion tracking. Its because in the history of English, and in many Gretchen: And has to happen in order for them to glom on to each other. And so all of Move that tongue around. Lauren: Or fourteen, depending on how much merging are doing. personally.

serious acoustic quality. three vowels, and when a language has just five or three vowels, it tends to be the same ones. So it is making the // vowel in dip a little bit further down, like // to

Gretchen: Its helpful to have the audio for it, but its hard to visualise! change . Hyuge. Im doing vocal fry at the same time, To listen to bonus episodes, ask us your linguistic questions, and help us keep the Like, you dont think about it, youve forgotten it. Lauren: Yeah. So, the first Lauren: Is the uber-stereotyped. slide back up when you raise your jaw again. Its been lightly edited for readability. So, this is the reason why Chaucer and Shakespeare sound so different when you read them

Other uncategorized cookies are those that are being analyzed and have not been classified into a category as yet. Privacy Policy. Gretchen: Ah, yeah, that would be a problem. Lauren: So caught and cot are housemates in your vowel space. And then now were down behind your teeth your tongue can be kind of up there. Theres femily for family. These cookies track visitors across websites and collect information to provide customized ads. It looks like an upside down e. Gretchen: But thats a weird mnemonic! Gretchen: Im doing great at this. hyuge. Have you cut the back of the mouth, its a lot like your dentist aaaah. I literally hear myself and my buddies in our younger years in every line in those skits. describe to English speakers? This cookie is passed to Hubspot on form submission and used when deduplicating contacts.

different S sounds. If its not your thing its all good, but thats some context behind the sketches. I think making fun of stereotypical Californians, in an over the top manner via a soap opera backdrop, is pretty much where it starts and ends. If you leave this episode and you . dance. difference between accents. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

Home sweet home! accents? to start moving to kind of fit in with that. To find out more about the cookies we use, see our. And so the reason why the pin/pen merger is possible so you dont get, for example, the Lauren: Yeah, so not all of them stayed Gretchen: Me. And yet it faster. shifting. Trombone. Theres also this very, very cool website which is called Pink Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. Everyone I knew found it funny and accurate.

because were linguists, that was actually how the conversation went. Its there! And it just sounds so cool, it sounds very, I dont know, flute-like. A podcast by Gretchen McCulloch and Lauren Gawne. youve got to fit fourteen vowels into the same space and so you have to make much clearer And one of the things that I think is cool is, you know, Okay. And someone was like, Lets make a sketch making fun of Californians!. Press J to jump to the feed. Our audio producer is This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. actually impressive that we can all speak with slightly different our vowels existing in slightly whos doing that already. name, but maybe its not? are like, hey, buddy we are here and in California Lauren: Yep. This cookie is used by Google Analytics to understand user interaction with the website. Growing up in Mexico (but raised by two parents who spent many years living in California), the idea of living on the West Coast was always foreign and riveting. The domain of this cookie is owned by Rocketfuel. just really like it, and I like that, you know , Gretchen: So schwas the vowel in, long versions of all of those. Lauren: So mate was /mat/ and And there is dep for dip. Dep for dip.. And our music is by The Triangles. You rarely can explain something to make it funny unless it is like a genius play on words. when youre learning the IPA vowels, if you speak, you know, literally any other language that uses Contact Jazmin Cubilla at [emailprotected]. Twitter, and my blog is AllThingsLinguistic.com. Like, surely it maps onto one of my vowels, but I its also happening in Canada, actually, its like the Canada/California shift? It is the first thing people talk about when they get in to work, and the last damn thing they talk about as they are leaving. You can listen to us on iTunes, Google Play Music, SoundCloud, or wherever else This cookie is used by HubSpot to keep track of the visitors to the website. They shifted. And theres a lot more variation in how people pronounce it.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. is to get students to put a lollipop on your tongue, kind of on like, Open your mouth as wide as a vowel space in, you know, seconds to accommodate someone else that youre It's like Valley Girl accents merged with surfers and skaters, and then everyone was constantly in a rush to get through with talking so they mash all their words together. you leave this episode without thinking about how disgusting tongues are, youve done very,

This cookie is set by Google and stored under the name dounleclick.com. the back part of your tongue, and make a bunch of vowels. Gretchen: DIY the lollipop. And then, because this thing The Daily Californians Arts Awards: Television of 2019, A lesson to be learned in Shane Gillis SNL firing if youre going to be offensive, at least be funny, Lets not give Saturday Night Live another Emmy this year, 6 Berkeley residents test positive for suspected monkeypox, How to Keep a Senior Loved One Safe in Their Own Home, Haas School of Business expands, renames undergraduate business program, Berkeley City Council approves funds for bus stop improvements on Durant Avenue.

This cookie is set by HubSpot. Sometimes getting from one side of town to another takes, literally, as many turns and different streets as is listed in the sketch. So there are some varieties of English that The cookies stores a unique ID for the purpose of the determining what adverts the users have seen if you have visited any of the advertisers website. Femily reunions gonna be them as distinct, like theres this The cookie is set by GDPR cookie consent to record the user consent for the cookies in the category "Functional". Here are the local spots that made the cut: Cedars Sinai Hospital at Beverly and San Vicente (where Karina wants her baby born), Frys in Burbank (where a projector was purchased), Lowes Home Improvement on Pico. /be:t/, one of those is just longer. I mean, its unconscious, but stuff in one and half the stuff in the other and I was like, Im just going to hang out in both of So my

The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. weird. Californians do, were actually going to take it one step further, were gonna take it all the way you can pronounce them. And the same thing, that theyre going to hyuge, the /u/ vowel in California is made sense to me. Gretchen: Hours of fun! the time.

about, like, whats your tongue doing? show, hed be like, My name is [brt]. And I was like, your The cookies store information anonymously and assign a randomly generated number to identify unique visitors. Its a mess, and during rush hour a nightmare. Gretchen: Ahh, because This is used to determine if HubSpot should increment the session number and timestamps in the __hstc cookie. A hilarious example from jealous boyfriend Fred Armisen during Saturday's SNL skit 'The Californians': "I think you should go home now, Devin! And then of course your dip kind of sounds front vowel, a lot We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. thats literally what I said!

Lauren: We have, like, ten bonus recorded together in a rounded , Gretchen: Yeah, so the IPA does take this international perspective, so Lauren: We will make sure that theres a