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Polyclinic “GALAXY” was established in December 1990. At the time, it was the only hope for Kosovo population and an initiative of parallel health system.

Until March 1999, “GALAXY” polyclinic served as very important medical, educative and scientific base. Over 150 medical students, 70 pupils of secondary medical school and 22 young doctors, within every academically year completed in this institution their practical lessons and obligated experience. During this period, master degrees and specialized exams were prepared in “GALAXY” policlinic .

This policlinic alongside with its staff supported resistance and war for the freedom of Kosova, by offering medical help, equipment, medicaments and financial means. They did the same during the conflict in Presheve Valley and Macedonia.

“GALAXY” is developing and increasing her activities. We are aiming the highest standards on health services. With our example, we are helping a better organization of private health sector. We want to become a loyal competitors and a challenge for Kosovo public sector of health system.

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